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  1. "Isn't that a classic MO of various defenders of "putanamehere" population? " More than often. "But my real point is its not about them but what you and I personally decide to refer to them as, we are defined by our words in life in many areas so I always try to use the better framing of how we refer to things, domestic worker sounds much better than maid" No. No, it doesn't. It sounds ridiculous, insulting, and pathetic. "Ask yourself this, if you were doing housework as a permanent job how would you like people to describe your job title ?" I wouldn't give a ****. If I was a **** shoveler, I'd be fine being called a **** shoveler. lmao
  2. "For example in SA people , including domestic workers, often refer to themselves as " maids or servants " but I dont because domestic worker is just a better term to describe an important job " So.. the very people you claim to 'defend' because of bad words are saying clearly they are not offended by it. It is a job description. That's it. P.S. The Carlin video is exactly what I was getting at it.
  3. "But we also try not to use the word " maid ", we always say " domestic worker ". It sounds like one of those ridiculous "politically correct " labels but there is something demeaning about the word maid compared to domestic worker because the latter is a formal type of employment in SA where the person is suppose to get a contract and have work conditions" What's demeaning is thinking that changing the word actually changes the facts. It is all about prettifying language and making one feel a certain way even though it is pure crap. A maid is a maid is a maid. A door(wo)man is a door(wo)man. A wife is just a prostitute. HAHAHA. A husband is just a bank machine. HAHAHA. j/k On the last two... or am I?...
  4. Another case of abuse of power and complete disregard of human life. Disgraceful. And, people will defend it. I've said it before, I'll save it again, the biggest issue with police is not racism; it's too much power and too much leeway. Some basic 'wroingness' of modern policing: 1. Cops can legally lie to you. 2. Cops do not legally have to rescue you from dangerous situation. 3. The cops' savety comes before civilians which is a spit in the face of the job description. 4. the police no longer 'work' for the populace. They were work (like always) for the gov't. aka 'To Serve and Protect' is no longer a thing. More like to 'Bully and Intimidate'. 5. Police are armed like they are the army going into always hostile terrain. 6. They have the legal right to murder anyone who refuses to cooperate them unless you meet a ridiculous high standard of wrong doing. 7. Like above, police are held to a LOWER standard of behavior than the public is. WHAT THE HELL? It should be higher standard. Yet they demand 'respect'. LMAO 8. They are trained to FEAR everybody in every situation. 100lb women, little kids, everyone are treated like they are more dangerous than a nuclear bomb. 9. You can't call the cops for help because they may end up killing you. And, it doesn't matter the colour of your skin or gender. It happens to anyone. 10. The good cops are dragged down by the bad cops, by the 'silly loyalty code' and by apologists who make excuses for every bad behavior the police commit. SICKENING.
  5. "So did you just assume BruceVC's domestic houseworker's gender, you sexist pig? You fit right in with PM Blackface. Disgusting! " Bruce is a feminist who supports women workers. Why would he hire a man over a woman knowing full well, women are better at everything?
  6. So.. Bruce has a maid. No wonder he likes powerful governments. They don't tend to target the rich. LMAO
  7. GOP got stuck with Dhanald even though the GOP power brokers did not actually want him. Dems rigged their own votes and processes to get the result they wanted and then laughed and bragged about it while claiming they are pro democracy. Yet, they wonder why 'Bernie Bros' and other dems didn't go out and rush vote for Hillary. Hillary lost not because of who voted for who but how many people on the left didn't bother to vote at all. They forced their choice on everybody else and that's what happened. It might even happen again. I mean their pushing a perverted racist onto the masses to fight a guy they hate supposedly because he is a perverted racist. LMAO
  8. "You don't own a piece of cloth you can wear over your mouth and nose?" Not worthy of being a face masks. Face masks should be perfectly sanitized. "The idea that some minimim wage grocer needs to be exposed to you because of freedum is pretty silly. Cover your mouth and stop being a crybaby. The people at these businesses have rights too." That's fantastic. And, they have the right not to wear facemasks since not one worker at both of the stores I went to wore facemasks. Nor was it a requirement. So, once again, a whiny antiu freedom Nazi whines about other people's 'rights' he knows nothing about. Thankfully, I live in a small city who doesn't bow down to the almighty flip flopping gov't. I have no problem with face masks. I have a problem with Nazi governments and their Nazi supporters. Freedom before Life. PERIOD. Since you clearly don't care about me despite claiming you do, I have bad news for you. I got my food so I won't starve to death like you and your buddy Ford wanted me to take that would be murderer. "9 am curfew" 9 AM CURFEW. NINE AM CURFEW. 9. AM. CURFEW. NINE. AM. CURFEW. HAHAHAHAHAHA/ As for the judgemental torlling Nazis, I've been out of the house max of 6 times since this started. How 'bout you? Have you been actually practicing social distancing or just social judging?
  9. If Cuba was so awesome under Castro, a large number of Cubans wouldn't flee it. Just another ****hole country. You don't see this happening in the West. How many claimed they leave the US if Trump won? How many actually followed through? Same with Obama and another president. I guess racists think Cubans are dumb since why else would you flee a paradise like Castro's Cuba to live in a ****hole like the US? LMAO
  10. So, Doug Ford has become a Nazi and is trying to murder people. He says businesses are allowed to refuse service if you don't wear a mask meaning families could starve because of this by him. He pulled a PM Blackface move. This after months telling us that 'masks weren't needed'. LMAO This after months of people going to the store without masks. LMAO The opne thing all politicians have in common - they love power, control, and slavery. And, love starving people through shortsightedness. I'm going to the grocery store tomorrow and if they 'refuse me service' it means I starve. BRILLIANT. I don't have anything worthy of being used as a face mask. I'm not a hospital and I ain't going to multiple locations so I can be near a bunch of people - since the point of social distancing is to avoid people. LMAO BRILLIANT.
  11. Our gov't is hilarious. They finally admit that they should have closed the border earlier. Of course, back then, they were playing politics and were too busy accusing Trump of being 'racist' for wanting to close the border. And, now, after months claiming they weren't needed, they are recommending (not forcing) the wearing of masks... even as they further open the country. Ridiculous. Make up your mind. Is the country ready to open up or is not? Then again, same country that releases criminals from prison because 'unsafe' but are also threatening to imprison people. Then again, the same country that bans camping but allows busy grocery stores and banks to remain open. LMAO
  12. Or, better yet they'll trim the fat as they realize their workforce is too big so unemployment goes up long term.
  13. But.. according to China and anti westerners.. it was an Amerikan/western conspiracy...And, racist of Wuhan to do this as it been clearly stated, it is racist to point out how this mess likely to started in China. L0L
  14. "He's right on that particular issue though, @Volourn" Even racists can be right. A racist might use the fact that most school shooters are white or a racist might use the fact that blacks commit the most crimes compared to their actual % of the population. Both are facts but both can be stated by racists or even non racists. Facts are facts. P.S. Quebec is one of the most racist evil countries in the world. Avoid at all costs.
  15. "Maybe the President doesn't need to throw out the names of medicines at all?" I doubt he got the name out of nowhere. Clearly at least one doctor told him this. Also, if he was just blowing smoke why would he being taking himself unless, of coruse, he is blowing smoke which I wouldn't put past him either.
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