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  1. You did not have a Invert "X-Axis" Setting? I'm glad I haven't tried it yet, It would have been a huge frustration, I just can't play without this. Can't wait to play it!
  2. I think it would be a good idea to start as a character oblivius to the PoEI and PoEII events and lore, and later regain the memories of the events, and whatever later events that put you in that situation.
  3. End of the watcher story The PoE and PoEII returning companions as temporal or cameos More creative freedom and less following of a planed structure . I am looking at you, reactivity and faction Eders. And you, sidekicks and expansions The FinalFantasy party system (the party limiting only the combatant companions, not the other content) so I can experience the companions without replaying a 100 hours game, figuring out how to manually set them always active, or quitting by the anxiety that gives me xD E: Also RTwP, Ydwin and Durance
  4. Even if needed to load i dont think some texts would add any significant time, but i was thinking of the menus loading separate or something so it doesnt really need to load between screens.
  5. Any word on how will they handle loading screens? It would have been great to be able to access the menus while the game is loading in PoE, mainly the lore menus. It would have even help some understand more the game since they are kind of forced to read it or wait doing nothing. Could you consider the suggestion or something similar if the plan was to do the same as in PoE?
  6. You can create a human and then change their race to death godlike with Unity Console, so you get the human model and death godlike traits and reactivity. In adittion you can also use Character Creation More Colors mod to custom more the human appareance before changing race.
  7. I just lost hope on anything to experience all the companions content, so Could you pretty please add the rest of the companion interactions to the Recommended Companions for Quests system? (apart of course from the negligible aprobal and disaprobal expressions) Maybe with a smaller icon. It would let the players to experience the most content without missing some not-big but nice content of their favorite companions. Like if someone prefers more important content of other companions that doesnt interest it much or medium-minor content of their favorites companions
  8. Probably you know, but just in case you dont: you can do this with UnityConsole mod
  9. Was wondering if would be possible with the now better modding knowledge and modability to make real this idea of having the all companions content without increasing party size. Modder and Devs: Any way to make trigger companions interactions and banters of not present companions? Or any idea? My first thought was to change the conditionals to one single companion or remove them, but i know nothing about modding.
  10. My bad! I wanted to ask if there is a compilation of the portraits of these topics
  11. I was planning on using that mod that removes pet bonuses and leaves them as cosmetics. I think i will deactivate it for pets made with this, so the pets have an effect given by the machine and the soul of the sacrificed pet.
  12. For the sub-classes i hope we get cool concepts, specially since there are no more obvious builds missing
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