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  1. It's good to know I'm appreciated :D I had actually bought Leiutenant Lem straight up. I didn't have base Lem and wanted to get him for a Valeros / Lem duo team. I had enough gold (I'd be out the gold I needed to get AP6, but I figured I'd make that back in time) to pick him up instead of the base version, so I figured I might as well enjoy getting the two as a package rather than one or the other. But honestly, not sure I'd ever use base Lem. Lt. Lem just seems like an almost straight upgrade. If you're going for an Archer Lem, then the boost to Dexterity is great! If you're going for a
  2. I'd be really surprised if there were no further adaptations of the card game. I could be wrong, but once a stable game-framework is in place, adding new Adventures should be relatively easy. The majority of cards, locations and other whatnots can be fit into the game as it is without too much effort, I'd think. The creative development has already been done by Paizo, although there is room for Obsidian to adjust S&S based on user-criticism from the tabletop players since then. Barring a sufficiently large licensing fee from Paizo, it should be easy to turn a reasonably good profit on this
  3. Fair enough to have Lini given a weapon instead of giving her a weapon slot. Though I find that a bit more convoluted than I like. Frankly though, with her cycling her animal companions and spells, I find she burns through her deck quickly enough to get to her weapon anyway. Sometimes you get unlucky, sure, but othertimes you get it at the start. And yes, weapons aren't really going to be superior than Holy Light. But I like having the weapon on hand to be able to deal with lesser threats, which might not even need a beast form boost later on. And I think you get enough card feats that sparing
  4. I'm running a 5 person party, and I gave her a weapon, and make regular use of it. Divine Attack Spells just aren't all that great, and there aren't that many of them. Furthermore, a Weapon can make room in the deck for more non-attack spells, since a single weapon is re-usable, whereas an individual spell needs to be recycled. With several animal allies, Lini can afford to take a lot of extra turns, as the animals will get recycled back into her hand regularly, and so it's really helpful to have an attack option that stays with you. Throw in that Lini is all but gauranteed to get Weapon Profi
  5. So, some items let you add extra dice to your Perception / Survival / Whatever checks. Not to your Wisdom / Whatever checks, but to those skills specifically. And since rolls for untrained skills default to d4s, this makes those items near worthless. The Wayfinder +2 to perception checks are almost always worthless, because it forces you to use the untrained check. Sajan could roll a d8 for a Wisdom / Perception check... or he could use the Wayfinder and roll 1d4+2, which isn't exactly an upgrade. It can also happen with things like the Archer Ally. The +d4 to RANGED combat checks means that L
  6. A fair amount of it is going to depend on your party. Amiri buries a card to activate her Rage. Scenario 4.3 requires you to bury a card from your hand every time you gain a spell (and there's an extra spell card in every location deck), but this isn't super easy if you're not running mages. If you're willing to get the challenge without playing naturally, then you're best bet is to play a quick solo session with Amiri. Rage every chance you get. You'll probably die before you bury 15 cards, unless you obtain a lot of boons, but you can just run another round. There's probably a better opt
  7. Agreed. Such a mechanic isn't going to break the game, especially given that re-speccing isn't going to change the cards in their deck, and thus could potentially weaken the character in the short term. It gives a little bit more satisfaction and control to the players, and opens up another mild revenue stream. All in all, I see it as a win-win.
  8. I'm inclined to get Lieutenant Lem a bit more credit. First off, he gets a free feat, something only Harsk gets (although Harsk gets a much better one). He's also the only alt to get a new feat options in Heavy Armor. Now, the loss of Diplomacy and gain of Dexterity is a bit of a wash. Personally, I'd call this a net gain, as his Charisma is likely to be high enough on it's own to take care of many problems, whereas his Dexterity needs more help. So the stat changes are about even, if not slightly advantageous. However, then we get to armor. -1 Ally for +1 Armor and Light Armor Proficiency
  9. Fair enough, although armor only blocking specific damage types is part of the problem. Make a reflex save or take acid damage isn't going to give incentive for armor, if it just so happens you weren't packing an acid-resistant armor card. Do later sets also make energy resistant armor more common and versatile?
  10. I think this game is prone to making the player think they've got bad luck more than other games. There is pretty much no reason to care about rolling high. With a few exceptions, meeting the DC, and exceeding it by 20 have exactly the same results. As such, we never really 'log' the really high rolls, because they don't matter. Likewise, if a roll needs something like an 8 on a d8, we're not likely to remember that roll either, as if it were important enough for us to care a lot about succeeding, we'd be spending some blessings or other buffs on it. Contrast with, for example, XCOM. For e
  11. Ah, didn't know about what the infrastructure was already capable of. I should have remembered this was a Unity game. However, it does seem likely that there will be some bug fixing to be done before the Steam release. She is a fickle mistress, and while the bugs aren't too bothersome (at least, not that I've encoutered), you only get one fresh Steam release to impress with, so it's worth the extra effort.
  12. Oh I quite like them. Some characters aren't hard to build, but it's nice to get inspiration with what to do with them, and how they might fit into a party. Definitely do all the characters, especially if you can fit in some extra notes on their alts.
  13. No confirmation on that, I believe. I've also heard tentative concerns about cross-platforming, like they think there is at least some possibility it won't happen. I know it's a problem with PS4 games, though I haven't heard of any such problems with iOS / Android. Given that it's a small division of the company, I don't think they'll do Steam and Cross-Platforming at the same time. Unless other parts of Obsidian loans them the man-power for cross-platform setup, it's probably just too much work to put off the Steam release, and the influx of cash that'll offer. If they do anything else be
  14. There was a period in my life where I had such terrible dice rolls, I asked the DM if I could treat all my d20 rolls as being equal to 21 - the face value, so that a roll of 6 was a 15. This did, quite strangely, work. I had much better rolls for a while. I've since dropped it and things seem back to normal. I'm not a superstitious man, and I'm still using the same dice, so I have no idea what happened there. But hey, I figured that there was no harm in doing that, as that method would result in exactly the same spread on a fair die anyway :D And as far as this game goes, I seem to be havi
  15. I fully understand this logic, and it does make sense, however this is one of those weird cases where the customer would actually be happy with less. If you had just sold the alts at their current price, without the base champion, people might complain about how expensive they were, but they wouldn't feel punished for purchasing the alt after they bought the base champion. Now, if you were to remove the base champion without lowering the price, people would feel like you were selling less for the same price, even though they would have been (relatively) happy with the price as it was if that's
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