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  1. Yes that ended up being my experience as well. Sajan ended up being the blessing bot for most of the run, using Staff of Minor Healing to recharge and stay healthy. He was very unreliable for combat for me though until I buffed his DEX up to max. Merisiel has some of the strongest combat rolls in the game (you have plenty of room for solo explorations when you 3-4 party each map). Later scenarios have that super annoying condition where any combat will trigger a henchman to attack you; she can save you a lot of grief there. Same with those traps that trigger a battle for everyone, tower,
  2. Hey thanks for the first response Great call on the party size. I went with 4-4-3 for my legendary playthroughs and Sajan was in a party with Amiri, Lem, and Kyra. My problems with Sajan are: 1) he is very weak in the early game because of the unreliable nature of his rolls (recharging a bunch of dice for 1d10 can still lead to him failing checks easily) 2) he hates discarding blessings to help others because it makes his combat even more unreliable when his turn comes up 3) he's basically good for one combat per turn and then spent I personally rate Merisiel and Amiri as the best vill
  3. I am curious if the community agrees with my list and I'm open to other interpretations Perspective: Trying to beat the game from the very start on legendary difficulty. I'm assuming a standard 3-4 person party since I just split the roster into 4-4-3 parties. God Tier: Merisiel, Seelah, Ezren (with add on deck), Amiri Good Tier: Harsk, Lem, Seoni, Lini Weak Tier: Valeros, Kyra, Sajan
  4. Hello everyone, I'm working on a comprehensive guide to all of the Pathfinder characters and wanted to get feedback from the community when I'm wrong or need to revise. This guide is from the perspective of a player who wants to make the best builds for legendary difficulty. I've finished the game, starting on legend, with three different parties. In case you were wondering, I gave it a lot of thought and my parties were: Valeros Merisiel Lini Seoni Amiri Sajan Lem Kyra Seelah Harsk Ezren Before I begin, I want to give credit to jolyonb on these forums. He has made three character g
  5. Hey guys I'm interested in writing a guide for this wonderful game and decided to post a snippet of it for feedback. This is just the intro + my thoughts on Merisiel. Let me know if it's helpful and I'll finish it. Here goes. Welcome to my attempt at a comprehensive guide to Pathfinder Adventures. I started playing this game because of TouchArcade, have never played the physical card game, and have just finished legend difficulty with all eleven characters in the game. After beating the game first on normal-heroic-legend with my 3 person party, I started the other two 4 party runs on
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