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  1. I finally managed it with a lot of cheese once I figured out I could repeatedly disengage Rekke on each of his turn, and have the boss hit himself multiple times for double damage (Blade Turning probably shouldn't work with disengagement attacks, or maybe those should be limited to one per turn). The advice above didn't work for my party composition as nobody had super high initiative and the boss often cast his bombs during the next round, so I couldn't have a guaranteed turn between the bombs being dropped and them being detonated! What worked for me was the result of a desperation m
  2. How do you avoid the bombs??? Very often a character will not get a turn to move away before they explode... and they basically one-shot. I can tank the boss just fine using Rekke's blade turning ability + enduring dance (very good combo), but this is stumping me. Has this boss been balanced for turn-based?
  3. Has anyone managed to beat him in turn-based mode? I can't find a way to avoid his bombs reliably. Someone in my party usually ends up not getting a turn to move away, and they just get one-shot. edit: made a thread.
  4. Is this actually a bug? If you have both "graze to hit" and "hit to crit" conversions I don't see why it shouldn't work, unless that is specifically stated somewhere. I remember reading that multiple conversion chances of the same type do stack and are each rolled separately.
  5. Every time I target an enemy that is weak to intellect afflictions with a charm effect, the resulting dominate effect runs out very quickly, usually in the middle of the round. It does not follow the turn-based timer but instead runs in real time.... Very annoying bug when fighting the boss in the Old City.
  6. I noticed they sometimes attack corpses, or charmed creatures that are now on their side - causing the charm to break. This happens when their target was killed or charmed during the same general round. Seemingly the target was determined at some earlier point (at the start of the round, maybe?) and the AI is not able to switch from that target ! I think that the AI should decide targets at the beginning of each individual turn...
  7. I only seem to get the super fast running when I load a save, and it gets away on its own after a little while. Slightly annoying, but not critical. I also noticed characters will now walk slowly when I order them to move over a very short distance, but that might be a new, intended feature. Original Sin had something like this.
  8. While still difficult, that fight is much easier in turn based. I actually managed it approaching from the North entrance (so no pull cheese), before even going to the dig site, with just Eder and Xoti as companions. Would have been impossible for me in rtwp, based on my previous experiences.
  9. These spells are also now invisible except for when they briefly tick on the caster's turn, which feels weird. I kept having Eder wander into Chill Fog by accident while I was playing yesterday. You can't even tell if the spell is still active!
  10. Playing a cipher and spamming Whisper of Treason made that fight manageable for me. That spell is a bit OP.
  11. Actually you need to do the "Finality" enchant first, it's a pre-requisite. Eder's armor has some quirks like this too. I think the quest thing is just for the lantern.
  12. I used to have this issue with Tekehu from time to time, though it eventually went away on its own. I always play with AI switched off for total control of the characters, and chanters are definitely supposed to chant without it. I did remove his starter chant at some point, which is what may have caused the problem to stop occurring, though I cannot confirm it. I don't think I noticed any UI bug with the chant editor though, so that may be a separate issue.
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