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  1. Ok, just tested it for you. It doesn't show up next to characterr portrait during combat, it probably should. It is definately working though. If you go to your character page, scroll down and then left click Fighting Spirit it will tell you it gives +7 Accuracy. Next time you go into combat just look at you characters accuracy when below 50% health it will be higher.
  2. Having to restart the client because of drops in performance sounds like a telltale sign of a memory leak. I haven't experienced it myself but then again I am not far into the game and have pretty much stopped playing because of the loading/insane stats bugs. I really wish developers would start using programs like Purify/Valgrind or something similar for whatever language they are using as they code to avoid heap/stack memory errors.
  3. Yeah, its definately an oversight. If you talk to Calisca she tells us shes from the Living Lands and Heodan says he is orginally for the Aedyr Empire.
  4. I noticed that the journal date for quests change to crazy numbers as well. If you start a new game the start year in the journal says it is 2823 AI. Play for a couple hours, change maps a couple times and take a look at all your dates in the journal. Mine currently reads 11289 AI, I guess 9000 years pass pretty quick in this game lol. I know this is minor compared to Durance's stats changining but it does seem to be doing something similar.
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