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  1. FYI, Rittenhouse is another case where a latino/Hispanic who does something 'bad' is labeled white with nary a mention of his latino/Hispanic heritage. LMAO So this racist anti black latino shot and killed 2 and injured 1 white trash - 2 of which are, you guessed it, sexual 'deviants' to put it mildly - while ignoring a black man nearby is somehow a KK racist. L0LZ
  2. "so that there's an established agreement. " Odd. There's already an 'established agreement'. It's called the law. If the law gives him the permission to do something he doesn't need to phone the police. That makes absolutely no sense. Phoning the police to tell them you are doing something legal is a waste of the police time and resources. That call time should be them spending time on pursing those who are breaking the law.
  3. If he is doing some legal he doesn't need permission from coppers. LMAO
  4. Exactly. Police are not equipped to deal with this. Theya re trained to kill anyone who doesn't obey them. PERIOD. Do not call police to 'help' you to deal with problematic family members. They aren't there to help in peaceful ways. They get the call, they will use violence for giggles.
  5. But, that's weird. Plenty of guns have been brought to riots from people on both sides. So, your assumption about assumptions isn't exactly accurate. It also depends on the alws in the state and/or city the riot/protests is taking place. In some areas, people may be used to seeing someone with a gun and in others not so much.
  6. Extensions happen all the time (without penalty). I believe judges only get harsh with delays/extensions if it is clear the side asking for them is abusing the option. Most other people - even those with guns - ar enot bothered by police during these riots. Entire groups with guns are untouched by police. Didnh't a lftie group that a mass of guns shoot another of their own group? The police didn't do a thing. I am not even sure if that person who accidently pulled the trigger in that case as even arrested let alone talked to by police. L0L Seems to me you are playing 'favoritism' by ignoring blatant cases of the police treating others exactly like Rittenhouse was. He wasn't deemed a threat by the police so they ignored him. Just like the 'racist' Rittenhouse ignored the black guy that was near him and instead shot 3 white guys. I wonder why this racist would shoot white people but not a black person. Hmm... I wonder why. Oh yeah, I know. the black guy was just standing there. The others were trying to murder him.
  7. "But volo look at what happens to our societies when we have a breakdown of law and order ....look at the anarchy and violence we see when groups like Antifa are allowed to run rampant ? So I am very surprised you are okay with less laws and the enforcement of these laws that politicians are involved in considering how you understandably feel about violent protests?" We have too many laws, and some absolutely ridiculous laws. Plus, the law, lawyers, police, and judges, all abuse them. Even the most accomplished, intelligent lawyers can't hope to know and understand all laws. It was big law firms tend to hire a bunch of new grad for crap jobs so they can pour over legal ttexts 20 hours a day to find that one legal loophole that the ace lawyer can use as a 'gotcha' moment in court. LMAO We should be trimming legal fat not adding more to it.
  8. "volo do you honestly not trust any politician to be honest or well meaning or to have the right intentions? Including Canadian politicians ...I believe most politicians are honest and have the best interests of the people they represent but they need to be strictly scrutinized, monitored and financially audited as its tax payers money that pays there salaries so we expect full accountability " Politicians are all about controlling people's life. They create laws and by definition laws tell you what you can and cannot do legally. Of coruse, Obama would cheer those who oppose him being harmed, killed, maimed, and raped. He and Trump have that In ommon so that pick is funnily accurate.
  9. Just a reminder to everyone that this big Russian 'election interference' come sdown to a bunch of Russian 'trolls' spamming the internet. LMAO Also, reminder, that to some people if you believe the US election can be 'hacked' or 'intervered with' you aren't patriotic and are a traitor. So, take that with a grain of salt. Also, one needs to be remidned that Rump is a liar which makes him perfect as a politician. Washington deserves to have deal with him for another 4 years. You reap what you sow.
  10. "The baker sells cakes. He can't pick and choose who he sells cakes to because of race or religion" he never did. Nor did he refuse to bake cakes for gays. In fact, he had made cakes for the people who sued him. they wanted him to make a specific type of cake which he said he didn't do. He never refused service due to race, religion, or sexual orientation. "Social media has terms of service that you agree to when signing up, something tells me they've got themselves covered from lawsuits based upon that alone. " Terms of service are not full proof. Contracts aren't fool proof. They have to follow the law.
  11. "I don't believe conservatives are small government anymore" They never were. If you are in politics you are never truly for 'small government'. It is about making rules that benefit you. 99% of people who claim they are pro freedom are only pro freedom when it is their freedom.
  12. https://www.denverpost.com/2020/09/02/boulder-boy-assaulted-trump-sign/?utm_source=twitter.com&utm_content=tw-denverpost&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=socialflow BLM and Antifa strike again! Pedophiles try to rape a 17 year old with a gun and skateboard, and he shoots them in self defense. Woman assaults 12 year old over a sign. That is child abuse.
