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  1. Thanks for the help and confirmation! Does anyone know if they can show up in any adventure or just the Fighter’s Tale scenarios?
  2. Oh, really? I thought loot cards were never found randomly in location decks and could only be gained as rewards. I’ve never seen the Loot cards I’ve dismissed, like the Stalker’s Mask, pop up again. Are these new loot cards exceptions to that rule, or have I just never been lucky enough to see a loot card twice?
  3. I have recently completed the “Fighter’s Tale” scenarios and decided to go through and complete them all on heroic and legendary difficulties. After completing the first one I was rewarded with a unique loot card which I was very excited to see. However, the card did not appear in my decks, stash, or unclaimed tab. I chalked it up to a glitch and carried on. Then I beat the second scenario on legendary and received another unique loot card and it seems to have disappeared again! Neither card appears in any of the fore mentioned places, nor my Collection. Where have they gone? Is there any
  4. On a related note, Barl Breakbones seems to want me to beat him up three times instead of twice! The second check against him must be performed twice for some reason.
  5. The same thing is happening to me (iPad Pro, Quest mode, all characters). Additionally, If the ogrekin is encountered in the warrens the game freezes and forces me to forfeit.
  6. I've been keeping an eye on my gold amount before and after 6pm (my local time, when the challenges reset). I am definitely not getting the gold for daily challenges. I don't ink I'm getting the gold for weeklies, either, but I did get the pink Valentine's Day dice. Yippee?
  7. I've recently returned to the game after a brief hiatus and noticed that my daily and weekly challenges, once fulfilled, aren't being transferred to the "Pickup Rewards" tab. Once I complete them, they linger in the main tab until the timer runs out then disappear, replaced by the next day/week's challenge. I'm not sure if I'm getting the gold or not, but I suspect not.
  8. Sunwrought Kyra learned Purge Outsider but seems to have lost the Purge Undead ability. While she heals a card after defeating Outsiders, she no longer heals when she defeats an Undead creature.
  9. I had a similar issue facing him in the Town Square with Merisiel. Defeated him with all other locations closed or temp. closed, yet he was undefeated. The town square didn't close, he wasn't in that deck anymore (used a magic spyglass to check), and the ghost of his card appeared and covered most of the screen. Had to forfeit.
  10. There are no difficulty modes in the tabletop version of the game. The wild card powers and restricted movement were introduced for the digital version. (Unless they were included in one of the other box sets - I only own Rise of the Runelords and Wrath of the Righteous) I agree that the difficulty may need to be addressed. Legendary difficulty should require tactical gameplay and experienced characters (i.e. well-built decks), not near-impossible luck.
  11. Great advice! I beat it on Heroic on the second attempt with Merisiel, Lem, Harsk, and Seelah. Admittedly, I got pretty lucky with draws but the strategy of "scouting" and choosing your opponents as much as possible to only face villains when they could be permanently defeated worked really well. Didn't even come close on my first attempt at Legendary, though. Oh well, I'll try some more tomorrow!
  12. I'm having trouble with this one, too. I've beaten every other scenario on Legendary but can't even crack this one on Heroic. That stacking +5 difficulty just racks up way too high by the end, especially when it applies to Azaven's Constitution check, too. And that transmuter - I swear he's never rolled anything other than a 1 or 2 on that d6. Such a resource drain. I've tried it with larger groups and smaller groups. I've been closest to success with a Lini/Valeros duo. Maybe if I keep trying with them I'll eventually get lucky enough to finish it. Any advice would be most welcome.
  13. Thanks, that did it! I did lose some data - I had previously completed all scenarios in Story mode on all 3 difficulties but now only the normal difficulty boxes are checked - but that just gives me something to work on until the Quest mode level cap is raised or the next deck is released. Cheers!
  14. My Quest Mode game is still stuck after the patch and I cannot forfeit.
  15. Any clues as to when that patch might be released? I'm traveling this weekend and need something to do!
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