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  1. Well, the problem is still there but I found a way to get it going. Now I directly start the game from directory, right click on the exe and select the graphics card option, and it will use my NVIDIA card. Otherwise it still use the integrated graphics card. Thanks for the help!
  2. I believe that it is in output_log.txt that I can see which graphics card the game is actually using? I already configured it to use NVIDIA card in NVIDIA control panel but no help. What else can I do to force the game use NVIDIA card? It‘s weird...I searched on internet but very few report same problem. I had no problem changing the setting in NVIDIA control panel, but the game's log still says it uses Intel card. Or does the game actually uses NVIDIA card while says it uses integrated card in the log? I'm so confused. output_log.txt DxDiag.txt
  3. Okay I updated my Intel Graphics card and it seems to be solved for now Though I still wonder how I can get it work with my NVIDIA card...
  4. It seems weird to me as I set it NVIDIA card in global setting in NVIDIA contol panel, as well as in program settings. ...Maybe I should restart the PC? I heard that this game actually runs in borderless windowed mode when you set it to full-screen, and some fixings are required to force it start in full-screen mode but it does not seem I managed to do that. This is the fix http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=414835388 And I re-set the resolution to 1920*1024 which is same with windows resolution and started with -force opengl. Yet the problem persisted.
  5. I have just started playing but this problem keeps me from continuing. As soon as I enter the game, the mouse cursor keeps flickering and displaying what it is like at windows desktop (the hourglass, actually). What is more, the other active elements at windows desktop keep flickering in and out. Like the browser, the explorer, and the task bar. Every time they switch in, they appear for about 0.5 sec or less and then disappear, while the game freezes when they do so as if I switched back to desktop, thus making the BGM and short films somewhat incontinuous. I have tried many fixes an
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