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  1. Was just wondering if we own the mobile version is the a way to install the pc game without paying again on stream
  2. Sorry I see how I messed up my question I was trying to ask if they would add him in a future build
  3. Any chance we could get the promo character Tup added as a playable character in a future update
  4. Was wondering if they were at pax east 2017 If so did they announce anything new
  5. Was wondering Is there any plans on making skull & shackles if you guys are working on the next version pathfinder acg skull & shackles or any of the other expansions
  6. iPad Air 2 iOS 9.3.2 Bug completing scenario 3.5 with 5 players if you complete the scenario early causes a bug on the victory card reward screen after receiving the cards the campaign gets stuck can't move to the rest of the rewards Tried quitting game switching campaigns but when i go back it still gets stuck. In the same spot Is there anything I could do or wait until next patch
  7. Will deck 4 be released next week hoping there's no delays with deck 4
  8. Was wondering if anyone has experience a bug on here comes the flood where you were victory in the advent but it didn't count as a win so have to run it all over again
  9. Hi I was wondering if there is any plans on adding char deck as unlock ables
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