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  1. I want to point out that the card game doesn't pit you against other players. It works remarkably well as a single player platform. There's no AI or other non-sense. No snickering pre-teen who happened to get lucky on the other end. Well... I don't mind the snickering youngsters, but I know some people do. I've enjoyed MtG. I've even won a sanctioned tournament (many years ago), but Pathfinder the card game warrants a second look if you erroneously think of it as a MtG sort of experience. Nevertheless, I'm also jonesin' for a good RPG proper. The setting is fairly meaningless to me. I don't hate it. I guess, more than that, I can dig it. It'll be fun. I'm still on the lookout for a CoC or perhaps something more mystery/spy related, but it's like a certain baseball field. If you build it, I will come.
  2. Just wanted to pop in for a quick word. I lurk in these forums a lot and I take the advice on what to buy. I don't have as much time as I'd like and it's typical for me to start a game and leave it running while I do other things that need doing. I would say this community is better than others, but I've really only lurked here for some time. I don't know about other places, but I get good advice here. There are several I could cite, but those would only serve to arouse suspicion. Let me point out two people whom I've grown to trust, melkathi and Fenixp. Now this won't be a bromance sort of thing. Sorry, I'm a love 'em and leave 'em kind of guy... not only in real life but on the interwebs also. Still, gotta give thanks. I probably won't be around much, but I think I might pop in from time to get more of the good advice I've enjoyed so far. So... thanks? Wait. Erase that. So, thank you.
  3. So you're saying that Diablo II Is boring as Hell? Actually, I agree. I should probably go back and give it another shot with patches and all, but I was extremely unhappy with the path they took with Diablo III. To me, and I know other people felt the same, they made it too much of an MMORPG than the old school action RPG that I loved in Diablo and Diablo II.
  4. Sunless Sea is probably the most remarkable game I've played in years. I enjoyed Pillars of Eternity, although I stalled at the beginning of the second expansion. It's a great game. Still, it's just simply not as clever. The last game that struck me as much as this one would have been New Vegas I think. Case in point, I just finished, just now, the quest line on Visage. Sunless Sea is all about sinister underpinnings and dark secrets. It's zany and campy, a little, but it's terrible and horrific at the same time. ...But, and it helps to be Catholic to understand this, going through the whole story at visage is transcendent in video games.
  5. So how do you feel about implementation of roguelite aspects of that game? Like main characters dying and the world changing somewhat? It's really really late where I am right now, but I would say I like it. Off the cuff, I like it a lot. I want a world that changes as a result of what I do, and part of what I do is fail. I'm sure I'm not expressing that very well right now, but the net effect, if you can escape from the idea that your PC (or captain) must be perfect, is that the world evolves and in the long run may do things that the short and narrow view could never envision. If I can light a fire under my backside tomorrow, I'll even try to tidy these thoughts up and articulate them perhaps more persuasively tomorrow. Or I might just take a couple of analgesics and regret posting. lol Nevertheless, I think the design is brilliant. I love it. Trust me, if I didn't, I wouldn't be up past 2am my time feeding my addiction otherwise.
  6. I lost my second captain. I spent hours on this game and didn't lose any captain and then in much smaller amount of time lost two. This time it was Mt. Nomad that did me. If I'd had my previous ship, I think I probably would've survived, but no. Now I'm on my third captain on this run and I can definitely say that there is at least one location open after the death of your first captain. I'm not all that sad. I lost Maybe's daughter going for the second time on my second captain. I don't know what the chances are to lose her in the bazaar, but when I find her again I'm going to let her go down again and I'll let you all know I'm either an unlucky bastard or the designers are rat bastards.
  7. Empathy is a thing, though. The world you live in is the result of history. If you can't see that the American Indians got an incredibly raw deal, and they are still struggling because of it, that's not good. Doesn't mean you need to hang your head about it all day long, but it also seems pretty bad to just write it off as ancient history.
  8. No, I get that, mindswayer, but I still prefer a more personal story. ...But, if they decide to do more epic, I certainly hope that they do it smart rather than silly. ...Or, I guess, do it so over the top that you buy in because you realize that even the minor characters are going to be epic in every local watering hole. Kind of like 40K.
