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  1. I've noticed on my Druid that if spirit shift expires at the end of a turn I've begun spell casting, the cast will be interrupted and my action for that turn is essentially wasted.
  2. I can also confirm auto engage still being wonky, same issues as Nivodeus reported above.
  3. In my experience, my own allies will get stuck on each other and not be able to move. But then enemies easily shove each other out of the way instead of getting stuck in a choke point.
  4. I've seen this happen with creatures I have charmed. They waste their turn attacking something that is not there anymore.
  5. Interesting ideas all around. MaxQuest, I feel we may be better off with an Action Point system like Divinity if it were to be that complicated. MadScientist, I think that could be a good idea too.
  6. So currently, we have Standard and Free actions. Sometimes, things get a bit wonky with being able to use so many Free actions in a turn. Perhaps a third action type, Minor Actions, would help. You can take only one minor action per turn. For skills that aren't quite worthy of being Standard but are too good to be Free actions, you can make them Minor instead. Thoughts?
  7. How does the duration benefit from intelligence work in turn based? If a duration of 3 turns is increased by 50%, is it now 4 turns or 5? What if it is increased by 40% or 60%? Are certain levels of intelligence now "wasted" in this particular benefit?
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