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  1. Add likely works, and will go to the normal "additive bonus" stage, meaning that it will happen after default multipliers, but before "PostAdd" multipliers. It doesn't seem like status effects can cause "PostAdd" multipliers, however, except lashes, etc. NB: adding a negative modifier as "addition" could possibly reduce the recovery time to 0 or less, which would simply remove recovery time (there is a case which causes recovery time <0 to become 0f, I believe).
  2. PPS: I am not sure what operator type "add" will end up doing. In some places it looks like the calculation for recovery time ignores the attached "operator type" field, but I am not sure it is universal.
  3. Very interesting. As verification, it is handled as a case in "AdjustRecoveryTime" for CharacterStats (in the dlls via IlSpy). Awkwardly, I can't find a check anywhere for if there character is wearing a shield. As such, this may apply even if using a shield but with one weapon. The weird appearance is probably due to the entry for "SingleWeaponRecoveryModifier" in the status effect manager having a display string and tactical string of -1. Which is fixable in statuseffects.gamedatabundle, thankfully. { "StatusEffectType": "Si
  4. Hi all, I had noticed that the stacking of "recovery time" modifiers seemed unusual. I think it is reasonably known that most positive "multiplicative" effects stack additively, as multipliers of some base value (usually). E.g. +21% damage from might and +60% from legendary -> 1.81X damage. Negative percentage modifiers usually do not work this way, ie: -30% recovery time from dual wielding and -15% from two weapon style does not equal 0.55X recovery time, it actually equals ~0.63X recovery time. I was having a difficult time figuring out how this is actually calculated, so I had a
  5. These are two fairly minor mods. The first provides a small boost to single class barbarians, chanters, ciphers, fighters, paladins, rangers and rogues. They really don't seem to offer enough in return for going single class, particularly because they have only a small increase in resources for their class, as compared to getting an entire set of resources for a second class. I personally prefer the extra variety of multi-class characters, but the gap seems pretty excessive. So far as I could tell, the only reasonable way to add a bonus to single class characters was to add an ability w
  6. Hi, I was recently trying to edit the stringtables to add some basic class abilities, and realized that these seem to be indexed to the game by number (in the associated specific stringtable). As such, how is one intended to add new entries to the proper stringtable, in particular without accidentally generating possible collisions with other mods?
  7. So far as I am aware, this would require dll editing to do gracefully (which I don't think is possible currently). The stat -> effect correlations seem to be hard coded. I think the scaling with/without resolve relates to whether the applying attack is flagged as hostile (attacks apply status effects, even beneficial ones). Duration and duration type are finally set in the actual status effect, but the only option that affects attribute scaling turns them both off (durationtype -> UseDurationTimeUnadjusted ). So far as I am aware, this turns off both int and res scaling. One poten
  8. Hello again, I hope my repeated self posting is of interest. I am describing what I have found in case it may prove of some small help to others in the future. If I had a better way of documenting it, I would. Also if anyone has any advice. Part 1: World Map Encounters After a bit of poking, I have made the embarassing discovery that some encounters have their creatures listed as part of the entry in worldmap.gamedatabundle. So far as I can tell, this is mostly for ships, and also for small encounters with a default encounter map. The data there is fairly self-explanatory. It also a
  9. Well, small update incase anyone else decides to take a crack at this problem. For world map encounters, level and NPC type can be edited by editing encounter entries of the worldmap. I think this largely covers encounters with a default small map to which a set number of enemies are loaded. I haven't tried it, though, but it seems simple enough. For set encounters: As noted elsewhere, the levelxy files contain most areas. They do not correspond to area numbers, e.g. AR_0610_slums is not in level610, it is in level38. Some of them appear to be menus and things. It seems li
  10. Many apologies, but I have just been playing through the game a second time. I have noticed that after the early game, even with level scaling, difficulty does tend to.... taper off a bit, even on POTD. In particular there seem to be a number of encounters that are unexpectedly easy, in particular when a large number of lower level enemies were used to try to buff difficulty. This has got me thinking, as a person who DMs occasionally for pen and paper games, whether it would be worthwhile to tune up those encounters in particular (rather than say increasing the strength of all enemies e.g. via
  11. I strongly agree with sentiments expressed by demeisin. As to being able to write books or move pages from one book to another somehow being unrealistic... these grimoires came from somewhere. Someone writes the damn things (Admittedly someone you may have killed). They already established that. The whole world suddenly developing the inability to write is at least a tiny bit bizarre. I would also argue the effect is most crippling for the enjoyment of druids and priests: many of their spells were relatively conditional. Those spells now will not see use, which substantially limits th
  12. During multiple battles, I have noticed that Wall of Draining will hit targets that are neither inside nor near (ie: half a screen away, perpendicular to the wall) from the wall. If necessary, I can try to replicate, but it is not possible to save in combat, making providing a saved game difficult. The wall also procs extremely rapidly (four+ times a second) meaning that any buffs on targets "within" the wall are removed fairly instantaneously. The combination is a bit absurd.
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