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  1. Took a bit of a break from playing. Then I came back to this new patch. Playing in iPad I cannot find Quest mode anywhere.
  2. How do I even get to Quest option? It is missing from title screen now.
  3. My high Wis party is doing very well mid-way through Chapter 3. I did upgrade to Sunwrought Kyra and Formal Seelah after Chapter 1, though.
  4. All have d8 or better in WIS. Hard to see a party weakness. Trying in quest mode first. Kyra 1 (don't have alt yet) Ezren 2 Seelah 1 (don't have alt yet) Lini 2 Sajan 1 (will never bother with alt) Thoughts?
  5. OP: Well, I never even thought about giving Emerald Codex to a non-caster. Nice thought.
  6. I am at a loss as to how to swap characters in and out of quest mode. Adding one is obvious, but replacing is not. For example, I have Kyra, Meri and Seoni all levelled up to 15, but I am playing that group in Story so now I want to start a new quest team of Amiri and Forest Harsk and Ezren.
  7. I know the game allows this but can someone explain (or point me to an explanation) about how to do this without confusing myself with 6 versions of a character? I have 5 versions of Meri right now and I don't really know why. I am using the nickname feature in my primary party to sort this out a bit.
  8. Blessing of the Gods reports that one can use the powers of the blessing on the top of the blessing discard pile. How does one activate that option in this game? It is not been obvious to me. Thanks!
  9. I believe Lem is the most improved just looking at the stat changes. He is only one I bought so far but I plan to buy more.
  10. The Continue button is not even lit for me at this part. I do hear the click from tapping the screen on the characters, on the role chart and on the gear icon but nothing happens.
  11. OS: iPhone 5, fully updated Seoni, Kyra, Merisiel After completing adventure 3 (with the Hag henchman and the first stone giant boss) and collecting the item rewards After selecting the role for one character, the game will not respond to any other interaction. Tapping menu icon and any character does nothing. I had never reached this point before so I don't know if it is some quirk with the party I have or just a general bug.
  12. I started a new adventure party with Seelah (with Meri and the druid). Seelah's "discard a card from your deck to add to a check" power will not work. I can choose to activate the power but tapping on my deck (or my discard deck or any card in my hand) fails to yield the option to discard. Maybe I am doing it wrong.
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