  9. I haven't had any problems with the game and then I wanted start with all new characters and so I figured I'd delete my old parties and characters and just start fresh. I don't mind losing progress. I'll just have to play the same scenarios over again, but I like playing the scenarios so no big deal. However, having finally reset my party with all brand new characters who hadn't completed anything, my dice button is greyed out. I thought that I could just put the dice on individual characters. Even if I assumed that deleting the old characters deleted the dice they had on them, I should still have the unassigned dice. The dice button is greyed out both from the vault for the party I'm playing and greyed out in party creation. Okay, so what is my aged mind missing? What simple solution can you give me that will make me feel stupid on one hand, but grateful on the other? EDIT: I had this inkling that it might not be possible to get to the dice until after the prologue/tutorial basic deck. I just thought to keep checking in on it and, voila, it didn't even take all three basic scenarios. After the first one, the dice button lit up and I could put in all my dice. I seem to recall some rose color I don't think I saw, but I have a tendency to post rather late for me and I'm afraid perhaps I fatigued and just didn't see it. I was happy with the colors I had and now everyone has his or her own set of beautiful dice.
  10. Lem is an excellent healer. Doesn't need to recharge and in fact benefits from discarding his spell. Doesn't waste an exploration to heal. Once he's got a cure in his discard pile, he can heal basically each turn. When you don't need heals, you don't have to worry about drawing an unneeded cure. I can dig not liking him in the way I don't like Seelah or the monk. Not much of a paladin or monk fan. However, there's a way to make all the characters shine and in practical use I've discovered Lem actually great *because* of his healing. Kyra, however, is a real disappointment to me. My lady friend and occasionally another friend will play the table-top version and Kyra's deficiencies weren't really all that apparent but I think she falls behind other classes. On the other hand, heeding my own advice, I'm sure I just haven't found the style that makes her sparkle.
  11. First of all, I want to say thanks for the help. Between the three of you, I managed to see the ellipsis at the bottom of the character model. I was a little embarrassed that I hadn't noticed it before and then tried to delete a character, but even then it was greyed out. I had tried to delete the character at the top left and it wouldn't let me because, of course, it was one of the placeholder level 0 characters. Yes, in story mode, the first ten characters don't have levels but the rest did have numbers showing under their portrait. I deleted those characters so now have nothing but the main ten. I actually had 29/24, with a bunch of portraits in the middle. Those were the extra five that weren't up at the top. So, along the lines of mccrispy, I should have had more patience and looked at things more thoroughly. Having said that, this was the first time I was actually irritated by a bug or feature. Not a tremendous amount, but a little. One of the great things about the app is that it allows the player to try multiple configurations in a way that's simply not feasible for most of us on the table-top. For that reason, I think working with the characters should be a bit more transparent. On the other hand, this is the first time I've come to ask anything in the tech support forum, and that's a pretty good track record for a game I've been playing since day one... and playing a lot. The important thing is, thanks for the help.
  12. fair enough. I'll take pics and post them. I'm not probably at my best right now. I'm also not particularly disgruntled, but I can't see what I'm doing that isn't allowing me to start a new party. Here, this is a placeholder, but I'll take pics and edit them into this post.
  13. I'm telling you, if I choose new characters, it doesn't work. If there is some path that takes me to where I want to go, it is opaque. Fanboys can complain, but there should be some intuitive and easy way to restart my party from the very beginning. There's some issue that won't let me build a party of characters from startup. If there is and I'm not finding it, at this point I will nevertheless be convinced it's the app and not something a reasonably experienced player should be able to see.
  14. I wanted to start a new party from scratch but it seems I can't because it says I must delete characters. I'm a little tired right now, so maybe I'm missing something. If so, delete this thread if you want but at least tell me what I need to do to start from scratch in story mode with all level one characters. I don't having to slog through everything through legendary with a new set of characters, but I should be able to reset my decks and start from scratch if I want. I've deleted every single party and I should be starting over with level zero characters.
  15. I just had my first captain die. Previously, I had one retire at a draw, and so I'm on my third captain of the line. This one benefits from everything except the bottom right corner uncovered. It really helps to know where things are in this game. Starting from scratch sucks, but it sucks a lot less when you can sail directly to where you want to go. The only death I had came because my terror got up to 100 and my crew mutinied and we were all lost at sea. Rat bastards!
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