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  1. I'm pretty sure that's not how a binary number looks like. Social > (modifier/thinking) > "Justice" > result. Literal > (modifier/thinking) > "Binary number" > result. *Gets off high horse*
  2. Ah, so your either trying to get a rise out of me or are as literal and binary as your username in interpretation. I've said I don't want to engage you in debate, thats why I ignored you in the other thread, that's why I'll ignore you from now on, and it's generally the best way to deal with people who express themselves the way you do.
  3. For the individual that consistantly fails to grasp when there is nothing further to be said and a debate can no longer continue: >Insert politically neutral, snarky, yet morally superior comment here< Edit: And please take my permission to fully belive you have won any and all further debates with me.
  4. A swing -- and a miss. So you conveniently sit back and take shots at people on these boards without ever really actually committing to a political view. Months ago on the refugee crisis thread you placed a kid in Sweden/Germany doing racist graffiti within the same political paradigm as Abu Hamza (which is why I didn't respond to you then, and can't really be bothered to continue much now), when called out by another member to state a political leaning, you simply responded with "I just try and treat everyone well and hope nobody wants me dead" or something to that effect - which is
  5. Took me a while to catch on. Subtle compared to the usual stuff though.
  6. Ah, such a simple, beautiful dream. You know it's time to wake up and smell the coffee when even technocrats acknowledge the problem, though: I can't sit through an hours worth of debate, and I'm never really sure where you stand on most issues, although you strike me as the militant SJW type. So I'll respond to what Ben said in another thread about people voting for Trump as wanting to shake things up, and attempt to tie that to Brexit and this thread. Most of my Irish family died in WW2; my grandfather didn't as he wasn't drafted due to both of his legs bing smashed in a
  7. I expect most of them disagree with the democratic right of a generation being able to work, sacrifice, and raise the standard of living for their next generation with assets they leave behind. So of course the next generation become privileged and spoiled, so their wealth needs to be distributed to those born without a silver spoon in their gob. I also expect that they agree with a person loosing all of their assets to pay for their old age, instead of the actual cost to the governement for the time they're in care.
  8. I wonder how Brigitte Gabriel would be accepted in Germany and Sweden... Well, ok, she wouldn't be. And I expect everything she has to say and all of her life experiences would be dismissed as racist, xenophobic, etc, etc.
  9. This particular story is not only true but has to represent the most reprehensible aspects of the failure of integration, its not common but yes the way they only targeted white girls who they had they no respect for is unacceptable ... I was going to say the number 1200 is far to high....but you right http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-south-yorkshire-28939089 Yeah, 1400 over 16 years. Nothing will change though. You'll notice that not a single statement was made by anyone in authority that they will learn from their mistakes and ... actually treat all suspects the same desp
  10. Rotherham was the UK city - I think it was 1200 white girls over 10 years or something. No one did anything except try to take one of the girls away from their parents becasue they were going to vote for UKIP (Nigel Farage). So it was ok for her to be raped and turned into a sex slave, but she had to be protected/taken from her 'right-wing' parents from a party that is not racist, and just wants to control immigration.
  11. It was in the paper today that it's costing the UK taxpayer 1.5m a day to process refugees. Apparently though, once in the economy, refugees "pay for themselves". I haven't bothered to reseach it so don't know either way.
  12. At the risk of sounding a bit dramatic, I'd say the lack of respect for democracy is probably in the top 5 greatest threat's to the entirety of western civilization right now. The other 4 things would be (in no particular order): porn, Alex Jones, the Russians, and deplorable Trump supporters everywhere.
  13. I'm a bit jealous because of how many people in this thread who from my perspective seem to take their self-discipline ("drive") and ability to self-motivate ("enthousiasm") for granted. I didn't have any of that in my formative years owing to and causing itself a myriad of mental issues. It took me developing those skills through years of therapy and fostering positive habits and learning mindfulness for me to be able to appreciate or enjoy any kind of work or learning. Now I'm an extreme outlier, but it's been a longstanding observation for me that those people who are stuck in dead end jobs
  14. I fell into teaching adult offenders after the recession in the UK (not qualified/interested in teaching kids), got my degree and learned alot. The idea in further education (and apparently in public schools) is that the teacher is obligated to engage the learners - I've seen teachers get fantastic (Grade 1/2 out of 4) observations becasue they had a rappor with students, but the ofsted/observer had no idea that their vocational knowlege was ****. Also there's a greater priority given on inclusion, diversity, and equal opportunities than...proof of actual learning. Which is itself debated o
  15. Well I keep popping back once in a while to see if California has seceded from the USA, whether it will effect the export price of Obsidian games if they do, whether Obsidian will go full SJW in that event and hand out all addresses of all right wing fans to SJW ninja assassins in waiting across the globe, etc,etc. And then I get caught up in these political discussions that require me to research current events on Youtube, which subsequently creates a internet history that might spark the interest of my very inquisitive government, that will likely get me arrested and murdered in jail for
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