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  1. Leipzig hier. The amount of Sauerkraut in this thread is disturbing. ;P Currently dying at 40 degrees in the office...
  2. You beat the game in about 50 hours? I took in the range of 100 hours minimum, playing on PotD on a completionist playthrough. So 20 hours per part seems realistic to me. The main game was incredibly long for a game released in 2015.
  3. I never said DLC are bad, but I prefer one uninterrupted game experience. I also play Telltale games when all episodes are out, binge watch TV shows and read shorter novels in one sitting. Episodic content keeps you interested in the franchise for longer than if you had full releases, hence why so many companies do that nowadays. It's basicly the old "a candle that burns twice as bright lasts half as long" principle. On topic: I'm fine with having two episodes for the expansion, as long as there is a clear destinct cut between the episodes so that it feels like it's making s
  4. The Devil isn't artificial in the way that the gods are though. Her body is a construct, her soul used to belong to a woman of flesh and blood... unless there is a twist somewhere. Heh; twist: her body is actually flesh-and-blood with metallic body-painting applied, but her soul comes from a cheeseburger. Sect ideas he said... Someone give this guy a stage, please! This stand-up comedy must prevail!
  5. Actually, I think that PoE hit the sweet spot between dungeoning and exploration. Most complaints weren't about the one-sidedness in design here, but about the overall quality of the content: Most wilderness areas had very little to discover actually, especially since they mostly contained copy & paste encounters. Most dungeons lacked a destinct design idea, be it story elements or puzzles. I am actually in the crowd that considers PoE as being too long. I always felt like the developers should have cut the content by at least one third and instead concentrate the resources on improv
  6. Actually, the games aren't so different at all. Granted, I consider PoE more of a hybrid between RTS and RPG, not a "true" RPG. Combat is just way too important in this game to consider PoE a full-fledged RPG. So the comparison to SC2 is not that far-fetched. And let's be perfectly honest: If there is one thing Blizzard is masterclass at, then it is polishing games. Everything, from the 1-second-menu-sounds to the animations of each single unit in any of Blizzard games is thought-through ad absurdity. The consistency of art-style in WoW over the life-span of almost a decade is unparal
  7. Wait ... what if ... the PC isn't actually a watcher that can read souls, but just high on Svef and the companions aren't companions but trip-sitters? MIND BLOWN!
  8. Yes, thank you! I'm not that good with words, so I had trouble putting my thoughts in one statement. But this sums it up pretty good. ... But I got to admit I really liked Deekin. I wouldn't mind a cameo. Maybe because I'm reading too much "Order of the Stick" lately... On the other hand, I never liked any of the construct companions in all other games I played. Except for Legion in Mass Effect.
  9. How dare they. So you dislike them because their entire stories and personal quests aren't intricately tied to the main character's main story and quest? Does every companion have to be intricately tied to the main plot? It's not possible to encounter other people in the setting who have their own goals and affairs, but who team up with you because traveling together would be mutually beneficial and/or it would help further each other's goal even if you and they don't have the same common goal? It's "personally tied to the main quest" or bust? First, I think that would be a bit c
  10. Wait... if god exists and trolls don't exist, how can we be sure this guy is a troll? He could also just be an idiot. Or a troll pretending to be an idiot. Or an idiot pretending to be a troll. But if science can not prove if he is a troll or not, doesn't that prove that god exists? And if god exists and thus, trolls don't exist, wouldn't the question if he is a troll be answered, which ultimately provides proof that god can not exist, which again throws up the question again if he is a troll? We are running in circles...
  11. You know; there are some other numbers between 1 and 100. It's perfectly possible to not deliver a fantasy stereotype while still having an interesting character that is not a super-special unique snowflake in every way imaginable. I mean, come on, why does it have to be a bald male monk? Couldn't it have been like a non-bald male monk? Or a female monk? It's like they didn't even try. GM and Durance are perfect examples of how you can have a weird character without giving him a super-gimmicky premise like being a construct. The female dwarf hunter was also a nice change to the mal
  12. I'm just saying that the premise of a construct and bald monk are just so ... unoriginal these days. Name just one RPG release in the last 5 years that didn't have a gimmicky robot/construct/droid/mechanical sidekick and I can name you at least 5 that had for every single one you mention. And only very few of them so far had been interesting. One of many is about the only one that was well done ... if you actually consider him a construct. For "real" robots, I can only remember one that was interesting. The Geth companion in ME.
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