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  1. After finishing a college course on Deadfire mechanics, I picked some mods that seem to improve gameplay experience without changing it too much. Could someone who has more experience with this game tell me if I am ok to go, or are some of them just not recommended for new players, conflict each other, are outdated or buggy, better alternatives exist, etc. I am assuming there are no problems with these, but just in case: Enhanced User Interface, Character Creation More Colors, Enhanced companions portraits, Everyone's Two Cents, More Custom AI Conditions, Godlike rebalance from PoE2 Dead
  2. Can graze-to-hit and hit-to-crit modifiers be applied on top of each other? So for example I roll graze, using flail then turns it to hit, does that hit have a chance to be turned into crit?
  3. The build is intended for solo, so I cant rely on healing. The reason I put so much into constitution, other than more wounds, is to get the most out of Streetfighter passive, and I thought that having low health pool when I need to be both bloodied and flanked would lead to quick demise. And also it just seemed a better investment per point to get +5% HP rather than 1 accuracy, particularly if I am never going to get it high enough to crit reliably anyway. I tried fighting through that cave where you shipwreck, it was doable, but I do not know if that is representative of difficulty for the r
  4. Well, proficiencies I pick at character creation are pistols and dagger, and after that I want to go for all the top tier weapons in terms of speed. Always dual wielding. At the beginning probably mostly fists. If I wanted to go for more optimal build, which stat should I relocate, while keeping the maximum speed gimmick?
  5. Specific build I am thinking about is a fire godlike monk/streetfighter multiclass with attributes Might 12 | Constitution 18 | Dexterity 19 | Perception 8 | Intelligence 4 | Resolve 16. The idea is to go all out on dexterity and recovery, both in items and consumables, using fastest weapons and leather armor. I do not care about getting crits, but I still need to hit reliably with abilities. So is this something that seems doable, and if not, what would you say is the minimum starting perception that would make this kind of speed focused character possible?
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