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  1. Biden supports the murder of real US citizens but cries and gets butthurt over the death of fake video game characters. Lmao
  2. Anyone who interactd with kanadians and is honest knows they aren't. Lmao
  3. No suprise from a country that reelected mr. blackface.
  4. Bernie supports violence. All politicians do.
  5. A measily 4-4 now. KC Gb
  6. Snubs happen every year and has nothing to do with race or gender. Then again HW isevil. Lol
  7. Why would you bother testing for marijuana if there is no punishment for it? That seems like a waste of time, effort, and money.
  8. Iranian army: Goes out of way to not kill any Amerikans even while attacking them.... yet blows up a civilian plane full of everyone BUT Amerikans. Like I said befoire, the biggest threat to Iranian civilians is Iran gov't. If this is true. IF.
  9. My predictions: MIN BAL KC GB The NFC ones are coinflippers, but the AFC one should be virtual no doubters.
  10. I saw the preview for it last night. Looks like it has potential not sure if I'll dive into it anytime soon, though.
  11. How long before that AI is labeled racist? Conversely, maybe 1% chance it'll be labeled 'too woke'. AI should not be trusted when it comes to these type of decisions. Ridiculous.
  12. Want the pats to be screwed? Then have Brady play for somebodye else because the way they redid his contract means they'd have about 13mil of 'dead money' next season. L0L
  13. "Speaking of which I do hope he has the sense to retire if the Pats don't want him. The saddest things I've ever seen in sports is star athletes who hung on too long. Michael Jordan missing a dunk by a good six inches wearing a Wizards uniform. Gordie Howe, his hair full gray, getting outskated by referees while playing for the Whalers. His team faced 5-4 mismatches every shift he played because he just couldn't get to the zone as fast. Johnny Unitas, a shell of his former self with the Chargers. Dan Marino on two bad knees getting blown out by the Jaguars. Don't become a parody of who you once were Tom. Walk out with your head held high. " The saddest thing I've seenm in sports is when athletes have to read/listen to asanine 'advice' like this. Brady should play as long as he wants to and as long as an employer wants to pay. He owes the Pats' ****. If they throw him in the trash he owes them less than ****. If you think Brady isn't deserving of a starting QB job next season you don't know football. PERIOD.
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