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  1. Intelligence is useless on duration because it is rounded down which means you need 20 intelligence to get extra round on most buffs. Having 20 int or 7 int wont make difference on most durations.
  2. Why? Who said spells would cost the same ap as melee attacks? How is it much stronger than dex in realtime mode?...
  3. I think you have any idea what you are talking about. You want to replace might by dex for some classes, whats the point? They will just dump might then. Each class will have dump stat might or dex. And no, I dont agree with any of your points.
  4. 1. What about armor? Also more dmg? It doesnt make sense whatsoever. We dont need another damage stat. I want to be able to spam debuffs on enemies, I dont always want dmg. 2. It looks like super simplified version of what I proposed that is equally hard (if not harder) to implement
  5. I dont think its true. If it is then the system is even worse than I thought. Totally exploitable and unbalanced
  6. If you have full team of characters with 3 dex and the heaviest armor they can wear, the turn order changes into "enemy phase" and "player phase" as all enemies will move before you. There isnt ANY disadvantage of such configuration as in most games that function this way (xcom etc) it doesnt really matters who goes first player or enemy. Actually if enemies go first they will move within range of your characters so its even better as all characters will be able to attack after "enemy phase". In deadfire you can actually put all characters back and start the combat from afar. It doesnt matter if enemies go first as they will be unable to reach you and you will be the one to act sooner. Its actually better then the mixed initiate order, as all of your characters will be the first to start attacking once enemies move in range in their first turn. You cant release this mode as it is in current state. You need to totally overhaul the turn order either by changing how initiative works or introduce AP system. Heres how it would work: Initiative: - remove rounds and make it dynamic - make it so character that has for example 2x more initiative/speed will have turns 2x as often - the mechanics could look like this: there is a game clock and each instance character initiative is added to its pool. Once its say 1000, its the character turn. So the more initiative the higher turn frequency AP: - each character would have 20AP pool that is reduced or increased by gear and DEX. Rest stays as it currently is. - it would make sense now to have some characters with alot of dex or light armored so they get more attacks per turn like throw 2 fireballs each costing 10AP - the unused AP would get stacked in next round. The most powerful attacks should cost 20-30AP. Power level should reduce AP cost - it would need significant rebalancing and lots of thinking to make it work. Characters would be able to choose: 1. move huge distance to flank enemy (use all available AP for moving) 2. stay in place and throw 2 fireballs (each worth 10 AP, if you have some armor or dex penalties it would be impossible to do each turn) 3. move average distance and throw 1 fireball (10AP movement + 10AP fireball)
  7. Early game: 1. Cipher ascendant due to mind blades spam and charm 2. Druid shapeshift 3. Chanter due to summons Mid game: 1. Cipher ascendant due to dominate and disintegrate/amplified wave spam 2. Fighter once you get unbending 3. Chanter summons Late game: 1. Cipher ascendant due to OP buffs like brilliant or pen buff and almost whole screen area of effect for amplified wave so you will be hitting around 10 enemies for total 800dmg per cast. And with time parasite you cast it like 1 per second 2. Evoker with cipher buffs (just spam last tier skills while having brilliant and +8 pen) 3. Pure shatter pillar monk with swift flurry and scordeo/grave calling weapons. Each teleport will deal 4-6 hits avg and paralize enemy. Huge accuracy and dmg bonuses will usually make you oneshot them and once they are dead, you will summon ally. Extra hits from swift flurry and passive will generate wounds enabling you to teleport over and over. 4. Devoted/streetfighter - unkillable and deals the most melee single target dps in the game. He is able to solo most area fights from dlc
  8. So I picked other option then empower muatu. I play on ironman mode. How can I revert it? Can I empower him using console?
  9. Yes, currently it's made to be abused by specific builds that are focused around selfdamage or by solo low deflection fighters with healing bonus items that spam unbending for immortality. Getting hit avg 69 times before you run out of discipline (for unbending spam) could yield you infinite unbending uptime.
  10. Yea exactly. Also noone forced them to watch this video. All it said is "Solo dragon at level 14 on POTD all scaling up" didnt even say where and which dragon.
  11. That's not the ice dragon, that's a low level water dragon. How is he low level if it has 3 red skulls? Noneless I shouldnt be able to solo it so easily L O L Well, the Messenger Dragon from BoW has a AR of 21 with Llengrath's, so you won't be able to deal any damage to him with that level. so you are saying that instead of 15seconds it will take 60 seconds to kill him? 25% damage dealt is still damage
  12. That's not the ice dragon, that's a low level water dragon. How is he low level if it has 3 red skulls? Noneless I shouldnt be able to solo it so easily
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