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  1. I'm pretty sure that's not how a binary number looks like. Social > (modifier/thinking) > "Justice" > result. Literal > (modifier/thinking) > "Binary number" > result. *Gets off high horse*
  2. Ah, so your either trying to get a rise out of me or are as literal and binary as your username in interpretation. I've said I don't want to engage you in debate, thats why I ignored you in the other thread, that's why I'll ignore you from now on, and it's generally the best way to deal with people who express themselves the way you do.
  3. For the individual that consistantly fails to grasp when there is nothing further to be said and a debate can no longer continue: >Insert politically neutral, snarky, yet morally superior comment here< Edit: And please take my permission to fully belive you have won any and all further debates with me.
  4. A swing -- and a miss. So you conveniently sit back and take shots at people on these boards without ever really actually committing to a political view. Months ago on the refugee crisis thread you placed a kid in Sweden/Germany doing racist graffiti within the same political paradigm as Abu Hamza (which is why I didn't respond to you then, and can't really be bothered to continue much now), when called out by another member to state a political leaning, you simply responded with "I just try and treat everyone well and hope nobody wants me dead" or something to that effect - which is great, except when your dealing with people like Abu Hamza (and I've read his risk assessment), and whenever someone says something you don't like, you just resort to the pot-shots again. Maybe I should have said Passive Aggressive Social Critic Armchair Keyboard Warrior?. Either way, good luck if you ever meet Abu Hamza or his followers, because people like that will make their mind up on where you stand pretty quick.
  5. Took me a while to catch on. Subtle compared to the usual stuff though.
  6. Ah, such a simple, beautiful dream. You know it's time to wake up and smell the coffee when even technocrats acknowledge the problem, though: I can't sit through an hours worth of debate, and I'm never really sure where you stand on most issues, although you strike me as the militant SJW type. So I'll respond to what Ben said in another thread about people voting for Trump as wanting to shake things up, and attempt to tie that to Brexit and this thread. Most of my Irish family died in WW2; my grandfather didn't as he wasn't drafted due to both of his legs bing smashed in a road traffic accident. He worked until he was 70 as a labourer, then died in a hospital from gangrene in his legs because the hospital didn't treat him. Then his assets got taken (after a lifetime of saving for his kids) to pay for my grandmothers care. She died soon after because her carers were stealing the food and drink we brought her, and we were told her absent mindedness was dementia - it was actually dehydration which actually caused her to fall and led to her death. If my grandparents assests had gone in part to my aunt, she wouldn't have died either. She worked 100+ hours a week to keep her job in immigration, she was treated like a servant by the immigrants who thought it was great fun to call her out to replace a light bulb, or empty the dishwasher. If she didn't do it she was afraid they'd call her racist and she's loose her job. While most those immigrants were living in £1 - £5m houses, she had only enough money to rent a 12' square garage - which she was so ashamed of she didn't tell us her address, so when she had a heart attack we got there too late. None of that would have happened if she was given a percentage of what my grandparents worked for over their 100 combined years of paying every tax in the book, and national insurance. And I'm not even gonna go into the history of my gypsy family, or my Sicilian family murdered by organised crime and mostly drowning in the sea as they fled to Tunisia before having all of their assets stolen by that government. I because I know you SJW types dont "care" or you think it's white people's "turn" since now that we're feeling the effects of "equality" (after all we knew was privilige) it feels like discrimination. So (and I'm talking to the more reasonable SJW types here like Bruce and Ben), if you wanted to know where the Brexit and Trump 'white people's backlash' came from, I'd put forward that it was mostly from families like mine.
  7. I expect most of them disagree with the democratic right of a generation being able to work, sacrifice, and raise the standard of living for their next generation with assets they leave behind. So of course the next generation become privileged and spoiled, so their wealth needs to be distributed to those born without a silver spoon in their gob. I also expect that they agree with a person loosing all of their assets to pay for their old age, instead of the actual cost to the governement for the time they're in care.
