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  1. That's not what I'm doing ... I just report bugs ... or issues ... and then I'm done. I won't spend time on trying to ''convince'' anyone. The makers of this game are free to decide which of the many other bugs to prioritize. It would be a shame if they didn't improve their QA processes for the next game ... such as a Pillars of Eternity 2.
  2. Just have run into this ... and honestly don't know whether it has always been like that: If you travel to Madhmr Bridge before defeating Maerwald, Aloth talks about "the long way to Defiance Bay". (1) The party's destination at that time is still Caed Nua, not Defiance Bay. Aloth's comment seems out of place. (2) You can also talk to Peregrund about "Defiance Bay" ... and ask about which way to take, for example. As if you know what Defiance Bay is. Yet if you kill Maerwald, neither the Watcher nor anyone else in the party seems to know what Maerwald meant when he referred to the "city of
  3. Toggling Fast Mode outside combat or during combat doesn't make a difference anymore. Anyone else affected ... too? Just the "Luminescent Caves" ... it seems. Outside the fast mode still works.
  4. No. It was the first time I tried exploring the tunnels fully ... turn around ... track back to the entry ... multiple times, likely more than a dozen times. I've discovered a place with an item ... and I knew one way to the Luminescent Caves already. Don't know whether there is a second exit with a loading screen. It is not reproducible if reloading and simply going through to both the item and the luminescent cave.
  5. The first time ever a loading screen crashed the game for me. Was inside Stalwart Mines ... tunnel exploration scripted interaction. Found a way to something that caused the loading screen to appear, but no progress. Pillars of Eternity didn't respond anymore. This used to work the last time I explored those tunnels. The updates should fix issues ... not cause regression.
  6. The small maps create more and more problems ... as enemy mobs attack eachother all too easily. Went to Magran's Fork for the Sly Cyrdel bounty. Had forgotten about Gramrfel, the Wayfarer. And what does he do at start of combat? ... Leaves his poor felllows and runs south ... leaving the visible area. Hey, Gramrfel! Hey!!! ... A bit later he returns for a few seconds, then runs south once more. At end of combat I ventured south, too, only to discover the other enemies he had attacked. Elmshore ... Adra Arch ... is too crowded. Mobs waiting every few steps. Where are the huge maps that
  7. What is that savegame file supposed to show? In that savegame ... you are inside Stalwart's inn. That means you have not completed the main game yet ... Thaos is still around. The journal also shows the remaining quest items.
  8. Today's beta: 3.02.997 Same thing has been reported about Eder somewhere before. After I've sacrificed Hiravias inside the Dyrford Skaen Temple ... getting Effigy's Resentment Hiravias ... he is back at his original starting location. He even talks to me and wants to continue the journey, but choosing that leads to nothing.
  9. The mob is gone but the mob's sound can still be heard in today's 3.02.09XX beta release. And why does Aloth say "Better indeed." everytime when returning to the keep?
  10. Reading that ... your only hope would have been to make a deal with Raedric and hunt Kolsc instead ... because your party would not have survived the battle against Raedric and his followers, if you were unable to clear the weaker units on the Raedric Hold Sanctuary level. When playing Trial of Iron ... I entered the keep around level 10 ... better safe than sorry.
  11. That the trolls don't see the bandits as allies is normal. It is the same for other groups of monsters. One cannot rely on that always ... but can abuse it a few times and trick two groups into fighting eachother. There are some bugs in 3.0x so far ... where units sense enemies over a very long range and start combat mode. ... At Crägholdt I've been stuck in a neverending loop of combat mode ending only to start again the next second. Almost made me mad. Similar to the Galawain's Maw problem ... so I explored the map while combat mode was restarting every few seconds. No enemies nearby. Al
  12. As a work-around: You can enter the caves ... be attacked by the hostile tribesmen that attack you while exploring in combat mode and disarming traps, too. Sul may be an ally with a green circle for some time, but once you've killed her, you can walk into her lair ... which makes the remaining lions and tribesmen attack you. Combat ends afterwards.
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