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  1. Having finished PoE1 4¾ times (one of those vanilla, rest with WM) and the sequel twice (vanilla) I have to say I give the edge to part 1s gritty and dark atmosphere. However, WM gave Pillars a huuuuge boost and I have yet to play the sequels DLCs (I have all of them but have not touched them yet in my third run). Despite having issues with open worldish feel I like the exploration of Deadfire, I LOVE multiclassing and kits, I love how good the loot feels. And the world feels so so alive, it's incredible. The graphics, the sound, the weather, everything feels so beautiful. And I love how all the factions are complete ****, except maybe the Valian Trading Company, they're sort of okay. I also love the sheer scope of side contest/quests. Buuuut it made a couple missteps. Too many 1 fight islands and locations. I want more meaty dungeons. Too lighthearted atmospherewise (though I get why). Combatwise I don't think stepping away from Endurance/Health was a good choice and neither was the implementation of the Power Level refresh or use 1 spell with high lvl thingy. Also the lack of soulbound items is very, very disappointing and most of them are on boring weapons (Pollaxe, Knife). Regarding the kits, I find that a lot of them don't tickle my fancy and my favorite class Barbarian doesn't really have anything I regard as cool. That's probably really personal taste but I found most kits not to my interest. I might change my mind after playing the 3 DLCs (WM did the same thing after all) + I was insanely, incredibly overhyped for the sequel due to my personal background (I grew up with IWD, BG series and basically never liked any RPGs that aren't isometric RTwP, so when the genre came back I lost my **** over Pillars and after gaining my **** back over the years, hearing of the sequel made me lose it way harder) and realize that that clouds my judgement. Right now I give Pillars 1 vanilla a 8,5/10 and with WM a 9,5/10. Deadfire is a 8/10. In the beginning it was a 10 simply because of how everything feels and sounds but then some of my issues started like lack of soulbounds, small locatins etc. That's my 2 cents on the matter. I pray for part 3 every day and if the gods are just we will get one (in the same style as part 1 and 2, though). But usually the gods are a vengeful bunch.
  2. Might as much as it throws off many people and is hated by many, makes sense logically.
  3. I would like Caed Nua 2. I really loved the way they did Caed Nua in Pillars. At first it didn't catch me, but after 1 playthrough it grew on me - the different areas, all the puzzles of the big story and increasingly bigger payoffs. I also want freaking more soulbound items, the basegame offered ridiculously few of them. But most of all I want Tiny Sporeling.
  4. I'm definitely not posting this song because the album cover reminds me of the Adra Pillars.
  5. Dunno if this was mentioned already but if you reduce the amount of saves to a minimum it's a complete gamchanger. I used to lag starting in Defiance Bay pretty much in every big fight and in some areas like Copper Coronet. Played the game like 4 or 5 times. Now I just stuck to quicksaving and had 1 or 2 lagg fights tops and no area has any issues whatsoever.
  6. I finished Deadfire vanilla twice now, once on Story Mode (which at release was called Veteran) and a couple days ago on Path of the Damned, so here's my two cents: The Good: - Imps - Looks, Sound & Feel: The graphics are astonishing, the world looks really beautiful and feels so alive with all the reactivity, everybody always doing something, the weather etc. Soundtrack is again great, especially the Sea Shanties are such a nice touch - Improved loading times and framerate compared to PoE1 (except the fps in Lifters Refuge and loading times and fps in freaking Queens Berth, jeez) - You're the Herald of Berath, so you can impress everybody with your parlor tricks - Subclasses & especially multiclassing is so cool - Itemization is really solid & the unique upgrade paths & choices between 2 paths is really neat, although I miss the Burning Lash - You can piss off the gods by teleporting around & decreasing the size of some fish - The factions are really interesting and all of them are a bunch of **** (the Vailians are sorta okayish, but they're still filthy capitalist pigs), 70% of the fulfilled factions quests make you feel dirty - Some of the (side)quests are so good, especially the Nemnok quest, the adventures of Copperhead, Old City and the retrieval of Lilarcor and the magic conch, the Deadlight situation, robbing Arkemyr & a few more - If you sacrificed Kana Rua to Skaen in PoE1 you can tell Maia about it (I don't like Maia) - For the mortal players PotD may be perfectly balanced (it was perfect for me) - Getting to kill Concelhaut again, good times (if there ever will be part 3 there better be one more of those) - Nice tactical encounters - Combat overall (except for Empower, that's stupid) The Bad - A lot of weapon types lack some more uniques - Too many 1 encounter areas, I miss the meaty dungeons - PotD is probably still too easy for the really advanced players - Missed opportunity to have you enter Drowned Barrows by sticking a key into it's ear - Empower mechanic The Ugly - 5 Soulbound weapons? Really? 1 of them is a dagger and the other an ugly mace, so basically it's only 3. I mean they're not *that* important but after WM I expected more - Stinky Ground Meat
  7. I'm crossing my fingers for an interesting Barbarian subclass and maybe a Fighter one. Barbarian is my favorite class but both Corpse Eater & Berserker really didn't appeal to me. Mageslayer was decent but not using potions turned out to be really annoying over the course of the game. Fighter could use an interesting class because right now Devoted is kind of a no-brainer because it has good buffs without any drawbacks (if you just pick sabre) maybe with the exception of the 2 mega bosses (who seemed extremely difficult to beat and might require specific weapon changes). Also looking forward to do my third run with all DLCs after doing 2 vanilla ones. I love you guys with all my heart. PS: Looking forward to the free fourth archmage.
