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  1. All presidents are populists. LMAO It is how they get voted in.
  2. Sexist and racist. Should have been a black woman. White trash shouldn't be allowed in movies. PERIOD.
  3. "There's always been a "black community", "black culture". A sense of belonging that transpeople didn't have. " That's exactly my point. Again, explain to me, why white men tend to have relatively 'high' rates of suicide outside of transgender people or Natives (here in Kanada)? You think with all the white privledge, they wouldn't feel the need to kill themsleves
  4. Hey, at least you have another season of NE either winning it all or coming *this* close to winning it all. L0L Damn, Tom Brady and his white privledge.
  5. "Why do you think they feel they don't belong? Could it possibly be because society rejects what they are? " Nope. Again, blacks were literal suicides yet their suicide rates weren't/aren't out of the norm. Hell, why are middle age white men amongst the highest for suicide rates? I think only transgenders and natives tend to have higher rates. Why is that when the claim is white men are on 'easy mode'? Suicide is about the self not about others.
  6. "aspire to look like the gender they identify as too " Which is inherently sexist and playing with stereotypes. That leads to the 'all girls must where dresses' and 'all men must have beards'. There is no 'right' way to look like as woman or man. They come in dfifferent looks. Making yourself 'look like a man or woman' doesn't make it so. And, yup, Hurlshot, is right. Human psyche is hella complex. But, it doesn't change science/biology. "I'll wager a lot of suicides and sad fates could've been prevented if people were more open minded on these sort of things. " Simplication. I'd wager most transgender suicides have little to do with bullying, Everyone is bullied. I don't believe blacks have ever had an epdimeic of suicide besides being slaves. I think feeling like you don't belong and being literally confused of your place is what leads to transgender suicides being ridiculous high - FYI, the rates don't really go down even after surgery. That said, anyone who attacks or bullies someone because what they do with their own body is scum. Of course, I'm sure my definition of bullying is likely different from others. Some would argue that I'm a bully and mean and attacking simply by these last two posts. Next political topic.:)
  7. "Which sounds pretty reasonable to me. I thought you were all about individual rights, GD? Why would you care how someone wants to identify themselves? " Because to believe a man with a beard and a **** is a woman is anti science and anti biology much like the silly flat earth or the 'climate change doesn't exist' or 'abortion isn't murder and fetus fetuses aren't human babie' silliness. If you are pro science you should make sense and be logical. That being said, I'm with you though that ultimately it is one's body to do with as they pelase. If you want to chop off your **** that is your choice. I won't stop you. You aren't hurting anybody. Freedom is freedom including freedom to mutilate your body. Nobody has the right to tell you no when it comes to your body. PERIOD. That said, the other extreme of fining or putting people in jail for 'misgendering' equally ridiculous. FREEDOM OF SPEECH is also important. (FYI, I'd probably go along with claling someone what they want b/c I hate drama). LET FREEDOM REIGN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. "It's not like Trump ever tried to abide by the law or any rules. Why should anyone dealing with him be expected to do so? " So, according to you, there should be no trials for any accused since criminals (or accused) tend not to abide by the law or rules. So, there should be no trial, no lawyers, no nothing. The moment youa re accused of something execution is in order. No questions asked. L0L
  9. "Why would she make that choice? " She's a piece of garbage. There. Simple. No different than anyone cold blooded murderer.
  10. That cop is guilty of murder. She didn't make a mistake she made a choice. She chose to enter someone else's apartment, shoot them for giggles, and now claiming 'mistake'. She is a piece of arbage. Plain and simple.
  11. Damn Jones. You making it hard to hate on you. Fumblehands aside, he played great. L0L
  12. Why NE why? I wanted the crybabies to cry about Brown winning a championship! BOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!
  13. None. Haven't voted in awhile. I used to be pro liberal but they are scum. If I did vote, it be for the PCs just to see the PC police cry all while they support a clear racist, sexist abusive punk because they see him as 'hot'. *barf*
  14. So.. whose more 'racist'? Trump or Trudeau? Trudeau is a turd. We all know if a Liberal lemming got caught doing this, Turdboy would have dumped them so fast. The guy is racist, sexist, Nazism, andti free speech, anti freedom, pure and evil . P.S. If Trudeau got his way, what I just wrote is worthy of me being inprisoned for a billion years. That is how anti free speech he is.
  15. "Even male users " You sound shocked. Do you really think when men watch dancers they are gonna rate male ones higher? Nah. They're gonna be attracted and drawn to the women dancers making them memorable to them hence voting.
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