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  1. Hey all, I know I myself haven't been around much... I've read a few posts here and there and have gotten the feeling that there hasn't been a whole lot going on with the game. In all honesty, the last adventure killed off a lot of my desire to play the game, and all I want now is to be able to max out my characters in Quest Mode. I was a HUGE fan of this game since it came out, and put in some cash and more than a fair amount of time playing it, but just was really disappointed by the last adventure. Totally NOT Obsidian's fault - I never played the tabletop version of this one, so I had no idea what to expect, and from a gamer standpoint it just left me very disappointed, and feeling like there is really only 'one way' to go about finishing the story line and adventure. Hopefully they raise the level cap on Quest Mode so I have a reason to play again soon!
  2. I had this same problem, updated the game, got the offer for 5 chests, watched the video and app crashed out. Couldn't even find a link to try it again! Acroyear16 #7832
  3. I know it wasn't the first adventure, I think the 3rd (with the spiders) where you have to roll a d6, and if you get 1-3 you can't cast spells, so yeah, there ARE instances where you simply can't. Regardless, I don't see how this one roll can destroy your whole game... I mean, if you had something come down to the last card in the blessings deck and it's your wizard's turn, isn't that just the way the cookie crumbles? I don't know how many characters you have in your party, but if they couldn't play 'em for that arcane check, you should be able to play them on your caster's physical attack roll! Ezren and Seoni can both carry weapons, Harsk could snipe AND discard a bow to add to your attack, and if you're at the location with Valeros he gives you a 'helping hand'... There are so many ways to go about doing things in this game, which is one of the reasons I enjoy it so much. And also, what if you were successful on the check, but ya just biffed it and rolled crummy for your attack spell?
  4. Hey 'shot, glad SOMEONE replied to this! I did notice that I forgot to mention the Legendary difficulty too, which can make some of it nigh impossible! Even Heroic can be a pain, as in 5.4, each time the villains increase in difficulty b/c you need to beat them several times to win out. I don't recall the names of the conditions, but I needed to make a 17 Int check to close down the Halls of Wrath!
  5. Well, much like the definition of insanity - how were you going about it? Meaning, did you try different approaches? I don't think leveling up other party members has been much of an issue b/c dragging an inexperienced character or two alongside a couple maxed out ones is a breeze. I personally enjoy a good challenge, though bugs making things unwinnable isn't cool at all... (I started a topic on soloing 5.4 and 5.5 with Meri - try making an Intelligence roll of 17 with her d4!) But again - your approach - A) check your hand before hitting the 'Greed room' - if you don't have an item in hand, you can't banish one. B) check your OPTIONS, don't just immediately roll the dice - checks usually have multiple options for stats or skills to acquire an item, so select something you AREN'T skilled at and use that (d4) for your check. For instance, if you have Seoni or Ezren, and have an item in hand that you don't want to lose, and you pull an Orb of Frost, the check is Arcane OR Divine. Switch it to Divine and you now roll a d4 since neither character has the Divine skill. C) send in Seelah, she doesn't get any items in her deck.
  6. When I noticed the locations for the last 2 Scenarios in Adventure 5, I thought it would be fun to give it a go solo with Merisiel. I missed playing with her since her 'banish my blessing' bug stuck her on the bench for a while. Took me a minute, but it was fun!
  7. Seems to me that the Magga ALWAYS attacks where I have my heroes, so I start them all at the same location, with the least amount of Allies, but adjacent to the Village House so that my first turn I can move to the Village House and get in a bunch of explores. Regardless of your character or Charisma/Diplomacy, you can hope to score some Allies here, you just need the explorations and cards to recharge if you lack proper stats or skills. Now, I have seen many threads on here about "who does what better than whom" and so on, but we have to take into account that luck also plays a part! (As for me, Seoni is THE character I was meant to play in this game, and it seems that no matter what, I can succeed with her, and I go through/close locations FAST.) Like Ethics pointed out, this counts allies you have vs. what the Magga eats. What I didn't notice anyone pointing out is that GETTING TO the Allies is as important as acquiring them. Need a Survival skill to get an animal? It doesn't matter that you didn't acquire the Snake - what matters is that's ONE LESS the Magga can eat! In essence, even failing to acquire them is beneficial.
