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  1. you probably did not get me i know why. because my english sucks i was not talking about loading time (speed) but times of loading
  2. hi guys! im from korea and i would like to appreciate you guys for making damn nice masterpiece for crpg fans! im here to suggest something to make convenient environment for playing POE i feel loading is too frequent especially when its time to travel around defiance bay it is same feeling when i entered baldurs gate city is divided into sections and it makes too frequent loading i had this idea for long but just now i saw bottom of my endurance and decided to write this please imagine, i just finished clearing cliaban rilag (loading to get out of dungeon) walk to b
  3. sorry i didnt know it is under 'hidden object' category thank you for kind answers for a noob!
  4. im from korea and i would like to appreciate you for making awesome game for crpg fans i like every single thing from the game but only one thing i dislike it is about auto pause for trap detection generally i turn on fast moving by pressing 'd' but i turn on hiding when i explore first going dungeon as everybody knows, it gives not only hiding from enemies but also able to detect hidden things including traps i intentionally move bit by bit to give time to detect traps but if a trap falls within range i clicked, it definitely always activate traps therefore, i strongly sugge
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