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  1. The fact that the factions in this game caused a three-page thread debate indicates that writing for Deadfire is pretty damn good. Thanks, Obsidian.
  2. Unfortunately the stupid part about this is that you *can't* use the food you purchase in the inn for your resting bonus. All you can do is buy it to be used when you're camping!
  3. The basis of the build is mainly to use monk to gain massive might buff through wounds to power the electricity. Not sure how rogue would work, but experiment and let us know!
  4. After some play: Can approve, 10/10, will zap the crap out of everything with lightning. Fun stuff.
  5. So I'm doing a new run of the game with two other interesting builds, and I want to round out the mix with a third character who will be a useful support character. My two other characters are: 1) Fury/Helwaker 2) Priest (Wael)/Bleak Walker I'd like a good build that can round out this mix by providing useful buffs/heals/summons. I have a stand-in right now of a Lifegiver/Troubador (healing+summons). Any suggestions?
  6. "Enemies always attack tank" also creates lazy play styles. Smarter enemies (higher INT), *should* be switching targets if they realize they're not breaking the tank. Enemies aren't stupid.
  7. Run your melee characters in, then run them out when they get targeted, allowing for free attacks? You don't *have* to stand in one place and let things hit you.
  8. They can't do damage if they're a) dead or b) not on the field. See Falk Sch├╝tze's post above.
  9. Yeah, but even if that's true... you would still get better mileage out of Troubador/Skald.
  10. Except that 2h weapons are still worse than any of: 1h, 1h+shield, dual-wield. So 2hs apparently suck even more than I thought.
  11. 1) There's no magic like you think there is, not in Eora. EVERYTHING is powered by souls, or using pieces of souls, in some way. 2) Different abilities in different classes use soul powers in different ways. Highlight word here: Ability. 3) Perhaps you need to reconsider your 1980s-based wizard/magic D&D-style stereotype?
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