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  1. I didnt remember having so much difficult with other dragons, but maybe it's just that I started playing the expansion after several months I finished the game, but again I think that at normal a better balancing would be better. The fights should have a much slower pace, oneshots and absurd levels of resistence and immunities are not fun (well not for me). Usually a "use paralize" spell/scroll -- resist ---all dead --- reload mechanic is very bad in my opinion.
  2. Ok I know it's designed to be one of the most challenging but if the game at the same difficulty level goes from easy to frustrtating for me it's bad design. I have a priest, I didn't protected from aura the first try then yes. I don't have scale-breaker talent. I was already trying the tacting you indicated but the crappy artificial demency keeps doing silly things. Anyway tired of reloading (reload times are way to long for a savegame inside a small cave) I killed the dragon at lowest difficulty, collected loot and raised again to normal. @baltazar the game is surely badly balanced. And path of the damned: no thanks or maybe abusing eternity keeper.
  3. It's really silly how you tuned the difficulty of this game, I'm just destroying everything at normal (so I'm tempted to say I should raise difficulty level) but still some encounters are silly difficult (Alpine Dragon). I cannot beat him at easy at lvl 15 because the fight is tuned very badly. I backed this game but I'm not going to do it for next game because of this. bad bad bad tuning destroys fun. Anyway I just destroyed him at the lowest difficulty level.
  4. I completed all the steps on the site as a backer but there is sitll no option to choose steam or gog version. When will we be able to choose our version? When will we receive our serial to be able to register the game and pre-load it when this option will start? Thanks
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