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  1. Hi @Boeroer thank you for your reply. I'm just curious about dialogs. With the pale elf I had a several interactions and it was fun for me. Like "you are coming from far away", etc. For this build I'm going with Aumaua (as a main character) priest (Eathos/honest/benevolent) and will play defense, most of the time. Maybe the Aumaua is not the best choose for priest, but I'm going to try it :) Hope some of the NPC will recognize me as a fellow Aumaua Cheers
  2. Hi all. I´m going to start my second play-through and I'm wandering about the race. I did the first one with "snow elf" but now I'm thinking about Aumaua ( love Kana:)))). Please share your thoughts with me/us I found this topics But I din't find much about it - Aumaua: "Aumaua: 7 Coastal Aumaua: 1 [Race] The single Human check also checks for Aumaua, Godlike, and Elf. [subrace] Island Aumaua have no checks in Eternity, White March I, or White March II." Cheers!
  3. Hi all, I'm also playing trough GOG/Galaxy and the update is also 3.7GB Which in my world is huuuuge Anyhow, thanks for the bug fixes. Cheers!
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