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  1. i've been enjoying Outward coop. Slightly janky, but the survival/exploration is quite fun. We just made it to a new town, but our loot chest is in our hometown so we can't just dump all our stuff, and we're too broke to afford an inn, so vagrancy it is!
  2. I haven't played singleplayer games much these past few years, but 2020 has been special and I've played a few. Quick impressions! -Doom Eternal: Probably my favorite FPS, the fast-paced combat is just exhilarating. -Sekiro: Played this right after and surprisingly I loved the combat even more. This game really really impressed me. Exploration was enjoyable too. -Into the Breach: This little turn-based gem is freaking awesome! I love how the game mostly deals with input randomness, but allows you incredible control by letting you know exactly how the enemy will act and in w
  3. I regret backing this before Torment Turds of Numenera came out. I feel like I've been duped. At least I might give the BT trilogy a try.
  4. Has anyone had weapons disappear? I equipped the Dauntless in one of Barik's weapon slots and now it's gone, yet I can still see its artifact ability on his skill list in combat. Same happened to Verse's artifact bow (though I reverted to a previous save that still has it, but no such luck for the Dauntless) and one of KiS's hammer (no big deal), so I know it's happened to multiple weapons. Weird.
  5. I'm enjoying Tyranny a lot more than PoE so far in terms of worldbuilding/lore/writing/pacing.
  6. Colour based puzzles? Does that mean game over for colour-impaired people like me? There is a color-blind mode in the options.
  7. I preordered. 1) It's Obsidian, 2) Steam's generous refund policy basically gives you a 2-hour demo in case it turns out bad.
  8. I won't pledge yet because of Fig, but I wouldn't worry too much about multiplayer. D:OS has shown it works really well in a party-based turn-based RPG. For those who haven't played D:OS, all it really means is that the party is split in 2, whether in combat or exploration/roaming town and talking/etc. You don't lose out on ANYTHING at all by playing it singleplayer. All it provides is a nice option for people who like coop. For the record, I adore D:OS's coop, but again, it loses nothing if played singleplayer (if anything, that probably helps you pay attention to the story)
  9. Starting a new session of Super Metroid. I realized I never actually finished it last time I played it - got sidetracked.
  10. I'm still holding out hope for that janitor RPG. The stuff of dreams!
  11. Yay MCA! D:OS has a good co-op mode that was well-implemented, but it was NOT by any means meant to be played co-op only, with singleplayer as an afterthought. For combat, you have a party of 4. It's a turnbased game, you can easily do it singleplayer. All co-op does is split the task btw 2 players (2 characters each). Co-op was a blast, but it is completely unnecessary to enjoy the stellar combat system. Seriously, this is my favorite TB RPG combat system ever. For non-combat/dialogue/roleplaying, the coop is unnecessary and gimmicky. Yeah you can select opposing choices in dialogu
  12. Hey nerds, help me pick my next RPG. My backlog is out of control. Blackguards Dead State Might & Magic X Shadowrun Dragonfall Wasteland 2
  13. I like to describe Paradox games as history/political simulators rather than RTS or TBS (it's a pretty different focus than what those genres usually entail). I was completely addicted to EU3 (Complete - no way am I playing a Paradox game vanilla) back in the day, but ever since getting into Crusader Kings 2, the extra layer of political scheming and lineage preservation just makes EU feel like baby's first Paradox game. Maybe I'm being unfair, but that's why I haven't been even remotely interested in EU4 :/ ---- On a sidenote, my latest addiction is Wargame: Red Dragon multiplayer
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