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  1. That's an interesting idea and one I'll think about. Not really doing much with Deadfire in the last couple of weeks, but it might be possible. It'd be a pretty lengthy conditional call, and conditional calls are one of the things I am least certain about when it comes to modding. I know HOW to do some calls, but I don't know WHY they work (which means I often resort to trial and error). Still haven't quite figured out the difference between 'all of the conditions in a call must succeed' for a call to succeed versus 'only one of the conditions in a call must succeed' for a call to succeed.
  2. There's something going on with the base game where the lootlist isn't always being fully generated on some fights with ships in combat mode (as opposed to ship to ship mode). This is happening in a couple of other ship fights outside of this mod as well, IIRC. Nothing I can do about it, I'm afraid. I did try to look over the code in items.gamedatabundle, as well as the other data bundles called during ship battles, when I first created this mod coz it was bugging me then, but nothing stood out to me as being a likely culprit. One of these days I might try another crack at tracking i
  3. { "Note": "PL 5 Unlock - Weapon Training", "Category": "General", "UnlockStyle": "Unlock", "ActivationObject": "Self", "AddAbilityID": "c6649642-7729-4386-ae1c-6980351fe8c6", "RemoveAbilityID": "00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000", "Prerequisites": { "MinimumCharacterLevel": 1, "PowerLevelRequirement": { "ClassID": "ccdc9675-e2a7-46fa-83e9-7a5368b56265", "MinimumPowerLevel": 5 }, "RequiresAbilityID": "00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000", "Conditional": { "Operator": 0,
  4. After a lot of trial and error, I actually figured out a way to have it so something can go into all classes at one time. Instead of pointing the "BaseTableID": to a CLASS or COMPANION PT, I pointed it to the RACIAL PT that defines what races get what ("b2afaada-c140-42c3-9f02-2f919e45b49d") and followed the template of "Weapon Proficiency: Unarmed" (with a couple of further modifications). Worked like a charm. In fact, if I had thought of this before, I would have saved myself a ton of hassle (not to mention around a couple dozen UUIDs). Now the ability I am adding IS a
  5. Figured as much, but I thought I'd ask. Not so much for the base classes, but all of the companion PT's out there which I'm also doing. Thanks for the offer, but no worries. I can do it pretty quickly on my own end as well. Was more curious about the idea than anything else.
  6. Huzzah on this addition! Makes my home modding of PTs so much easier. I do have one question though. If I wanted to add an ability to ALL progression tables, could I put in a "0000" UUID into the BaseTableID field? I ask because I have a couple of talents I'm adding to all of the base classes of the game and I didn't want to have to create 11 separate entries if I didn't have to (Yes, I'm lazy ). No big deal if I can't, and truth be told I expect I have to manually create an additional Append for each table I want changed. But I thought I'd ask, if only for future reference.
  7. I do not have massive game-system mastery. I know my way around the game well enough, but not THAT well. I play more for fun than theory crafting or min/max builds. Oh, if I put my mind to it, I can figure things out. But mostly I just like to screw around before I get serious in my playthroughs/challenges. Anywho, beat all of the other mega bosses and I take my party against the Iron Sheik. Err.. Helfire Colossus. Read up a tiny bit about him and then say "Screw it" and dive right on it. it's the only real way to learn, right? *BUGSPLAT* Oh, a wiseguy, eh? You wanna p
  8. If I wanted to edit the pre-made characters (as opposed to exported ones that get thrown in the Saved Games folder), is that possible? Been poking about the various .gamedatabundles and I can't find the 12 characters that are already in the game. === Depending on the answer, I might take this question to the modding section, as I am chasing down a rabbit hole in regards to what abilities are automatically selected for NPCs/Companions when they join the party. I might even figure out that question on my own, but not being able to easily find the data files for the pre-made character
  9. FWIW, I haven't been able to get that new UI in my games. Turned off all mods and started a new game. Nada. Makes me think it was part of patch that got rolled back and for whatever reason, they're still able to access it.
  10. Updated for 4.0. Link has been added to the first post as well as this one. This is a maintenance release to update the changes made in the shiphostilitymanager in factions.gamedatabundle from the base game. I don't know if the latest version of this mod will work properly with previous versions of the game,so as always the prior links have been left in the OP for folks who have not yet updated to 4.0. I've done some minimal testing and everything looks to be in order. If anyone runs into any problems, let me know and I'll see if it is anything on my end. But it should be fine as t
  11. Stupid question probably, but did you change the recipes to fit the format for 2.1? The recipes have moved from VisibilityConditions to CreationConditions: Before 2.1: { "$type": "Game.GameData.RecipeData, Assembly-CSharp", "DebugName": "Recipe_Mirrored_Scales", "ID": "42dc5090-a8c6-49d4-97d5-7a75652a74f4", "Components": [{ "$type": "Game.GameData.RecipeComponent, Assembly-CSharp", "DisplayName": 553, "CraftingLocation": "None", "CategoryID": "7bad3803-0dfd-473a-a857-326f4853a4d6", "VisibilityConditions": { "Operator": 0, "Components": [{
  12. I haven't tested it yet, but I presume that it's now set that it is an act of stealing if you get caught lockpicking the chest, but not if you aren't caught. That is, some chests are set where if you are observed while you pick the lock nothing happens, and you only get a rep hit if people see you stealing from it. Other containers are set where you get a rep hit from BOTH lockpicking and from stealing if people can see what you are up to.
  13. Updated for 2.1.0 beta (link in OP and this post). The mod wasn't appearing in the Mod Manager for the 2.1 beta, due to having a blank entry in the manifest.json file for the "Max" setting in the SupportedGameVersion field. I went ahead and updated the manifest.json as well as putting in the cleaned up code for the gamedatabundle of this mod to get rid of the JSON errors that were mentioned earlier in the thread. There is no functionality change, and the only real reason to download this update is to ensure the mod appears in the Mod Manager for the beta of 2.1. If you don't want
  14. Not sure if this should be flagged as a bug or not, but in the manifest.json if the "Max" field in "SupportedGameVersion" is left blank, a mod will not load into the Mod Manager. Just found this out when I went to test my Vindictive Faction Ships Battle mod and didn't see it on the Mod Manager list. I had it as the following before: { "Title" : { "en" : "Vindictive Faction Ship Battles" }, "Description" : { "en" : "Puts four very high level faction ships onto the World Map." }, "Author" : "", "ModVersion": "1.0", "SupportedGameVersion" : {
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