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  1. I've tried the latest beta patch, the game still auto-pauses on NPC spellcasting or ability use, even when said NPC is out of line of sight. I haven't tested it yet, but maybe it auto-pauses on enemies out of sight as well that are using abilities.
  2. Could you please fix this bug where the game auto-pauses on everything that uses an ability, whether it be enemies or NPCs, even when out of combat? It's supposed to auto-pause when in combat, or atleast when an enemy is sighted. Right now, it auto-pauses on every ability activation.
  3. Please consider using a separate launcher to manage updates, similar to how MMORPGs use a patcher/launcher program to update their clients. My reasoning for this is so that critical updates could be deployed faster, while non-critical updates could be worked on and deployed much later.
  4. Thanks for informing us sir jbritch. There's another thing I've encountered that may or may not be a bug. Often enemies will hit you with an astronomical amount of damage, and it will kill you even if it's a graze and have 30 damage reduction. Is this working as intended? I can understand enemies could have lethal attacks, but enemies with death strikes should be limited to bosses, or should be very hard to pull off both by players and enemy characters.
  5. They did put an option to auto-pause for traps, it's the 'Hidden Object Found'.
  6. No. If I saw my sister turn out like the Devil of Caroc, I'd be damned worse than hell. I don't want my sister to waste her life in seeking revenge, for my revenge. Let the cycle of hate end, let it end with me, with us.
  7. What if the gods of Eora are all faces on one god??? What if they are pieces of one soul, the soul of the world?????
  8. Oh Great and Wise Obsidian, I beg of you, this humble peasant and servant of yours beseech your infinite wisdom and omnipotent power. I pray to you Obsidian, give us our timely patches and forgive us our transgressions. May your everlasting light cast your enemies asunder, let your glory shine upon your devoted followers. My life for you Obsidian! My life for you Almighty Obsidian, creator of Pillars of Eternity and South Park Stick of Truth! I beseech you our master, give us our timely patches and forgive us our transgressions. In the name of the Steam, the Unity Engine, and the Dungeons and
  9. It's not the bugs in the computer program that's the problem. It's the "bugs" in their decision making. As much as I want them to fix computer bugs, I'd like them to "fix" their oversight and/or lack of foresight (ie. are you going to do the same **** with Tyranny?).
  10. The bug I reported (sword and shield style bug) seems to be persistent in save files, even if you leave the area and come back. When are you going to release another patch? Please consider micropatches, instead of one lump sum patch releases. Oh wait, maybe it's because of " " " "how the Unity engine works" " " "? I'm starting to lose faith in this company. Can't you find a way to deploy patches in small batches, going around the deficiencies of Unity? I don't know, maybe a separate launcher like in Baldur's Gate 2? :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
  11. @ Sir Tigranes, I'm actually expecting they will do the same thing in Tyranny; they will hype up a dungeon as a feature of the game Tyranny, but after you've played it, it would feel lacking and rushed, since it's just a "mini-game" within a full length game, like Od Nua's "labyrinth". Never again I tell you. Once Tyranny gets released, the first thing I'll ask is "How's the rogue-lite dungeon like? Did they give it the same treatment as Od Nua's 15 levels?" No, I won't ask that here, I'll ask on that website where hate is the norm. If you can please them, then it's a good sign obs did a
  12. Od Nua's not so "Endless" Path should have been 35 levels, not 15. Or atleast multiple branching paths, so even if it's technically 15 levels, there are more than that in total (ie. level 13a, level 13b, etc.). For a take on the traditional dungeon crawler, rogue-lite dungeon experience, it kinda felt short, levels 11 and 12 felt like they were rushed in fact.
  13. 'Hard mode' in PoE is actually the normal mode. It's not "painfully hard", it's actually slightly hard sometimes where you have to formulate a strategy for a "boss fight" (not necessarily a fight with a 'boss' monster, but an enemy encounter blocking your way that's too many or too strong). I'm not sure, I think you can solo this game using stealth to go around enemies, and use hit and run tactics to kill some enemies, I haven't tried it though.
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