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  1. It's got everything to do with single or multiple gods. Ask the Islamic State. (or read the koran, tora and the bible) oops, probably not Pc enough for the pc morons here...
  2. "BUT it is in no way just an Islamic problem. Christianity, Judaism, in fact every damn religion since Babylon has had these problems" yeah, its pretty much the introduction of a single god that turned a lot of people into raving lunatics to this very day. (see forum replies here, hehe)
  3. I think the one scene in Monty Pyhton's the "life of Brian" sums it best up for me: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9foi342LXQE (what have the romans ever done for us?) Related: Masada Fortress 'End Resolution' There was no need to kill hundreds of women and children, because god told you so, it would have been sufficient to NOT badmouth the emperor. That goes for the whole situation there for centuries. But only a single god breeds religious fanatics like rabbits. It's inherent in the nature of the system. That can't be disputed.
  4. yeah, i see when youre out of arguments you call people troll. I clicked on that link ancient india just to see what kind of facts youve got there. Ashoka was buddhist - Theravada Buddishm, doesnt have a god, but it was about a single figure (see interpretation/sucession wars regarding Muhammed!!) so this doesnt exactly help your theory...plus the persecution of those 18000 might actually be fabricated nonsense..and later it says: "The existence of religious violence between Hinduism and Buddhism, in ancient India, has been disputed" now please excuse me while i put you on my person
  5. The game hinges on her reveal, 'discovery' and connection to the past and the player. (that's what make the main story so weak sauce, since it's a lame Shymalan twist out of nowhere - and one that doesn't even make sense)
  6. but she is the whole narrative anchor for the main character. Scratch anchor, she is the reveal or twist of the game. The whole game hinges on her ALONE. (thats what make the main story so weak sauce i guess)
  7. sooo, she's tortured in the most horrible ways for being a heretic (doesn't wanna say uncle in this case) and ultimately killed for being a heretic, so we can conclude she is a fanatic of sorts. (it's your body, if you get off on pain...see early christian's) So far so good, BUT then she decides to stay in hell for all ETERNITY just to prove an utterly pointless point to something (god's) that doesn't even exist? Except the gods do exist NOW because they were created by the engwithans? She does even address them as gods. Iovara is the whole narrative anchor for the main character. The
  8. very weak points to showcase. (and it took you and google a long time to find those) just address some (because lazy) Socrates rather commited suicide, his death was immediately lamented afterwards. Platon was critical of the gods, Aristoteles as well. There was no scroll burning, philosophy was cherished. To understand the Hindu Extremism today, one has to look at the really brutal muslim conquest (attempts) that was going on for centuries there (not to mention all the other invaders before and after). the Viking sacrifices were animals. But really, I could spend hours and give yo
  9. the way the "gods" on eora are handled, you'd think that people are better off without them = they breed fanatics, they create strife, warfare, missionaries and the inquisition - when in reality these are all clearly associated with Monotheism - Allah, Jehova and so forth. "Qualities" that very much LARGELY came into existence with the advent of Monotheism. I myself dont believe in the greek God's, as such but I do harbor a romantic obligation towards them as idea and what it inspired in people. Homer, Phidias, Praxiteles and so forth. But really every ancient culture with more than o
  10. So it was too easy, or too hard? i just got to the sky dragon this afternoon. (lv 11) Up until that it was too easy. Probably burial isle is a boring cake walk again. burial isle, last area before endgame = use hotkey for full party attack on single enemy, repeat until everyone is dead. Its like pacman
  11. "The game is soloable on PotD" Probably not if you have a job.
  12. but to say it's the "worst ever" is just rubbish Man, you guys are thick. Worst ever is just an expression. It's not the worst ever, but it certainly feels that way. Jesus, it's not meant to be taken literally. Pillars, in that regard tough IS a huge embarassment for such a seasoned game company.
  13. Additionally; comments like: "To OP, no point in criticising anything about this game on this forum, its teeming with fanboys and 5 year olds..." pretty much. Usually they call you a troll if you critize the game too much. Offtopic: and yes, in BG 1 or 2 you'd be fine without a spellcaster.
  14. You cast prayer against fear, then you weaken his accuracy and boost the accuracy of your party. WITH spells. This i see as minimum requirement to bring him down. (and not plan to reload for like 50 times until i get lucky) Dragons aside (ok they should be hard) untill that the game was bordering on boring because it was so easy. So for me the game balance is just not there. Dunno if its the worst ever, but its certainly close...
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