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  1. I'm also experiencing frequent crashes since the 5.0 update. Three in the past few days. Two occurred on area transitions and one immediately after winning a boarding fight (forcing me to do the fight again). Logs are attached. Dropping a large update like 5.0 inevitably introduces new bugs. The game will need at least one more patch to address these new issues before it's "done". 2019-05-20_204944.zip 2019-05-18_234406.zip 2019-05-20_225756.zip
  2. There's an area in the Engwithan Digsite with a number of explosive barrels and enemies around them. I had Aloth fireball the barrels and it killed the enemies nearby, but one Brine Imp was still up and attacking. It could not be targeted or damaged by AoE spells, and the party members would not attack it with AI enabled. It was somehow dead but still attacking. I had to reload my save and do the fight again. The party order being randomly reversed bug is still present. In some situations Second Wind was doing nothing ("Character activates Second Wind" in the log, but nothing after tha
  3. This needs to be addressed by a hotix. "Early June" is not a good target for a critical issue introduced by a patch, especially given that Obsidian hasn't even acknowledged the problem yet.
  4. The room Scyorielaphas is trapped in has a bug with the ambient audio. There is a distinct pop in the sound that occurs at regular intervals. I haven't encountered this anywhere else yet.
  5. The game also stutters frequently in certain areas, most notably the boss lair under the watershaper's guild.
  6. The game is dropping to 24 fps randomly and staying around there until I restart the game. Nothing has changed in my PC aside from the game being updated to 1.02. I've seen a number of people reporting this problem on Reddit.
  7. Persistent AoE/Damage over time effects can break a scripted conversation with Scyorielaphas during the The Shadow Under Neketaka quest. I just failed this encounter because I still had a Fire Wall spell up when he unexpectedly "ended" the fight with a scripted conversation that triggered when he was Near Death. The instant the conversation ended he became hostile again because of the ongoing damage from the Fire Wall. If you use any spells like this during the fight, make sure you do not cast them when his health is low. To be safe, stop using these effects at half health. As for the
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