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  1. I think it would be great to have the Watcher be the antagonist for PoE 3. See how the Watcher's decisions in the previous games affect the world from a different perspective.
  2. I'd say Modwyr, but then I'd be unoriginal. So I'll say Pukestabber because my character is a raging alcoholic.
  3. Yeah, it doesn't look like it will change ship combat itself, but I (hopefully) may be wrong.
  4. Yeah, Shoulda verified in my post- It was part of the patch that got rolled back with the turn-based combat update.
  5. I saw this on reddit last night. It looks like they are re-vamping ship combat: So apparently you can: 1) Board for no damage. 2) Enter ship combat as per the norm. 3) Intimidate to gain money/resources without combat. 4) Parley to try and get ships to stop attacking you without combat. Looks pretty snazzy. I hope they will fix ship combat to avoid loosing some unique items if you choose to not board. EDIT: It appears that this was part of the patch that got rolled back that also included turn-based combat.
  6. I'm going to go off on a limb and say that they will probably make it incompatible with Magran's Challenge or possibly Magran's Fires in general. Still a cool feature, though.
  7. I prefer RTWP, but I think it's a fantastic inclusion for players who prefer turn-based. I wonder how it will work with Magran's Challenge.
  8. My understanding from earlier posts is that It wasn't always the case. But I can confirm- I got delver's stew last night in the Wild Mare. Maybe you were lucky- 33% is pretty good odds for getting the item.
  9. It's still random for both Gorecci and the second floor of the Wild Mare- So it's not a sure-fire thing. In fact, on loading those particular areas there's a 33% chance of getting Bloatbelly Eel, 33% chance of getting Herfwarts, or 33% of getting Delver's Stew. Which are the three items in the loot list I specified earlier.
  10. Yeah, it's greater than. Extra pen on Kith helps for over-pen, as well. While I would sacrifice Caroc for the stats, in my actual gameplay I sacrificed Grieving Mother 'cause I ran cipher in POE 1 and didn't really like her all that much.
  11. I change up my party pretty often with the sidekicks, trying different party compositions- some compositions are better for some encounters than others. Some sidekicks have some interesting conversation trees and interjections (Rekke and Ydwin in general, Konstanten in Seeker, Slayer, Survivor and Fassina in Forgotten Sanctum). You can very easily get through each companion's and sidekick's content in one playthrough. Mechanically- With multiclassing (or I guess just in general), you can build each character very differently from one-another.
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