  8. I wonder how Brigitte Gabriel would be accepted in Germany and Sweden... Well, ok, she wouldn't be. And I expect everything she has to say and all of her life experiences would be dismissed as racist, xenophobic, etc, etc.
  9. This particular story is not only true but has to represent the most reprehensible aspects of the failure of integration, its not common but yes the way they only targeted white girls who they had they no respect for is unacceptable ... I was going to say the number 1200 is far to high....but you right http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-south-yorkshire-28939089 Yeah, 1400 over 16 years. Nothing will change though. You'll notice that not a single statement was made by anyone in authority that they will learn from their mistakes and ... actually treat all suspects the same despite their race/culture. Something else I've noticed in the reporting of crimes in recent years is that reace is never mentioned, even if they know the race, they'll never say "A ... man in his late twenties or early thirties with these distinctive marks and hair colour, wearing these clothes" was seen leaving the scene. They always omit the race part. Guess PC is more important. Careful Bruce, the SJW Nazis may see you as a traitor to the cause if you continue down the 'dark side'.
  10. Rotherham was the UK city - I think it was 1200 white girls over 10 years or something. No one did anything except try to take one of the girls away from their parents becasue they were going to vote for UKIP (Nigel Farage). So it was ok for her to be raped and turned into a sex slave, but she had to be protected/taken from her 'right-wing' parents from a party that is not racist, and just wants to control immigration.
  11. It was in the paper today that it's costing the UK taxpayer 1.5m a day to process refugees. Apparently though, once in the economy, refugees "pay for themselves". I haven't bothered to reseach it so don't know either way.
  12. At the risk of sounding a bit dramatic, I'd say the lack of respect for democracy is probably in the top 5 greatest threat's to the entirety of western civilization right now. The other 4 things would be (in no particular order): porn, Alex Jones, the Russians, and deplorable Trump supporters everywhere.
  13. I'm a bit jealous because of how many people in this thread who from my perspective seem to take their self-discipline ("drive") and ability to self-motivate ("enthousiasm") for granted. I didn't have any of that in my formative years owing to and causing itself a myriad of mental issues. It took me developing those skills through years of therapy and fostering positive habits and learning mindfulness for me to be able to appreciate or enjoy any kind of work or learning. Now I'm an extreme outlier, but it's been a longstanding observation for me that those people who are stuck in dead end jobs but come home after a long day to just watch TV do so not because of laziness (most of the time) but because they have problems in self-worth. If your self is worthless, what does that mean for your self-motivation and self-discipline? For those who are surprised people don't take more initiative and create their own education, let me ask you something. Would you be able to stick with something if it felt completely pointless to you? Because for a while I got my "dream job", I developed video games for a living, and then I quit because it wasn't doing anything for me. I didn't even dislike it, I just felt empty. I worked scrubbing office toilets for at least a year after and it felt pretty much the same. I had to learn to appreciate myself before I could learn to appreciate anything else. If you don't believe you have the potential to improve, everything becomes a pointless chore. Why work to better yourself if you don't think that's possible? It took me until my early 30's to be comfortable in my skin. Up until then I had been beaten down by the Roman Catholic Church (3-16yrs) who insisted on total conformity of behaviour. I remember cracking my skull open when I was 5, getting covered in blood in seconds, and having other kids move away from me like I had just contracted a life-ending disease; but it was because they knew there'd be a consequence, and sure enough the teacher beat the crap out of me with a cane for making a mess. After 16 years of that/mental "education" they kicked me out for having the wrong attitude. Other students assaulting teachers was ok, but I asked questions in class. I managed to get into the London Guildhall University from my GCSE's and a metalworking apprenticeship, passed my Silversmithing exams there (despite not using the notes given to all students by the lecturers and told "just rewrite them in your own words"), but couldn't get a job because the university was breaking the law by not advertising jobs sent to them. I found out about a job from a friend, passed the interview after being told I was the best candidate they had seen in years, and that I had got the job, but then got sabotaged by the university in some way. I think it was race related, but will never know. Working with metal felt like my calling, and giving it up was a bitch. Then I worked with my father for a few years, who was an exceptional plumber with a few celebrity and foreign royal clients. But he couldn't afford to keep me on