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  1. The movie Captain Marvel was acceptable entetrai9nment. Not great but not the worst ever. I've enjoyed Larson in other movies but she isn't at her best in this film but I understand why n- she didn't care about her performance or her acting here. She was all about her political message. And, why do people hate Brie Larson the person? She is sexist and hateful. She spent her time hyping the movie by bashing its audience. LMAO Plus, Wonder Woman is a way better film in every way. Every single way.
  2. Kyrie is likely headed to NJ. that said, he should got o LAL. imagine him, James,a nd AD. I like Love but that is an even bigger Three Headed Monster. L0L
  3. Thompson has a chance to miss most of next season. Durant likely won't be back until sometime in next playoffs. So, they'lkl have Curry, Green (who is no legit threat offensively), and Igu who is really good D, basically Green on offense, and not getting any younger. They can still be dangerous but they surely shouldn't be the faves next season unless things work out perfectly and both Thompson and KD ar eback healthy and ready for playoffs. That said, Curry might once again have a legit shot at MVP.
  4. I don't expect it to be as great or legendary as the originals. My epxecttaioin at best is that it will be fun pastime. Consideirng that larian has already bashed the Bgs and bashed D&D I don't have high hopes. I am looking forward to a 7 or 8/10 game that is finishable.
  5. Why? Eveyrone posting in this thread is in the toilet. We all speak trash about those we dislike - that includes Grom. LMAO
  6. Dude. The London mayor has called Trump a whole bunch of nasty ****. Yet you cry that Trump returns the favor? LMAO I find it funny. People call Trump a host of nasty things. He returns the favor. And, people are shocked and horrified by it. Like, HOW COULD HE!?! LMAO
  7. I dunno. The way Kwali is playing anything possiible. Nobody has been as dominate has he has been these playoffs since... Lebron last season... and we all saw how the Finals went.
  8. "She was the rightful queen of the 7 kingdoms," No, she wasn't. Even going by the silly 'Tragaryns are rightful rulers of Westeros' she wasn't. Jon was. And, she had her brother killed when he was the 'rightful' ruler so she/Draco are technically 'kingslayers' too and she betrayed him. And, for the same reason Jon killed her. She's a monster who mass murdered thosuands and threatened HIS family and homeland. She gots to go. "end all slavery and dictatorships " But she's a dictator. She has always been a dictator. And, she was always pro slavery. She came to Westeros to enslave the people. She enslaved the Dothraki. "Cersei for not surrendering the city ...she had a chance and refused to acquiesce. You cannot blame Daenerys Targaryen for that " She did surrender. Thje city surrendered. LAMO "most of the families would have supported her and for those that dont you unleash your army and dragon on them. Trust me after Kings Landing how many cities would have disagreed with her policies ? " Nope. She threatened to destroy Winterfell when she was whining about 'stopping evil'. Since when are the Starks evil? LMAO Bottom line Dany is a piece of garbage who has always been evil, selfishk, and power hungry. She got what she deserved. Quite frankly, she got off easy. Worse than Joffrey and Ramsay cvombined but because she has b00bies it is a-ok? L0L
  9. "Jon was the direct heir to the Iron Throne and could have claimed it and ruled the 7 kingdoms," No, he wasn't. The Targs were rightly overthrown. Their reign was over because they made the kingdom through power and strength and were overthrown with power and strength. 'Rightful' heir is such weaksauce in this case. That said, GW acted illogical here. No way no how does he simply 'arrest' Jon. he would attack him no questions asked. Dany, btw, got what she deserved. She was a crybaby. And, a lair. She claims she deserves the throne because of her family name but wouldn't step aside to someone who had 'more' right to the throne according to her own logic. But, I get it. She was evil and selfish a scumbag.
  10. Better than the last episode. The politics was good and the deathw as actually meaningful. R00fles!
  11. Don't blame the make believe 'alt right' for Gunns' firing. They doin't control Disney. Disney does and they fired him. Blame the SJW Nazis being easily TRIGGERED. P.S. I supported Gunn. His firing was asanine bu that is 100% on Disney and the the SJW Nazis. The fact that 'trolls' got them all riled up is hilarious.
  12. Sanders is cute. I bet his party and his business don't pay all their empoloyees top dollar either. Then again, this is a guy who bashes millionaires while being one himself. The guy is anazi plain and simple. The sad part is Nazi sjws loathe him because he is an old white man. I'm also guessing that the majority of Disney employees aren't exactly paid 'living on the street wages' either.
  13. Subpar episode with some entertaining bits. The worst battle episode of the series as well. 5/10
  14. So, in short, they stated;"We suck and we're not good enough." That's after peons were claiming Beverely the 'Durant Killer'. LMAO
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