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  1. Beastskin (Barkskin? Whatever that treasure card spell is at low level that lets you avoid taking damage). Character was Lem, adventure was Local Heroes, party with Lina, location was the Academy. Was the first card of the adventure.
  2. Just got hit with a goblin commando, and needed to discard a card. I discarded a spell, and was immediately given the option to recharge, which shouldn't happen.
  3. Hmm. I'm too scared to play at all at the moment, given the severity of some of the bugs that are around. I guess I won't be getting this sweater...
  4. I should clarify: I have no issue with paying absurd amounts of _gold_ for things if you want to play free. I take issue with the absurd amounts of _money_ things cost if you want to buy them. I'd like to support this game, but I also want a bit of a bang for the buck, y'know?
  5. So, 1.1.6 was released today, and we finally have the full game available! Yay! But... why is everything so expensive? Seriously, I don't have a problem with dropping you guys a few dollars here or there, but... The base game to play was $25 (US). Ok, this is a bit expensive for an app game, but it's on par with the card game, and there is a free to play option. No complaints here, we now have everything that was included in that purchase! Character alts are a big schtick in this release! People are excited! Why are the two bundles $30 (US) each? That's more than the game cost to b
  6. Thanks for the feedback. I've updated a few things in the guide to reflect your comments. Do folks think these guides are useful? Should I continue to write them up for other characters?
  7. Locations Lini really rocks at most locations, once Animal Trick is going. I particularly like her at Mountain Peak, The Old Light, Woods, Glassworks, Habe's Sanitorium, Shimmerglens, Halls of Wrath, Ravenous Crypts of Gluttony, Shimmering Veils of Pride, and Vault of Greed. Other This presentation has been very focused towards getting Animal Trick strong, then pursuing a caster track, and playing some tricks with weapons in the meantime. I haven't tried it, but I suspect that the alternative track of getting Animal Trick strong, but dumping points into Strength and really pursuing
  8. Inventory Weapons After you pick up your weapon slot, you will want to get Lini a weapon ASAP. She stands a much better chance in combat with a weapon + animal trick, and you can still use Beast Form to boost the skill dice to 1d10. Before picking up weapon proficiency, you want to get her a crossbow that doesn't need weapon proficiency. In order of desirability: B: Light Crossbow B: Heavy Crossbow L1: Frost Sling +1 (Treasure) L2: Light Crossbow +1 C: Deathbane Light Crossbow +1 Once Lini gets weapon proficiency, we can start to have fun. The Shock Longbow +1 (B) is a solid
  9. Card List Weapons: 0 (+1) Spells: 6 (+2) Armors: 0 (+1) Items: 2 (+2) Allies: 3 (+3) Blessings: 4 (+1) Because Animal Trick is so important to Lini, and because you have Wild Empathy, there is a clear priority here for picking up another three allies. However, I strongly recommend giving Lini a weapon as her first card, because low-level Lini is really quite weak and pathetic. With a weapon and an animal friend, she has a chance of beating combats. With just her d4 strength die and an animal friend, you'll be discarding a lot of cards to turn d4 into d10, but you still have no sta
  10. Powers Hand Size: 5. No options here Proficiency: None initially, but upgrades for light armor and weapon proficiency. Animal Trick: Display an animal from your hand, add 1d4 to your check. Works on any check. This is seriously useful! Upgrades add +1 to your rolls. That's like adding +1 to all of your rolls for Lini. Prioritize this! Wild Empathy: If you play a card with the animal trait, instead of discarding, recharge. You start with this, and will use it a lot. Beast Form: Discard a card to upgrade a Str/Dex die to 1d10 instead of 1d4/1d6. Again, you start with this. I
  11. Skills Str: d4 Dex: d6 Con: d8 Int: d6 (Knowledge +3) Wis: d10 (Divine +1, Survival +2) Cha: d8 There's a few ways you can take Lini. I recommend treating her primarily like a divine caster, and pumping wisdom to begin with. It's curious that she has +3 to knowledge checks; there's very little else she'll use Intelligence for. However, it does help in closing some locations. Once Wisdom is maxed, I suggest strength, to accompany whatever weapon you decide to get her to use.
  12. Ok folks, time for some more fun. Yes, I'm procrastinating. Today's character: Lini, one of my favorites! General Notes Lini starts out as a very weak character, probably the weakest except for Lem. She can be a pain to nurse through the lower levels. However, once she gets going, she really becomes a superstar. Her primary ability is to have an animal companion help her on any check. Yes, you read that right. That animal companion can be upgraded to add 1d4+4 to ANYTHING. This means that Lini is the most versatile location-closer around, and can handle her own quite well. Furthermore,
  13. After activating Seelah's ability, you actually need to drag a card from your deck to your discard pile. I suspect it's not automatically done so that you have the option to undo if you misclicked (you can't undo after discarding, because you might receive an unfavorable result and have to actually discard the card). Edit: Oops, not Crusade... can't remember the name off the top of my head...
  14. @Edannan, I'm not sure aobut the Ebon Thorne; that seemed like a mistake to me. I haven't found the Catskin Leather in treasure chests yet Note that the black arrow rangers are superior to the elven archers - don't go replacing them!
  15. Oh, I'm getting the gold. The display just isn't right...
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