because I had been so badly educated that I was holding him back - because even though I had built a steam engine at 15, I was nowhere near the standards he needed me to be at. So at this point I was firmly of the opinion that whatever paradigm of thought I needed to be in to be employable...I had missed it by about a few decades. I would have been better off if I had never gone to school, college, apprenticeship, university, and just learned from my father from when I was a kid. At this point I would have been a labourer all my life like most of my Irish family, but adult education turned it around. I found myself in the company of drug addicts, murderers and offenders of all kinds - ****ups from every race and walk of life. Everyone kind of knew this was their last chance to find employment. Those years were probably the best example of people working as a group I've ever experienced. And the simple reason I came out of it within 3 years with a managerial qualification and basic foundations in my core education built was because the man I mentioned was such a leader. So when I went into teaching, I managed to teach a construction course in 1/10th of the time at 3 times the governemnts annual target, and because they hadn't funded maths and english (which were limiting grade questions in the exams - if you failed them, you failed the whole thing) I had to squeeze that in there as well. When I reflected on the fact that I had achieved that, and then looked back on my frame of mind a decade before - where I was on this plateau of not even being negative or positive - just stuck at being conviced by others that I was useless, and believing I was outside of any working frame of mind, that's what really gave me a sense of self worth. I'd happily challenge any of the priests and monks (who's **** I had been dodging for more than 10 years) to a tally of who helped others the most in their lifetime after that. So it was soul crushing when I resigned (I wasn't addicted to the warm fuzzy feeling of helping others as most teachers were), but I did it for the right reasons and I'd never go back. The second biggest confidence boost was witnessing the level of corruption and ineptitude at upper management level. Most of these people have been handed their qualifications - I was only 1 of 4 out of 25 who actually wrote their essays when I did my level 5 teaching diploma. The others just rewrote everything from graded work. And then there was the political side of it; if you had the right politics you stayed in the job no matter how useless you were, if you just wanted to do your job, you were a threat. So yeah, after all that I'd say it took me over 3/4 of my life to find people that I could work with and communicate with. And they happened to be societies criminals in both the instance of my critical stage of learning and eventual teaching and subsequent success.
  14. I fell into teaching adult offenders after the recession in the UK (not qualified/interested in teaching kids), got my degree and learned alot. The idea in further education (and apparently in public schools) is that the teacher is obligated to engage the learners - I've seen teachers get fantastic (Grade 1/2 out of 4) observations becasue they had a rappor with students, but the ofsted/observer had no idea that their vocational knowlege was ****. Also there's a greater priority given on inclusion, diversity, and equal opportunities than...proof of actual learning. Which is itself debated on whether can actually be measured. I always said if my carpenters caused structural collapse of a property, it was proof they ****ed up, but that never got many laughs. In public school there's no responsibility to engage, so you can just get lectured to by a teacher effectively reading from a text book for three hours, and if you fail, it's you fault that you'll leave college unemployable. It was the same for me growing up in a Roman Catholic school - except they told me I'd probably burn in hell as well when I died. Either way, I think we're all self educated. Give it a decade or so to measure yourself and continue reflecting and self evaluating without falling into pre-conceptions of institutional excellence based on location, background, etc. I went to a dingy college in Brixton SW London and found out after he died that the guy who taught me the most was a member of the Kray family - then went on (because of him) to achieve more than anyone else in the field. Then I resigned, because it was all bollocks. Edit: Hey Obsidian - don't worry about the word bollocks - it just means fantastic over here in the UK.
  15. Well I keep popping back once in a while to see if California has seceded from the USA, whether it will effect the export price of Obsidian games if they do, whether Obsidian will go full SJW in that event and hand out all addresses of all right wing fans to SJW ninja assassins in waiting across the globe, etc,etc. And then I get caught up in these political discussions that require me to research current events on Youtube, which subsequently creates a internet history that might spark the interest of my very inquisitive government, that will likely get me arrested and murdered in jail for being a potential agitator of the "peace". And so on. So, thanks for that in advance.
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