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  1. The action economy works in DnD because 1) Not every class can use every item (At least not without feats), so you can't have everyone wearing full plate armor. 2) Dex in DnD helps with AC, so that makes light armors more viable 3) There are more bonuses to using lighter weapons (Dual-Wielding, Dex instead of Str for rolls, even sneak attack). None of that is in this game. Even if people don't like the idea of a roundless imitative system, there needs to be some more benefit than just going first. Yes going first is good, but not good enough for a lot of things you give up. If nothing else, maybe a bonus to accuracy, and crit if you are earlier.
  2. I posted this on the steam forums but want to give my feedback here as well: One action per round works in a DnD like system, however this isn’t DnD. A lot of things are based off speed, and initiative isn’t enough to make up for it. What would help the system a lot is to remove rounds, and just have an inactive tracker, and you get an action whenever your initiative comes up. This means faster characters may get extra actions. Simple Example. You have an initiative of 3 and a monster has one of 7. Round Starts at 0 Initiative 3: You attack Initiative 6: You attack Initiative 7: Monster Attacks Initiative 9: You attack Of course the system is more complex, your weapon, armor, spells cast will raise initiative and cause you to act later but this is the basic idea. This will make DEX viable again for most classes, make a lot of CC worthwhile, and fix faster weapons and lighter armors.
  3. As others have said the changes are dumb. They should have nerfed the overpowered summons rather than the subclass itself. At this point Troubadours are better summoners (Hell you could make a better summoner build out of a sklad) They need to revert it back to -1 or even +0 cost for summons, and reduce the effect of the chants imo. Maybe 20% less effecitve chants or less linger time. Increase the cost for other invocations is pointless, beckoners never used them. But lowering the power of their chants would be an effect that wouldn't ruin the class, but would keep it in check.
  4. I remember this from before but I don't think I reported it.... It seems for this scenario the die always adds 1 extra than the number of haunts that are set aside. For example when I meet the first haunt the die is +2, the 2nd is +3 etc.... Annoying bug since that extra boss is a pain to deal with (Unless Kyra gets her!) Also apparently Merisiel can't evade her.
  5. I understand where you are coming from and I was mad at first. However the ambassador program helps a bit. ATM with the discount the game is $18.74 and with the 10% off (Depending how it rounds) it will be a little over $15. We also get the obsidian edition for the price of the base game. If you bought pathfinder in full on the phone you paid $25. Now your paying $15 to get everything on PC (All the char alts, cards, etc...) once the ambassador program goes live. So $25 you paid for moble +$15 = $40 that most people would pay. Now the Obsidian edition is discounted so we are down $10 (Since they can buy it for $30) now but I guess the $10 is having the bonus of playing the game longer. I would have liked the whole game for free, but I doubt we would have gotten every card, and everything unlocked, so I'm ok with it since the money I'm paying is getting me the extra unlocked stuff. I can understand why people would be upset still.
  6. Glad I saw this post. Thanks for listening to our concern about being an app user.
  7. I'm kinda disappointed by how much people are willing to support paying double for this, and I guess I know why the company is going to do it since you guys are going to give them free money :/ I want to support the company sure, but I don't want to give them money for nothing....
  8. Yeah re-buying doesn't appeal to me at all, especially since people who buy the steam version will get it on moble for free kinda invalidates the whole 'you have to pay for each platform'. They can track who paid for it and who unlocked everything for free so that isn't a good excuse either. I feel like the fact they are changing thier pricing system is what is making them go back on the whole 'buy and it's unlocked for each platform' but then again I don't know if they specific ever said pc was included in it. Unless there's some discount or some reward for purchasing on ios though I won't buy it on steam and won't support the game further.
  9. Oh wait, wow I asked my last question because i assumed we were getting it on PC for already purchasing it on mobile. If we have to re-buy all the content for PC that is definitely disappointing. It's a real slap to the face for us who bought it early and gave a lot of the feedback (I know I posted several bugs) I really hope that's a mistake and we won't be expected to re-buy the game.
  10. Nice, glad to hear this is getting to steam. Will everything we bought carry over to PC? Will our progress from our Mobile devices carry over (Scenarios done, characters made etc...) I didn't see anything about it on the articles, but I read though fast so I may have missed it.
  11. The reason why Merisiel is god tier is because of her Evasion. IMO, the only two god characters are Seelah and Merisiel. They are the only two with abilities that are just consistently strong or have a high ceiling for situational investment. I have to disagree; I think evasion is not that strong. Your biggest plus is, if she finds the villain early. First off, there is a low chance (Assuming a 4 person party it’s 1/6 that she’s in the location that has the villain). Then she isn’t guaranteed to find it early in the location (It could be at the bottom of the deck). Then (if on legendary) there’s the problem that the location might be out of the way, so if I move her without closing it, I might have to back track losing valuable turns). Even if it works out well, the evasion may shuffle the villain back to the bottom. You can do the same thing with Augury and some items, but Augury is much better as 1) It might get rid of other monsters you can place on the bottom 2) It places the villain on top 3) It doesn't cost tempo and can speed things up. On legendary when finding the villain (Depending on the scenario) it can be better to just take the free closing and know where the villain could be in the remaining locations (Especially on legendary if it’s a location with only one adjacent location) Evasion is good when you are forced to summon something during an encounter, or someone else’s encounter (Goblin Raid, bandit tower). Any other situation is a net loss of tempo (If I explore and evade my encounter, I lost an explore) Merisiel biggest flaw is she doesn’t start with a weapon in a deck that doesn’t have many weapons. This hurts Merisiel more than Seelah who also doesn’t start with weapons, because Seelah doesn’t need Dex to be strong, and without a weapon Merisiel is forced into strength. Sure you can evade encounters until she gets a weapon, but again that’s losing tempo and turns. I agree she’s the best barrier killer, and alone if she gets a ranged weapon she is a very strong combatant. I’m definitely not saying Merisiel is bad, and evasion has it’s uses, but it definitely isn’t god tier in my opinion.
  12. Think I made the same mistake as the OP and put in 2 characters. The one in average should be Lem.
  13. Interesting thoughts but I disagree with a bit being said. Amiri is strong, but with careful planning you shouldn't waste more than 1-2 turns with moving. Considering how many more explores I get from other characters (Seelah, Erzen, Lini) that's not a lot. Her rage ability requires burying cards which is a painful as well. She’s not bad, and is definitely good, but I wouldn't say she is 'god-tier'. Imo people underestimate Lini. She gets a d4+x bonus to everything easier than Seelah gets her d6. Her ability to recharge animals means any extras allow her to explore fast and often, and she cycles her deck quickly. She may not be the best in combat, but shes great at everything else. Once you get her a weapon or a couple of decent spells she can easily hold her own. Harsk is really good on legendary, espically if you get his alt char. Adding a d4+x bonus to combat checks is huge especially with how much stronger the monsters are on legendary, and unlike Merisel keeping him at a closed location to use his 'be away from the team' ability doesn't hurt you as much. He's also the only dex weapon user to start with weapons. If I had to make my own list (With no particular order for each charter in a rank) Carry Tier- Seelah God Tier -Lini, Erzen Good Tier- Harsk, Seoni, Amiri, Merisel Average Tier- Kyra, Valeros, Lem Weak Tier- Sajan
  14. I would love to see Skulls and Shackles too, but it makes more sense for them to go to PC. There is a much bigger market there, and it will help it get a lot more exposure. More money = more content.
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