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  1. Thanks to all who posted above. I just started playing again after a long break (got bored with no new content) and was struggling to understand why I had some items in unclaimed and how the tab works at all. I'm still not sure why I have a few items there since I haven't bought anything in awhile except the obsidian version -- should i have gotten a single copy of all of the legendary items to my unclaimed?? I have to agree with the other above as I play the new goblin scenarios, the unclaimed items takes away balance in the game. I shouldn't be able to add higher level items that I have neve
  2. i'm not so sure the memory thing makes sense. I still have a third of the available memory unused on my Ipad (over 12 GB). It reminds me a lot of the problem I used to have when trying to add dice to characters -- when I click on "create new" on the create party screen, it pauses, goes to a quick pic of the front page of the game, then closes the game completely and puts me back on the Ipad homepage. I think last time it was some sort of progression break. I suppose the good thing is that I could create parties on Steam, then be able to use them on the Ipad, but this just seems kinda silly a
  3. I bought the basic set on steam a few days ago, then updated with Ambassador code this am. Took a bit, but all the new Obsidian content finally showed up on mobile. Problem is when I go to start a new party, the game freezes and takes me back to the main IPAD homepage. I have no current parties to play (had deleted the one I last played, hoping to start fresh). Of note, the Steam version worked fine to add a new party and play (I tried just a couple turns to test). I can then find the party on mobile after opening it on Steam. Problem is, I am really a mobile player who bought the Steam ve
  4. i guess my concern is that those who supported the app the most are actually getting the least. If you had bought all the alts already, for instance, then getting the Obsidian package has less value. If you spent a bunch of money on gold to buy treasure chests hoping for those Legendary cards, then their value goes down when just given away. The other problem I have is that, if I understand correctly, if one bought the mobile RotR, you don't get the PC version, BUT, if you buy the PC version first, you get the mobile, too. That sure seems to favor the new player or the one who chose not to su
  5. I just bought the basic steam version along with the Epic/Legendary free download. I linked the accounts (successfully) from my IPAD. I've been waiting a bit but still don't see any of the new cards on my IPAD. They show up on steam, but not on ipad. My PFID is: 48D391306AE41F63 Thanks.
  6. That's not really the issue. I keep asking the same question and can't get a simple reply: If one buys the basic steam package now, will I be able to use an upgrade code later to get the obsidian upgrade or must you wait for the ambassador code PRIOR to buying the package?
  7. I would really like to buy the basic steam product while it is on sale, but would like one of the developers to chime in here to confirm that I will be able to use the "Ambassador code" later once they finalize it. I will be going out of country next week and won't have computer access so really hoped to get this settled before I go rather than miss out on the 25% off.
  8. Interesting -- that was a pretty clear answer at the time. I think this would have been a lot easier if everyone had originally purchased the game vs the FTP option clouding the waters a bit.
  9. I suppose I'm not mad because I played an awful lot of hours on my Ipad and can still continue to play without having to spend another cent. I happened to buy the RotR module so have supported the company already. While I had hoped to get the game to transfer to PC, I can accept that I am getting an additional product and therefore can be expected to pay if I want it. I think offering the Obsidian package to those who have contributed is a nice compromise.
  10. So is it safe for an Ambassador-eligible person to buy the basic steam version now along with the free DLC - or should we wait for the ambassador code? I don't want my purchase to be messed up because I was impatient to play on PC, but if there is no difference in waiting, I could get it today. Thanks!
  11. HI, I got rewarded for one level 40 quest character when had 6, plus multiple level 30 plus characters. Are the rewards maxed out for one character rather than for all? My PFID is: 48D391306AE41F63
  12. I beat it on first try yesterday with party of 6 (Ezren, Valeros, Seelah, Merisel, Lem and LIni). Used augury to get villian to bottom. Handled all the henchmen with Ezren and Valeros - used the other characters for support. Hope that helps.
  13. I played both free to play and bought the RotR bundle on two different devices. I was able to buy all but 2 characters and all of the adventures without spending a cent. (I's sure I could add the additional characters with a bit more grind). I have to say I enjoy playing more on my RotR deck, though. With all the gold I didn't spend on buying material, I bought a whole bunch of chests so have a lot better cards in my characters' decks in that version. Hope that helps.
  14. All fixed -- thank you so much!! Appreciate the individual attention and throwing in a bit extra for my trouble.
  15. Thank you Stormbringer -- My game is FIXED with some gold and chests added for my pain -- thank you!
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