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  1. Wow. Respect for finishing AD3 in hardcore mode (without knowing about Blessings) :D That said, all of Jenceslav's points are great so keep them in mind. Also, stock up on every Blessing of Shelyn you can get your hands on, you'll thank me later (around AD6, to be precise ) Some additional hints: Augury and Scrying are some of the best spells around - in a monster-heavy location they are almost certain to be equal to auto-defeating 2-3 monsters! (search for monster, and choose to put any monsters found on the bottom of the location) Merisiel's power to leave evaded cards on top of the location is great for "locking" Villains - evade them, leave them on top, and return when you're ready to kick the Viallin's butt (with people spread to temp-close other locations as needed).
  2. This update looks great! I'd LOVE to get my hands on it, but for that to happen - I need to ask my usual question - is there any ETA on the game arriving on GOG? Those tentative plans that you described for Switch sound like they can easily apply to GOG as well (i.e. - they'll fit theyir "No DRM" policy) -unless I'm missing something?
  3. This update looks great! I'd LOVE to get my hands on it, but for that to happen - I need to ask my usual question - is there any ETA on the game arriving on GOG? Those tentative plans that you described for Switch sound like they can easily apply to GOG as well (i.e. - they'll fit theyir "No DRM" policy) -unless I'm missing something?
  4. This is just my yearly inquiry about a possible GOG version - definitely not, or just a snowball's chance in hell?
  5. FYI: You probably attempted to use Stride to move Kyra *after* you encountered the Villain. Just so you know, during an encounter you may play a very limited and specific amount of spells/powers, that are only relevant to your situation. "Relevant" is currently roughly defined as "the card/power should not require you or another character to perform another action in order for the card/power to impact the situation". Since moving Kyra doesn't impact the situation unless you do something *else* (i.e. Kyra takes on of the villain's checks) - playing Stride on her during the encounter is an illegal move. So, the spell not working is not a bug, but this specific case may be 'confusing' the app and causing the freeze. (To give an example where Stride should work: check the AD6 Monster 'Skulking Vampire' - his increase of difficulty is dependent of wheter you're alone or not; in this case, moving Kyra to yourself totally IS relevant - though I don't hold my breath that the app will take this cornercase into account...)
  6. This exists ever since AD6 has been launched. My working theory is - this is the card feat that you should get for completing the Adventure Path (the app has no Adventure Path UI in which to even announce you should get such a reward); and this is definitely a better time to get the feat then when you have already beaten Karzoung and it's all over. I would agree though, that it would be best if they just write in the Card feat as part of the Cabin in the Snow reward.
  7. This is a bug, as it doesn't show you the RotR Adventure 1 scenarios; it's showing you the names of the future Season of the Goblins adventure. So, you just have to blindly replay all of Burnt Offerings with your Bard, and hope that the above-mentioned bug doesn't prevent you completely from checking off the right scenarios 'behind the scenes.
  8. With the risk of sounding confrontational - how does what *you* want help players who prefer salvaging all their Commons so they only get the Rare/Legendary treasures? I mean, I don't have many R/L and I haven't personally paid for chest (well, one 1-month Gold sub, but I'll let it slide), so I don't particularly care if you go that road, but to me it sounds like a way to further annoy an already irritated core player base.You are basically punishing players who were opening chests with the idea that they have a control over their Treasure pool - and now you just pull the rug from under their feet. I won't even get into players who have paid for chests and hunted down 5 Swords of Slaying (for example), but I can only imagine in their shoes I'd be igniting torches and sharpening pitchforks right about now... To dictate your personal preferences on a paying player-base (let's say you don't owe anything to FTP-er's but that's still bad word of mouth..) doesn't strike me as the smartest decision, is all I'm saying. The second option, with "off-tagging" actually sounds OK - it still mostly doubles what manual salvaging of 'bad' cards was doing, but combined with auto-culling will probably save some time. You're still wrestling out control from players, so old users are probably not going to be particularly happy, but new ones probably won't bat an eye... as long as you actually explain WITHIN the game what's happening with all their cards. And, of course, if you're still charging Gold for Chests on mobile - I don't know how any one player would' feel it's anything but rip-off, considering you're sort of 'stealing' their cards, and they have an ever-diminishing chance (as they gradually fill their Collection caps) of actually getting *anything* from a Chest. God forbid that they're actually payng real money for it... I have currently pulled away from mobile, and I wait to see how you'll turn things around with the GOG version, so all of the above doesn't directly concern me, but I really think your approach with regards to your existing player base hasn't been very... popular. The lack of proper and timely communication is a main culprit, but by this point this seems to become the rule rather than exception with the app, so color me surprised no lessons seems to have been learned through the development cycle about how to keep your players in the loop.
