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  1. Do a search for "ranged rogue" in the Builds section of the forum (where this thread is posted).
  2. Please refer to this post and provide the information and files requested: MUST READ: How to Report an Issue
  3. I don't understand the negativity. Being able to use custom portraits is a great feature, even if someone else happens to use portraits you don't like. I've been using screenshots from the character builder to make portraits for my characters, so that they match the in-game appearance of the character somewhat.
  4. They are completionists, and some of them don't seem to appreciate that removing the level cap would either trivialize the end of the game (if the game is not rebalanced) or force everyone to be completionists every time (if the game is rebalanced to account for the lack of a level cap).
  5. Without really knowing what his plans are I'm not really certain whether I want to stop them...but you make good points, Karkarov.
  6. So you did test it, but not thoroughly. There's nothing wrong with that. But, it does bring us back to my previous statement: Once you have done more thorough testing and posted the results that will change, but for now the only thing we have from which to draw conclusions are Voltron's tests. You are right to point out that they are imprecise, and of course there is the possibility that more precise test results will reveal a flaw in his conclusions...but for now his conclusions appear to be correct, based on the information you two have provided so far.
  7. My responses are not random and they are not personal. I don't think it is unfair to hold you to the same standards to which you would see other held. You made two posts in this thread where you provided results that reference Deep Wounds. If you didn't test it, then why did you post information that is presented as if it were the results of testing: (Bold added by me to highlight references to Deep Wounds.) You provided time intervals down to the milisecond and damage numbers to six decimal places. If you didn't get those numbers by testing, how did you get them? Did you
  8. The story certainly tries to lead you to draw that conclusion (see Primislas' quote above), but there are other ways to interpret what you saw in Thaos' soul... which is part of why I find the story unsatisfying. The last section of Act IV seems to have been written with an assumption by the writer(s) that the reader will interpret everything exactly the way they expect, and so there's very little effort made to disambiguate the story's dénouement. Considering the fact that you've got Thaos' soul at your mercy and no pressing need to be elsewhere, I would have liked to have seen the Watcher
  9. You're being both precise and offensive. Those two are not mutually exclusive. Proper testing methodology is obviously better than rough testing, where there is a choice between the two. Before you take too many bows, though, you need to consider that your test, while more precise, did not contradict the general conclusions (the section of the OP "what do results mean") that can be drawn from Voltron's tests. Also, you only improved one of the three tests that Voltron did, which means that your test alone cannot replace his tests. So, all you really accomplished is to prove that the
  10. What makes you say that? I haven't seen any effect in my testing.
  11. Oh, you're completely right that Int does not matter in the case of Deep Wounds. I'm just pointing out that Int is doing exactly what Int should be doing with respect to DoTs.
  12. Until the Leaden Key, which you did not dismantle, uses the same machines Thaos was using, which you did not destroy, to resume his work. There's no reason to assume that Thaos did not make plans to account for the possibility of his demise. He certainly had plenty of time. Depending on your choices in the game, this actually happens to a small extent in the final story exposition. It could easily resume full-scale at any time. So really you aren't even certain to have permanently resolved Waidwen's Legacy by the time the game ends.
  13. I got to the end and confronted Thaos in front of the big machine, and left without any real answers. I guess you can call that trying the end together with the beginning...but not really in a good way. I found it unsatisfying and incomplete, but then maybe that is part of the writers trying to leave room for a sequel. I can only hope that in time the story will be brought to a more rewarding conclusion.
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