  13. Then how do you deal with crimes that cross state lines? Isn't that where the FBI comes in? To deal with crimes that occur in multiple states?
  14. Sue them on grounds of descrimination. And political prosecution. And, follow through the courts with it. The fact that facebook needs to lie and claim it was a 'mistake' tells me they know it was wrong.
  15. "Because if the Democrats control both the House and Senate I assume they could pass realistically any bill or law ..or attempt to pass? At the moment no one party controls both the House and Senate. And there are real concerns around extreme left populism that could severely impact the USA economy and or implement laws that lead to further divisiveness and acrimony between left and right ...and I can think of several, concerning extreme left laws or new bills that concern me immensely " That is where you hire lawyers like Gromnir to sue the government's asses when they go against the constitution. That is what the anti Trumpers have done. Keep them busy in the courts. If Dems when I expect a lot more censorship. Heck, the only reason why Trump doesn't do it is because one thing the left has over the right is outside of abortion and maybe guns, the elft isn't afraid to repeatedly take the president/WH to court. L0L "went there to go on the offensive with intent to kill." No evidence of this at all. However, there is evidence that he was repeatedly attacked by rapists and pedophiles. Pure self defense. "His account was "mistakenly" suspended for a few hours," L0L good use of "...". Nobody buys that crap. And, it is clearly censorship. - especially since the gov't is getting on the case of these site s(including Trumptards and right wingers). Nothing should be censorsed from these sites except death threats, rape, and thje like. Opinions should not be even if they are unpopular. Espicially if they are unpopular.
  16. Biden has been politics for decades, was VP for 8 years, he has not proven to be an ally to to blacks. His VP choice all but called him racist (yeah, she said I ain't callin' you no racist... BUT...) LMAO He's done way more damage to minorities than Trump has done even when you take into account some of Trump's iffy racial policies as a 'businessman'. then again, Trump also got rewards for being 'pro minority'. Go figure. Mix messages. They are both trash. Neither should get a moral person's support. Vote for neither. That said, I still expect Biden to win, but I kinda hope Trump does because that will create more butthurt. If Trump loses, he'll vanish into the night and his 'followers' won't do much (except maybe some extemists). Or the Dems will play politics and have him hung since that is their end goal to show they 'won'. If Trump wins, holy moly, will the next 4 years be a fun ride. LMAO
  17. This is about punishing Asian students for working their butts off, and stereotypically being 'smarter' than white trash.
  18. Worse of police brutality and government corruption? 'Resurgence of hate violence' and 'worst of capitalism'? Are they high? 2020 1st world problems.
  19. "we have pointed out the inaccuracy o' vol crazy train generalizations of antifa and blm." That's proof enough. Defending BLM and Antifa on any issue is immoral. I have seen many post from Twitter and the like from Antifa and BLM celebrating all sorts of violent actions. They encourage and brag when it happens to those they see as their 'enemies'. They celebrate when those who oppose them get serious illnesses (like that Kanadian professor). This isn't a court of law. And, no, the KKK should never be defended. They are scum. PERIOD.
  20. So, I did a rare thing, and actually checked this thread (not gonna check every covid/political thread lol). Could not find any post of Grom's that even hinted at the above scenario so I will give him this win and I edited my above post. He is in the clear. My rare apologizes.
  21. You have defended their actions throughout these protests/riots constantly. Sure, you have 'criticized' them but you defend them and BLm byu saying 'they aren't real organizations with no leaders'. L0LZ
  22. Dude. The video isn't for you. You are hardcore pro BLM and Antifa despite it being factual those groups murder people for giggles including the very black people they claim to want to protect.
  23. "What do you guys think should be done about vaccine denialists and or people who claim they will not take the any vaccine around Covid when it is released. " Nothing. Their body their choice. I'm not against taking it myself if it is proven effective. But, I don't believe in slavery. Typical KKK Lefttard, on the other hand believes in the following: If 30% of people refuse to take the vaccine that is 30% of the population that should be executed on the spot. They would line people up., and ask a simple question: Take vaccine? Yes. Here you go. Good luck. No. *gun shot rings out* GAME OVER. Choice and consequences.
  24. If voter turn out is low blame both candidates. It means people aren't motivated to vote and that is 100% on the candidates and their parties. PERIOD. Also, the lefft should take personal responsibility. Blaming Trump for the riots when the dems ENCOURAGED the riots. This is what they wanted, but because it seems to be backfiring it's now 'all trump's fault'. No. You encouraged your followers to riot, to kill, to rape, to murder, to pillage, to assault. This is on YOU. Video in point:
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