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  1. Maybe a little late, but a relatively obscure cRPG that I've enjoyed is Expeditions: Viking. Didn't expect much from it, but it went a very different direction from the first game, and I found it to be somewhat of a sleeper hit. It's TB, you build up a viking village, pillage and raid the brits, and it has some survival/camping aspects. Definitely worth a look if you're a Fallout or Baldur's Gate fan.
  2. I very much don't like Deadfire as the main story is severely lacking - there is really no point to the main quest line. Comparatively, the story in PoE I was new and fresh, with interesting world building. The narrative isn't near as gripping in the second game, in fact I'd say it was boring. Gameplay wise I prefer the first as well as everything feels as if it's been toned down in the second game. It's almost as if all the balancing has led to a stale gameplay experience. The art direction, visual effects, etc are definitely improved in the second game though. I prefer PF over the other
  3. For recent cRPGs I'd rank as: Pathfinder > Tyranny > POE I >> Wasteland II > POE II >>> Torment
  4. Yeah, I almost always use max speed. The issue here is that the number of enemies weren't tailored for turn based, so even at max speed you have 10 or more enemies moving, many times from far away, and battles can last a very, very long time. Much longer than they should. For example, I had nearly 100% all of the content done (DLC included) with RTwP around 80 hours, but at 80 hours now with turn based and I'm probably only 50% done, maybe less, lol. It's just getting tedious and boring. Thanks for the inputs though, I'll probably just abandon the run. Note that I do like turn based games
  5. Does anyone know of a way to change from turn based to RTwP in the middle of a playthrough? I didn't expect for it to be such an insane slog and I feel like falling asleep each battle. I'd guess there probably isn't a way, but I doubt I'll last much longer in this mode and would like to salvage this playthrough if possible.
  6. Too bad it was never fixed, like a lot of issues in TB mode...
  7. In regards to the Pathfinder system, I think even a 7 is too low, at least unless you incorporate a system similar to Arcanum. A 7 int character is similar to a troll or hell hound and is "dull-witted or slow, often misuses and mispronounces words." Basically the equivalent of an int 4 or lower character in Arcanum. It isn't until 8+ that characters can effectively communicate. The same can be said of the other abilities - 8+ is required such that the character isn't severely hampered. In terms of PoE II, I do not think a 3 is equivalent to a 7 in Pathfinder as abilities affect +/- to sta
  8. I'm going to have to agree: turn based is very disappointing as is. Since it was in beta so long I assumed they were incorporating feedback, but I guess not. What's truly frustrating is the pushing of party members by moving other party members near them, and the same goes for enemies as well. How can you play tactically (which is what turn based should be about) when characters positions aren't fixed. It's so bizarre, and a big letdown.
  9. POE works great with the steam controller on the PC. In fact, I haven't played a cRPG in years using a keyboard and mouse - just don't see any reason to as you can pause these games and couch + TV is a much more enjoyable experience. Actually went back and played all the classics with the steam controller (BG I & II, IWD, PST, etc) and had no issues.
  10. I think it's more than just one platform vs another. The Epic store does some very fishy things such as data logging from other programs, accessing dll files, reading root certificates, in addition to perusing your browser keys. That's not even counting that it tracks your internet traffic. Why it would need to do any of these things is beyond me, but it certainly doesn't seem to be a friend of privacy and transparency. That's not to say Steam is king of privacy, but it's certainly the lesser of two evils at the moment. In this sense, it doesn't surprise me in the least that people are bombing
  11. I don't know about this as in RtWP you could cast many spells directly in a row. For example, if a round is now 6 seconds, that's equivalent to casting 15 wizard spells that are currently marked as free actions. Not to mention a lot of instant class buffs you could stack really quickly in RtWP by simply pausing after each activation.
  12. Yes, I understand the suspicion and RNG algorithms are quite well known, so it's hard to screw them up. I guess I was more interested in if there was a specific modifier to the attack roll on either TB mode or PotD that I didn't know about or isn't stated in the combat text. Even so, I think recording the attack rolls is a good idea, just to check, but it will have to happen in a month or more as yesterday was the last day that I can play for a while.
  13. With turn based mode I've been watching the attack rolls for each attack and I've noticed the attack rolls (not the outcome) of the character party are an average of 25 or less - sometimes multiple rolls of 5 or less (one in thousands possibility). Never noticed this before on RtwP - anyone see anything like this on PotD?
  14. Never noticed this as an issue for RTwP, but it's a major nuisance for TB. Enemies will constantly displace other enemies when there is not enough room in order to attack. Many times I've had enemies push others enemies until a half circle forms around a character (with, for example, all the enemies attacking the very front of a character and then being displaced towards the sides) - it's very bizarre. It would be nice if the enemies in TB mode were effectively fixed in place when it's not their turn.
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