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  1. I found a few things about the tb mode (it's referred to as tactical mode in the files i saw) so at least some of it is exported. There's no way to get bonus actions by default
  2. Hi. i've been blindly digging around and fiddling with the files for like 2 hours and I can't find where this is controlled. Is that possible? Where do I need to look? All I've found so far is how to change the distance for the move action
  3. Awww... no Lilarcor? That's too bad. Hold on, things that everyone loves but didn't make it to the game or things that everyone is pleased about not being in the game? There's no half-orcs and that makes me sad
  4. But PE is accepting pledges to this day and for DOS the 4m was the final number.
  5. Actually, its budget was exactly the same as PoE's. Source: http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2014-07-03-divinity-original-sin-larian-studios-fastest-selling-game-ever I don't think DOS is any prettier than PoE though. I'd say the character models are just as good in both games and PoE's gorgeous 2d backgrounds don't look any worse than DOS' 3d world.
  6. Hi I saw an interview with Josh Sawyer in which he mentioned that VA casting hasn't been done yet but it was some time ago Is there any new information on the subject? And if voice actors haven't been cast yet, I'd like to make a plea to Obsidian: Please cast David Warner (for any poor soul that doesn't know who I'm talking about, it's Irenicus from BG2) in a prominent role! Or better yet, have him narrate those text windows that seem to link the game together.
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