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  1. I remember Adler was the director of PoE 2 DLC's. Maybe he is in charge of finishing the trilogy ;).
  2. The big project is Avowed, where lots of Obsidian people is working. There is The Outer Worlds 2 project, the Josh Sawyer game with a size of 10 devs, the team working in Grounded, and the small team Brandon Adler is leading. Maybe PoE3 is in the works? I supose they will want to finish the saga, and Adler's team can be working in PoE3. What do you think?
  3. PoE 1 and 2 are two gems, praised with the majority of people who have played them. Steam reviews confirm that. It would be incredible news to hear some day that PoE3 is in development. I'd be happy with a new story set in a local area (Readceras or Vaillian Republics), with good writing and without having to fighting against goods. The engine, combat, spells and other systems are done, so I think a small team could make an interesting game.
  4. First of all I wish you good luck with the development. This forum has low activity, and it would be interesting to know a little more about the game: 1. When is avowed set in the timeline? before or after PoE2 events? 2. There will be new short stories or novellas? I like Eora universe and I enjoyed to read these stories related to Poe1 and 2. Thanks in advance
  5. There is a new game that is going to be released this year. Very simillar to Infinity Engine and Pillars games: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/grapeocean/black-geyser-couriers-of-darkness?lang=es
  6. I would love to travel with my party to Readceras, or Vailian Republics. Preferently in a new adventure with local political/religious tension, avoiding gods' struggles and fight/talk with gods plots.
  7. On twitter Sawyer said the game reached the break even point. That's not bad news. And the game slowly continues increasing the sales. https://twitter.com/jesawyer/status/1263677679527620609
  8. Today I've finished the story and it's interesting, mainly if you know about the lore of souls, adra, leaden key, etc.
  9. While we wait for future news, yesterday an interesting game was released. Disco Elysium. At the moment the reviews are positive. https://store.steampowered.com/app/632470/Disco_Elysium/
  10. Watching Josh Sawyer lecture I think there will be a PoE 3 with obviously both RTwP and TB combat modes. Sawyer mentions that the work needed to implement TB combat was nothing in comparison with ship combat system. I'm happy to see there will be a PoE3. I'll never play it in TB mode, but having the 2 combat modes avaibable is a must, after watching the good reception TB have had. I only fear that implementing both combat systems can make combat dificulty unbalanced. I hope to see some day an anouncement of PoE3 like Josh did with Deadfire ;)
  11. Now I remember this: At least we know from PoE1 that people of Eora adored non-existent gods, and Engwithians discovered they didn't exist, and they sacrificed themselves to create gods. But if gods didn't exist, I don't know how 3 dragons could make a covenant with a non existent Ngati and receive powers from that god. Thanks for your replies. It would be interesting as always that some lore dev could throw a bit of light here
  12. I was reading some lore about the guardian of Ukaizo. I see that before the Engwithians creation of the Wheel and the gods, there were 3 dragons in Deadfire that were servants of god Ngati (Ondra) How is this possible? https://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Guardian_of_Ukaizo
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