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  1. Please provide a hotfix Obsidian . Or does someone know how to progress this via the console?
  2. Also, can confirm I have almost finished the DLC. Engari is not giving me any hunts.
  3. I also have this same problem. Can someone at Obsidian help? Enragi does not give the hunt quests but just keeps telling me to talk to Humaire.
  4. The VTC are better for a metaphysics heavy lore seeker. They sponsor animancy research aggressively, and are the most willing to experiment with new and existing technologies. The RDC are advanced in military science but are reluctant to pursue riskier or unknown research, exemplified by Atsura's stance on luminous adra and animancy. The Huana have a lot of cultural lore and traditions, especially the Wahaki. But they do not offer any secrets in and of themselves. The Watcher actually has to read the Wahaki ranga's souls to find out Wahaki's story. Also, whatever speculation about Ukaizo and watershaping they have, the other factions either already know (as seen in the RDC and VTC) or could find out relatively easily. So they aren't the best choice either. The Principi aren't interested in any lore that does not bring them plunder. And the lore they are interested in can easily be found via the VTC as well.
  5. 1. The Roparu starving under the Kahanga or Prize-Share system (read the codex, it says Roparu are viewed by Huana society to have a responsibility for taking the starvation). Those Roparu are hired by the VTC and able to buy food for themselves and family. Also VTC doesn't use them for animancy experiments. They specifically make clear that they need a Watcher or at least someone with soul manipulating techniques (like another animancer). Also, Castol VTC do not pack up and leave, instead they actually want to develop their Deadfire trading posts to advance society at large. Meaning the Roparu do continue to benefit. Also, VTC do not discriminate against Roparu. 2. The RDC, as you said and others noted, integrate the Roparu into their own society. They become Ruatai, just like the Ocean Aumua. That is literally the opposite of oppression, when you and them become one people. So it would be a melting pot and the Roparu probably adapt like Kana or Maia (in other words, able to rise up above their "caste"). 2-5. I don't know why you question the not starving and respect part over "culture". The Huana culture leads to Roparu starvation, I think the Roparu would be the first ones to discard Huana culture in a heartbeat. 3. You are talking about a Roparu revolution, like a class conflict. Besides having thousands of years to do that and failing, those kinds of conflict are socially destructive in real life. Finally, the Roparu are starving, they probably cannot enact a "peasant revolution" of the sorts. 4. Even the Principi would be better for the Roparu. At least the Principi (as we are told in game and as we see in game) treat Roparu like equals and don't even see caste. Roparu end up working as deckhands, cannoneers, etc. and can even rise up to captain under the Principi. 5. The Kahanga are the object of focus because they are literally the ones you are giving power to.
  6. Ending reminds me of Mask of the Betrayer. Where you're whole quest to tear down that wall or lead the crusade ends up with "well sorry you can't because you can't actually fight a DnD god"...except if you turn totally evil.
  7. To be clear, I struggled whether to pick the Ruatai or the Valians. The Valians don't really treat the Deadfire as a homeland and don't get rid of the pirates/undead/criminals. But the Valians are open to animancy and have a better shot at replacing the wheel. The Ruatai rid the Deadfire of pirates, criminals, slavers, and undead. And the Ruatai lift up the Roparu and all Huana as future Ruatai citizens. I don't agree that the Ruatai will treat the Huana like 2nd class citizens. In game Ruatai all say they view the Huana as long lost cousins, and Kana/Maia are children of 1st generation Huana immigrants to Ruatai. So the Huana are very accepted in Ruatai society, basically becoming Ruatai themselves. Finally, although they are cautious about animancy and adra, they are no slouch in scientific progress. And given enough time they too will replace the wheel. The Kahanga should not be allowed to dominate other Huana just because they are Huana themselves. In fact the Huana in Tikawara, Poko Kahara, and Port Maje want nothing to do with the Kahanga. The Kahanga being the most backward and weakest of the 3 just shuts them out in my book. The Kahanga and the Principi are the 2 factions that probably won't replace the wheel anytime soon.
  8. I seem to also remember the Kahanga and the Wahaki being at odds. Telling Tanako that you want to bring the Wahaki in line for the Kahanga is enough to make him give you the Conch for example. The Kahanga's idea of an alliance just means the Wahaki accepting Kahanga suzerainty. Basically these are the reasons why I do not see any good argument for the Kahanga. The assertions that "it is their home" does not make sense because the Kahanga are seeking to dominate all other Huana too, just like the Valians and Ruatai. It is not their home in Port Maje, but I doubt the Kahanga care much either. I could wax arguments about how Huana society is actually changing for good and how its their right to evolve on their own pace, but ain't gonna. Instead, again - It. is. their. home. All the others are occupants. Occupants cannot be good by the very definition. It's really very simple.
  9. I could wax arguments about how Huana society is actually changing for good and how its their right to evolve on their own pace, but ain't gonna. Instead, again - It. is. their. home. All the others are occupants. Occupants cannot be good by the very definition. It's really very simple. Their home is only Nekataka. As I recall, Tikawara, Port Maje, and other places are not their home. Poko Kahara Huana disdain the Kahanga. So your argument that it is the Kahanga's home does not make sense. The Kahanga become occupants of all other Huana in that case. The Huana have a right to evolve at a faster pace than what the Kahanga can bring imo. And yes, that does mean all factions are flawed. But I see the Kahanga as the worst. Well, second to the Aeldys Principi of course. At least the Furrante Principi make Deadfire habitable and allow for foreign commerce.
  10. So better a weak central Huana ruler ending tribal autonomy and preserving the Caste System and Prize Share, than a Ruatai or Valian ending them right? Sorry I don't see that as a good reason. And the Kahanga probably won't change anything, they made their whole stance on not preserving Huana culture, even the bad parts.
  11. Besides continuing the Caste System (starving Roparu), Prize-Share (aka Communism and more starving Roparu), and likely absorbing all the local Huana tribes (ending tribal autonomy just the same), the Kahanga are also too weak to rid Deadfire of slavers and pirates. Am I missing something that would make the Kahanga a better choice for Deadfire's Huana over Ruatai or Valians?
  12. I'm trying to decide which one is the better combination for my Brute. I know Tarn's Respite is probably the best Sabre in the game. But I'm stuck on whether the second Sabre should be Aldris (for shock lash 10 and 10% shock damage). Or should it be Grave's Calling (with 2% Frost stacking up to 15 times).
  13. I know all the other factions try to stop you if you don't side with them. But does the Huana ever try to confront you at the end? Especially the Prince if you murder the Queen?
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