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  1. It's definitely a fair question to ask how many people want this (and how much, and to what extent) but it does feel like there's an increasing desire for it as per Divinity example. I would never suggest that it's hard mode or no mode, some people don't play the game for the combat, whereas I see it as integral. For me it's always odd to craft all these cool abilities and spells and then have a game where it doesn't really matter what use you make of them - that's an exaggeration for pillars but was the case far too often for my taste. I laughed at the dragon every encounter comment but in
  2. I'll be brief(ish): Pillars was great - not in dispute Path of the Damned (PotD) was sold as a challenge for masochistic IE (SCS) veterans PotD came up short for the majority of the game Reasons? AI scripting was poor, most encounters were "tank and spank" (push/pull mechanics sound like a good start) "Kith" enemy parties were noticeably bad at using their abilities, fights like this feel like they would take a lot more scripting effort to be good. I think you probably notice this moreso because in the encounters vs creatures all the enemies from every difficulty level were there whereas i
  3. So not a trash the game thread, as I loved it, however I've been playing through the BG series for the first time since PoE as a result of the SoD release and made the inevitable comparison. Plenty of good points for each game (have to add PoE needs an SCS mod or a far harder baseline PoTD mode) but one thing stood out a little more than most. Arriving in Baldur's Gate for the first time Final Battle of BG Irenicus encounter on exiting first dungeon in BG2 Irenicus battle at the asylum with the mad wizard army Final battle in BG2 and Hell All BG2 Dragon encounters That's a list
  4. Struggling a little bit with setting the scalers. I can ToggleScaler <PX1_HIGH_LEVEL> which then shows this as an active scaler, but if I try any of the oother three it just repeats active scaler PX1_HIGH_LEVEL, even if I go from no scalers and type <PX2_HIGH_LEVEL> it will say that PX1 is the active one! How do I set them all to active?!
  5. While I can see the viewpoint of the reload argument, I prefer having a game that forces me to reload multiple times rather than playing Trial of Iron. Lapses in concentration can end a game, also you could easily lose hours of progress to an unlucky roll. There are many different ways to approach difficulty in a single player game, and having encounters that are so difficult that you need to reload multiple times is a perfectly valid way of doing it; there is nothing "lame" about reloading multiple times. I prefer this kind of difficulty and the gripe I have with Pillars is that there is
  6. Is there a way to force all scaling from the start ? I would like to run IE mod with reduced XP, force scaling and sit back and not worry about it getting to easy for the rest of the playthrough.
  7. Had to comment just to say magic is not that great in Eye of the Beholder, with the last boss of EOB2 at least being literally immune to all forms. High level magic was "cool" though, I'll give you that . Grimrock is about your sidestepping skills really as are all of those games. Still amazing like...
  8. That would be fine by me too if Obsidian had ever stated their intention to do so or acknowledged the issues. Path of the Damned is heavily undertuned and while I really enjoy the combat system and the game as a whole, without the challenge it all feels a little pointless. I'm not just bashing here either, it's a measure of how much I like nearly everything else other than difficulty that I'm still checking the forums regularly to see if it will ever be addressed or acknowledged.
  9. For a single player game these small nerfs and buffs seem low priority. Sure if fighters suck relative to other classes boost them a bit but it's just increasing the power of the player in an already ridiculously easy game. Why not focus on making the game challenging more often than very occasionally and then balance stuff if really needed. At the moment fighters are slightly worse at completely crushing 95% of the game without thinking. Hard immunities seems a nice change at least and might help in that regard.
  10. I think Pillars does some things pretty damn well, art, setting, atmosphere for starters. I think combat has great potential and preferred it at a basic level to DOS. Both games actually suffer similar issues although Larian are trying to address that which is the games are seriously easy on max difficulty. DOS is at least consistently challenging in the first area on hard until it totally falls off. Pillars PoTD is more the odd well designed fight in a sea of I don't even need to pause this encounters. It's blatant, and perhaps understandable, that it wasn't given much attention, whacking a b
  11. For me I absolutely blitzed the game for about 2 weeks on release. I put in 90 hours which is highly commendable for any game to get from me. My main run was on PoTD and I got to the last boss at level 9 and he was extremely difficult. I posted a fair amount back then about how disappointingly easy the majority of the rest of the game was compared. In particular, tank and spank beat basically everything and the AI was woeful, particularly for an SCS Veteran. Not to mention experience bloat. I would echo the OP in that, while not wishing to bash the game, combat is extremely important
  12. I'm a fan of this, I'd prefer the well balanced encounters with good AI solution but I'm guessing that's too time consuming given the lack of comment on how easy the game is, so crude solutions may be the only way forward.
  13. I wouldn't hold your breath, have been zero Dev replies to any difficulty threads, I'm guessing it's seen as not an issue or too big an effort to fix for the number of people who care.
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