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  1. Perhaps a producer who wanted to learn the character art pipeline made this as a test and is secretly really proud of it? And perhaps he has been going around the office linking people to this forum thread saying this is the greatest day of his life? Perhaps.
  2. Apologies about the large download. The way Unity handles any changes to code (no matter how small) is that it rebuilds a large chunk of the game and repackages it all together. The patch doesn't change the size of the game on your hard drive, but it is a big download.
  3. Patch 3.06 is now live on Steam, GoG, and Origin (Mac store should be coming next week). This is a small patch addresses 3 issues: Fixed the assign/recall button on the Stronghold Adventure UI. Fixed Nightshroud missing its DR reduction. This fix will only work on games that haven't acquired the weapon. The White March Part II instruction popup will no longer be shown after the first save-load in a new campaign.
  4. Hey guys, apologies for the silence. Patch 3.03 should be coming out towards the end of this month. Here are some of the things we are trying to address in the next update: Shield deflection and reflexes are stacking on enemies during save/load. NPCs are not turning hostile from conversations for some players. Combusting Wounds is not doing damage. The biography is not updating after collecting spring berries. There are some performance problems related to snow footprints. Russetwood Ogres are turning hostile after transitioning in and out of certain areas. Graze to Hit on One-Handed Style and Confident Aim are applying to spells (instead of only to weapon attacks). Druids are unable to use Second Wind or Outlander's Frenzy while spiritshifted. Healing and friendly effects being cast by a chanter are not affecting the chanter itself. Various game balance (particularly with Rogues and Barbarians).
  5. same for me - I bought it yesterday and activated in steam. Afterwards I do get an information, that TWM2 will be playable after release... So - what is the problem? I just get in contact with Amazon and they will get in contact will the developers (YOU) and solve the problem, hopefully. I´m a bit frustrated, because such an easy thing get on my nerve for the last 4 hours!!! We are working with Amazon and Paradox to find out what the issue is and will try to resolve it as quickly as possible. I apologize for the delay.
  6. Hey Zfedaykin, I understand your frustration and appreciate your detailed breakdown. We are currently working on getting The White March - Part I and II localized in Korean, and we hope to have in ready in the near future. We are trying to release the Korean localization around the same time as patch 3.02, but we cannot say for sure if they will arrive at the same time. Thank you for your patience.
  7. I only see Part I for sale on Amazon, not the expansion pass that includes Part II: http://www.amazon.com/Pillars-Eternity-White-March-Online/dp/B0130CHZ7K/ Could you link to where you purchased it from?
  8. We are expecting the average party to be level 10 going into Part 2. If you are level 12+ you will have a high level scaling option, similar to Part 1.
  9. We have updated the beta branch to build v2.02.0749, which should: Fix the pink Ogre and Xaurip weapons Fix a problem choosing chants after respeccing a Chanter in special circumstances Thanks for all of the feedback.
  10. She can equip everything except for armor (but you can enchant her natural armor).
  11. You have to complete the Temple of Woedica (the first main story quest in Act II) to start the expansion.
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