  8. At this point I firmly believe you to be a troll.
  9. PC elitist, what are you even talking about? What is that even supposed to mean? I don't have the money to spend on that stuff (especially if it doesn't benefit me on the grand scale of things) but I wouldn't, even if I had it, simply because there's no big enough reason to. I am aware that some people buy a console to play one franchise and that's fine with me. Doesn't mean that I will do that, though. I am not a PC elitist (again, wtf?) but I can play basically anything I want on PC. I'm not gonna change things up because there's 1 or 2 games that are unavailable to me. I can't play AoE Definitive Edition because I don't have Win 10 for example. I'm not gonna upgrade to Win 10 to be able to play that 1 game because I don't like Win 10 (like consoles) and I don't want Win 10 (like consoles) because I like Win 7 and I like my PC, even though it's free (Win 10 that is; or used to? I don't know it is right now). I also never claimed that everything on console is lesser or some stuff, I'm just pissed at people like you saying: just buy the ****ing console, be happy, what's the big deal. Because why would I? It's a huge investment for me to purchase the console & the TV to do so and it gives me next to no benefit, despite my love for Obsidian.
  10. And they shouldn't. They should be a bit more adult than this and say "I'm excited for Obsidian, if they continue to make great games that only release on Xbox, I'll just need to save my money and go out and buy the new Xbox. I can't wait to see what they do with all of MS's funding!" Unfortunately, forums tend to use reverse logic, that's typically why the most logical comments aren't favorited among members. Gotta love the irony on the Obsidian forums though "We are Obsidian fans" and then when their greatest fear comes to pass, they say "We won't play anything by Obsidian other than Crpg's, and they have to be on PC and not on Windows Store". They should just be happy if that Obsidian's doors are open at all and if the game comes to PC and it's through Windows store, that would be a bonus. Not sure where all the false sense of entitlement came from, perhaps when people funded Pillars 1 and 2 they thought they now own a part of Obsidian, then again it wouldn't be a toxic fanbase without some entitlement floating around. You are correct, it is very unfortunate. Are you serious? For real, though. Are. you. serious. I could follow most of your logic and positivity, but this is just so so wrong. Why on earth should we be happy *if, and I specifically preface it by saying IF* they would release games that are exclusive to Xbox from now on and just go ahead and buy a stupid console? Why would anybody do that? The people that don't own an Xbox don't own it for a reason and that reason probably is that they don't want a stupid console (disregarding the fact that I'm not gonna buy 1 to play 1-2 games). That's such an ignorant thing to say, I can't believe you could mean that. Edit: Also, why would I spend hundreds of euros on a console and a TV when I have my device to play games already?
  11. *Darkness comes down like a might of smog* Silence wyrm!!! Your name has no power in Microsoft's domain, it may have in Obsidian's world but this is the new world order: Microbsodian. *Darkness suddenly lifts* It has never looked so dark or bleak for pc gamers, eh? For PC gamers that love isometric RPGs with RTwP and don't want to switch away from Win 7 because they really like it and really dislike Win 10, yes. For anybody working for Obsidian I am extremely happy. I still hope my fears are proven wrong, but I'm just not seeing it right now.
  12. Their priority is creating loyal Xbox fan(boys). This means UWP + Windows Store + XBone exclusives. So the chances of Obsidian games on GOG, Steam and other consoles is very slim. Stop tormenting my soul, I have a name.
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