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  1. If it was up to you what two simple things you would like to see in this DLC? By simple, I mean quick to develop and implement so a magic trinket, a particular spell, lore topic, pet, etc. I would like to see Hellwax mold and custom version of Citzal's Enchanted Armory from his spell tome (a pair of matching greatswords and a different colour for spell).
  2. So Serel is just one time thing? I don't get it, for a hefty sum her buff stacks with everething else even other prostitutes boons but only once per game? Just to be sure, is it actually design choice and not a bug?
  3. Only highest bonus from multiple items counts, this mechanic is called supression. Sole exeptions are weapons, they stack with any other item. Attributes bonuses do not stack from the same source, like in your case magical items. Yet they do stack from diffirent sources (food & drugs, sleeping, spells and abilities, items, weapons). For example you can actually buff your Might to go as high as 48 if you really focus on it. In your game press "J", go to Сyclopedia, then Character Statistics, and finally find Stacking or Suppressed.
  4. Eothas has nothing to do with it, It's actually covered in the lore: Through a variety of techniques (e.g. martial training, meditation, ritualistic evocation, mortification of the flesh), some individuals are able to draw upon the energy of their soul to accomplish extraordinary feats. These abilities range from the mundanely superhuman to the explosively magical. Having a strong soul seems to make this easier, but sometimes even people with fragmented souls are able to accomplish the extraordinary. The individual's body seems to act as a conduit and battery for this power, drawing in re
  5. I do not imply that this is an actual representation at all. This is just an attempt to imagine the planet with the closest visual thing I could find to a hint.
  6. With the necrotic power bestowed upon me by the Cyber Gods, I command this thread to be arisen from the slumber of death! Let this restless corpse serve as a messenger for those still seeking answers to the questions of eons past. https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/88490-eora-world-map/
  7. Inspiration: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6lvvHuuI4kZaHJqejNYNThrems/view?usp=sharing Interpretation: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6lvvHuuI4kZOEFlNWh3QjVITXM/view?usp=sharing In case if it is not obvious enough,I traced in game icon of a globe (presumably of Eora itself). Because of a heavy pixelation this mockup is in no way geographically correct in details (hense why I call it interpretation). Still I hope it can give you some shape of the world we all love and play. On the drawing you can see the Sun,two moons - Ondra's Beloved and The Black Runner plus the third,
  8. Well,real and major bugs will take priority in fixing,so good luck in trying to convince people look into minor oversights.
  9. Those are not bugs,theese are oversights. There are many more in the game. Some examples: if you go and complete early part of Sagani quest before main quest,she will still speak with the Watcher about Thaos even if main character know nothing about him at the time. Or when you're playing as godlike character (all of them are sterile) you will still be asked about having any children. Also watcher have some knowledge about DB — Odema mentions it in the begging of the game.
  10. So what happens if Emery sides with you in the end? Is she actually worth it? Can you have her as a hireling at the keep or something?
  11. 1. When I spoke with delemgan sisters Aloth and my character discussed awakening condition and it's permanent effects. Aloth audio was broken in places. 2. When I completed Blood Legacy quest by returning mind warped daughter to her father my character received unique Stoic 2 response from the lord. His audio refered to my character as a woman,which he is not. 3. Sometimes people can attack and move even when under effects of withdraw making this level 1 priest spell brief god mode. 4. I wanted to ask about The Fisherman's Penance quest. When I complete it by agreeing to keep Gry
  12. Cool but I can remeber some other bugs if you have time to hear me out: 1. I wanted to ask about The Fisherman's Penance quest. When I complete it by agreeing to keep Grynde's secret Galvino will be dissapointed and no reward will be given. However after that the quest just ends abruptly without any update in the jounal and xp reward or even notice of a failed quest. Is it so by design or it's a bug? 2. When I spoke with delemgan sisters Aloth and my character discussed awakening condition and it's permanent effects. Aloth audio was broken in places. 3. When I completed Blood Legac
  13. If you accept reward from Mylla at the end of the quest no money will be given.
  14. I wanted to ask something about stacking for the longest time: I wanted to enchant Hirbel's Protective Skin with durgan refined iron ingot for combined bonus from armor and enchantment (of 25 crits to hits conversion) but it doesn't stack. Armor base enchantment is supressed by durgan one. Is it so by design? If so, why does Old Gerun's Wall's enchantment stacking with durgan one (for 25 hits to grazes conversion)?
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