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Found 7 results

  1. I have just started playing but this problem keeps me from continuing. As soon as I enter the game, the mouse cursor keeps flickering and displaying what it is like at windows desktop (the hourglass, actually). What is more, the other active elements at windows desktop keep flickering in and out. Like the browser, the explorer, and the task bar. Every time they switch in, they appear for about 0.5 sec or less and then disappear, while the game freezes when they do so as if I switched back to desktop, thus making the BGM and short films somewhat incontinuous. I have tried many fixes and none works. Like lowering graphics, disabling and re-enabling V-sync, adjusting screen resolution, starting with -force opengl, and so on. It has annoyed me so much that I did not even complete creating the character, so no saved games. I'm using WIn7 x64, with NVIDIA Geforce 870 which is supposedly correctly configured, with newest DirectX and graphics driver. The dxdiag.txt and output log have been attached. I play this game on steam. I've searched the Internet and game communities but no one seems to experience quite the same problem with me, and all commonly suggested fixes I can find related to graphics problems have failed. Any help would be appreciated. DxDiag.txt output_log.txt
  2. I have a 21:9 2560x1080 screen. My highest display option is 1920x1080, which causes essesive stretching. I tried manually editing the ~/.config/unity3d/Obsidian Entertainment/Pillars of Eternity/prefs file, but it immediately reverts to 1920x1080.
  3. I'm attempting to run the linux version, and all I get is the lower-left corner of the display output on my monitor (meaning I get a full-screen display, but the full screen is only showing the lower left portion of the game). The mouse does not map to the display, so I cannot select any options (I have to kill the game with my window manager rather than with the game menu options). Portions that show only a quadrant include opening videos and initial game menu (cannot get past the menu). I'm pretty sure this is multi-monitor related, because if I display on only one of my monitors, it appears to work correctly... but when I have my desktop across all four monitors, I only get 1/4 of the game. Steps to reproduce: Connect four (probably reproducible with less) monitors to your machine Set your desktop environment to use all monitors Start the game Game will show only a portion of the video output Current workaround: Reduce desktop to a single screen, then start the game. Seriously annoying, but it works. OS: Gentoo Linux with kernel 3.19.6 on a 64-bit architecture using 32-bit libraries for steam and games Desktop Environment: KDE 4.14.3 GPU: GeForce GTX 780 using nvidia-drivers-349.16 RAM: 16 GB VRAM: 3 GB Audio: Using ctxfi module
  4. 1: Congrats on launch! 2: Thanks for linux on day 1! Now, the issue. I'm running a pretty standard linux setup (Ubuntu 14.04, updated proprietary NVidia drivers on a 570 card, etc.). I have 2 dell monitors running @1920x1080. When I start up the game, it seems to mis-detect them as one massive display, and ends up only drawing the bottom-eft 2/3 of the game on the main monitor (and nothing on the second monitor). The mouse cursor is also mis-aligned from what is detected for hovering - making it impossible to do much of anything. If I disable multi-monitor, then it seems to start up fine.
  5. Fighting Spirit, though it appears to work (from checking character sheet and stats while in combat and below 50% endurance) mechanically, doesn't show up as an icon next to the character portrait when it activates, nor does it show up in combat log. I'm playing as a Barbarian, lvl 2, if that helps.
  6. Clicking on Game, Graphics, or Sound categories in the options causes the category buttons to lose their captions. Clicking Auto-Pause or Controls category restores their captions. I noticed this on launching the backer beta for the first time, and clicking Options before starting a new game. In case this is display driver-related (odd since two out of five buttons work) I've attached DxDiag output. Looking forward to playing the game! Update: Started a game, went into options...all buttons worked correctly. Quit to main menu, brought up Options, bug recurs. Update 2: This is happening in Full Screen mode. DxDiag.txt
  7. Dear Obsidian, I sincerely hope you will make very high resolution support, such as those offered by Eyefinity technology, available for Eternity. No I don't want to just be able to see a zoomed-in, blown-up, big version of the map or play environment. I actually want to be able to see more stuff. I personally play everything at 3240H x 1920V using three displays. I could go for larger, Bigger is better isn't it? Thanks One Crowd-Funder
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