  9. Wasn't there a Heroic/Legendary effect that added to the value of the "Haunt die"? Also, Iesha should totally be evade-able by Merisiel.
  10. Was the location empty at the start of your turn, and you got a "Close Location" prompt at the start of turn and you used it to close the Farmhouse? If yes - by Closing Location, you skip your Give Card and Move steps. It's an unfortunate departure from tabletop rules, but that's how it works in the app.
  11. Now wait a second there... Not only should you raise the issue if it's still not fixed - but from your post (as well as OP's screenshot - notice Valeros is the active character), I get the impression the 2 Combat is dealt to the ACTIVE character (the one that encounters the villain). Is that correct? Because, if so, the power of Jaagrath (as seen on the screen above) very clearly states "BYA, Jagraath deal 1 Combat damage to each OTHER character at your location...". Therefore, not only there is a bug for 2 Combat dmg instead of 1 - the more serious bug is, this damage is dealt to the active character, when it shouldn't be!
  12. This is bull****. Not only should I not be forcibly made to make use of Treasures - but what you describe completely f**ks up the strategy post AD3 where you would banish a card of particular type so you can "shop" a *specific card* with (AD#-2). If what you describe is indeed intended and not a bug - this would be a new low for the digital implementation of the game...
  13. This bug actually was present when AD5 launched on mobile; it was subsequently fixed (from what I hear), so perhaps the new version somehow rollback-ed the fix. In case that helps.
  14. I'm not a dev, but I can tell you the most probable reason - it's anti-piracy measure. Save data is easier to edit and "crack" when stored on your local device; that's why - given that the game on mobile had micro-transaction purchases - you could ostensibly just edit yourself a save file with all the paid content unlocked (you would have access to the content data in the hypothesis where it's supposed to be available to you off-line). This is why they keep all paid content server-side, so anytime you start the app - it checks with the servers what paid content there is, and what part of it you're permitted to use. And, yeah, that gave me a heart attack the first time I opened my gallery and find all my treasure cards missing, without realizing my WiFi was off.... Incidentally, now that the game is on PC where you pretty much buy all or nothing - this system seems redundant, but I don't expect them to change it. Also, this crap is probably the reason why they can't get the game running on GOG (who have a pretty adamant anti-DRM stance, which forced online connection for accessing the content you paid for represents). But hey - if you're not a big fan of owning the stuff you pay for - Steam is always there for you... /rant Ha, i didnt understand everything you said the first time through, i had to reread it. So they had to make this update because steam requires all purchased stuff to only be available when online? Sorry, maybe im still confused. I am a fan of owning the stuff i pay for. So should i not be operating on steam? It is just such a big change, and wifi isnt available to people everywhere, even when in countries with good options. Verizon works in some areas and some not for instance. So i can just lose my items in the middle of a scenario is a pretty big deal (whether ones in on my character or even the option of finding treasures). There has to be a way to go back to how its been the past year. This seems like something they should put in the BEFORE YOU PURCHASE info lol. (Just FYI you wont be able to get any of your items if you are not online) lol .......sad thing is ill probably still buy it........or, bring my box set down to honduras from the states. Sorry, my jab at Steam didn't have anything to do with the issue. My point was, on mobile they HAD to put premium items in online-only mode, to prevent piracy... Only, now I'm confused because you seem to imply that for the last year you have been having access to Treasures even without WiFi ?!? For me, ever since launch, No net = No treasures , so maybe I've been having a problem all along (in which case - please assume all my assumptions in the post above were wrong)
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