  8. I've experienced a few oddball things happening when trying to get my legendary wins on the Halls of Seduction & Thassilonian Sins - I have run into not being able to reduce damage either by shield or armor (even with the spell ward shield or shield of reflection) and sometimes it's come from villains, but other times just regular monsters. Also, I just had an issue with 5.4 where I encountered an Iron Golem with Seoni, and all I had in my hand were attack spells (that it was immune to) and one other option - I tried to play an Invisibility to evade it, and the game wouldn't let me! I was forced into a fight I had no hope of winning... Also, I don't know if anyone has encountered this bit of fun with Blizzard: I had just acquired the spell when I had to quit out of the game and leave the house. When I came back to play, the Blizzard card was still superimposed over the screen! I forfeit the game and when I tried to resume a new one, the card was still there! I tried again, and then decided to try and take a couple turns to see what would happen: First turn, Seoni - explore - Blizzard! I succeed at acquiring it, play Haste, take a 2nd exploration to pull - Blizzard! I get that one, play a blessing, explore - Blizzard #3! I quit after Blizzard #6, and had 6 of them among my spells to choose from after quitting out of that adventure...
  9. Thanks for your replies! Actually, aside from maybe my first week of playing I haven't run into an issue of running out of cards with any character, so no unconscious/death going on. I tried everything I could think of, and clicked everyplace I could, and never got this resolved, so I had to delete the party, which wiped all of my completions at Legendary. Oddly enough, when I started a new party with the same members, I started out with the same # of cards from the adventure I was stuck at, so some of my characters actually had MORE in their decks than they were supposed to! (I know, a bug, whoda thunk it?) Also, somehow I ended up with 2 Wands of Enervation!
  10. Well, I teleported to the Sihedron Circle on the first turn of that scenario just to see if it would let me, and it did! Dunno how THAT coulda got overlooked!
  11. BlueStacks Emulator PFID A7E07CBF1603CA5 No pass/play or permadeath Story Mode Seoni, Valros, Lini, Harsk, Kyra, Ezren in party, that turn order. Location - after completion Normal difficulty, Scenario 5.5 Into the Runeforge OK, I didn't notice until after this occurred that Ezren hadn't completed 5.3, so maybe that has something to do with this, BUT - I finished the adventure and every character but Ezren was awarded the Runeforged Weapon Loot card. Every character was then able to make a new selection from the Cards List, but then I am completely stuck. Due to the additional card options, and the way things played out (like Valeros playing the charmed dragon ally and me rolling a 1 and having him banished) all of my characters need cards to complete their decks. Also, this being my first time through 5.5, I don't know how this is supposed to go and if I'm supposed to get the Runeforged Weapon card for all my decks or what... At any rate, I am able to discard the cards I have OVER my set limits, but I cannot get access to the other cards available for me to choose & add them to my decks. I am 2 weapons, 2 items, and an ally short, but the arrow to 'proceed' is unlit, and I cannot do anything to advance past this screen. Please help!
  12. Well, if that's the way dying is supposed to work, that needs to be addressed b/c that doesn't work properly then: I have had situations where I have had characters run out of cards, were forced to discard/draw/reset (Barl Breakbones for example) and should have died, but didn't b/c the active hero still finished their turn and defeated the Villain.
  13. OK, here's another thing I've run into several times and I'm just not clear on WHEN these things are supposed to happen or be available - I know some of them specifically STATE when (i.e. "At the END of your turn, or upon closing") There are times when I cannot use the Location Power b/c I am interrupted by another prompt - Let's take the location that is supposed to let you draw a card after playing a card with the Arcane trait: (Sorry, I don't recall the actual name, maybe Thessalonian Dungeon?) Seoni casts Haste to explore again, I get prompted to recharge the spell, and the new exploration reveals a monster and I am automatically thrown into that combat rather than being able to pull a new card! That's just an example, I've had other problems with Ezren as well, and it can happen on other character's turns when casting a Toxic or Incendiary Cloud - I can't shift back to the caster to draw a card sometimes... Another one I find annoying is at the Cathedral (again, not certain of actual name) where you have to banish either a blessing or Father Zantus. Location Power if you defeat a monster you may draw a blessing from your discard to your hand. Let's say I have a Blessing of the Gods in my discard pile, but none in my hand. I move to the location and my first exploration reveals the Henchman. I defeat the Henchman (which counts as a monster) and rather than being able to activate the Location Power and draw the blessing from my discard pile to my hand (thereby being able to banish it and close the location) I am immediately prompted to close the location, but the "Yes" option is grayed out b/c I do not have the required card in my hand. It won't let me activate the location power, so my only choice is "No", after which I NOW can activate the power and draw the blessing to my hand... And now I have to plow through 9 more cards to permanently close this location!
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