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  1. The first time I entered the Hall of Revealed Mysteries I snuck into the locked room and stole the Theorems of Pangram without being noticed. I also got a quest to track down a scroll of Wael. Later on I discovered that there is a quest to get Theorems of Pangram but I held onto it as the animancers are all completely mad as far as I can tell. Anyway I tracked down the scroll of Wael and decided to put it where the mysterious voice asked me to. When I made my way back to Hall of Revealed Mysteries, as soon as I enter everyone is hostile with no explanation. I'm not sure if it's related to the Theorems of Pangram or not but if so why didn't they go hostile when I first stole it. Even if I don't have it on me, everyone still goes hostile immediately. If I kill everyone I fail the scroll of Wael quest and lose loads of reputation. It seems like a bug to me, or at least if I have done something to upset people there should at the very least be some explanation.
  2. There are many checkpoint issues. On 1 Saudi Arabia mission I loaded a checkpoint and all the guards had disappeared so I got free run to next checkpoint (where guards were). Obviously this helped me but it's still a bug and pretty damn annoying. I'm also pretty sure that on some checkpoints where there are multiple entry points, you don't always get put in the same one you entered by when you reload. In the Moscow trainyard mission, my current goal was Locate the Buran (there were 2 prior goals I had completed). When I reloaded, 2 extra goals had appeared - Kill Dimitri, and Dimitri Escaped and the quest marker for Locate the Buran was in completely the wrong place. This location is also really annoying as it's a huge area with a lot of guards in it and half the items that look like cover aren't. The only helpful thing is the AI is so stupid it regularly gets run over by trains on their normal patrol routes. This area is pissing me off something rotten.
  3. I want to like this game but so far I'm struggling to. Stat points: For a game that seems to want to promote stealth as an option, why have this stat being the most expensive? Immediately you're making an already difficult path, even more difficult. When there seem to be plenty of other methods provided to change the difficulty level this seems a very odd decision. Menus: No consistency in menu controls, entering menus often feels clunky but it's very easy to accidentally leave them. An example of inconsistency would be the PDA, you use tab to open it but once you've moved off the home screen you can't easily close it again, you basically have to reverse what you did to get back to the home page and then press tab. At times the mouse wheel works as intended to scroll text, other times it does nothing and often it doesn't scroll what you want it to (eg the email screen, scroll wheel, scrolls through the emails, not the text of the emails). It just doesn't feel like menus were designed with mouse and keyboard in mind. Gadgets\Abilities: The gadget tutorial was an eye opener. Again bizarre control mechanism that doesn't work on a PC. I actually ended up beating the guards into unconsciousness in the final challenge as I was too confused by the preceding section to be able to do it in the correct manner. I'm assuming abilities use an equally arcane method but I've got as far as working out how to use mine. This is something that should be immediately obvious and intuitive to do. Mini-games: Whoever designed these should be fired. Even if you removed them entirely and made unlocking/hacking etc completely random it would be better. Not only is the hacking game headache inducing but it's also again abysmal to control with mouse and keyboard. The keyboard controlled word moves far too slowly and the mouse controlled one doesn't match up to where the cursor is pointing (which can make it almost impossible to place correctly). In summary, this game is badly let down by an inexcusably bad UI and atrocious mini-games. I think a lot of the poor reviews the game is getting would go up to something acceptable if not very good if those 2 things were fixed and it seems amazing they weren't noticed in early testing.
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