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  1. Ah, not just me, and not just the airport then.
  2. mejoff

    Airport Mission Bug

    I should clarify, when I play the level from the conversation, there are guards all over the place, it's when I reload from the checkpoint that they are all gone.
  3. mejoff

    Airport Mission Bug

    I've not advanced further as it's pretty clearly a bug and I want to play the game properly and not spoiler myself, I don't want to start skipping areas of the game because the stupid checkpoint system is broken. And yes, I know I can fatsforward the conversation, but doing so prevents me from selecting dialogue options so this 'solution' also entails not actually playing the game. Bug needs a patch, that's all there is to it.
  4. mejoff

    Airport Mission Bug

    I'm having a problem with the mission to bug the Saudi airfield. If I reload the starting checkpoint I'm put back to the start, standing in the open with the first guard shooting at me and no other guards on the map. To restart the mission I have to go right back to the safehouse and have the mina conversation again. Really frustrating and boring the fourth or fifth time.
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