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  1. console never used. No mod. I noticed first time in the final boss battle.
  2. Hi, i play this game since day one. Whit the expansion i updated the game but Itumaak it's overpowered...... Like the jpg attached i see the ability "animal companion combat bonuses" bugged. I can't enjoy the game whit itumaak +852% damage...... please help to fix. Just tried console command to remove ability... or removing Sagani from the party.... or respec Sagani whitout success.. Please Help!!! V.2.02 saved game
  3. I am able to load old savegame (1.04) whit current 1.05. Can i continue to play whit 1.05 and old savegames?
  4. Beta should be up any day now since they're aiming for a May release of the patch. I figured they were planning a May release for the 1.05 beta. Ok than the beta will be closer..
  5. Hi. I would like to know when will be released the beta 1.05. We know what kind of balance will be made ​​to the gameplay ? thx
  6. The balance is simply positive. There is little to discuss. If you just want to follow up with the plot, put the game in easy and move on. Hard mode must be "hard mode". Path of the Damned should be "Path of the Damned." Initially, the difficulty level has been enjoyable. At level 8 (hard mode) with a party of 6, I should not even use spells, and hardly anyone dies. Not good, not fun to click like a monkey and go forward.
  7. This morning i get new update, about 500 mb. Yesterday i get the v 1.03..... What is this update ?
  8. Hi, my stat of lvl4 ranger are these: HEALT 611???? ENDURANCE 79 these my stat, are bugged????
  9. same whit chainmace, purple lights don't light these weapons. noone try other weapons than swords in PE whit cipher class?
  10. In Raedric castle (berath sanctuary) i found a monk ,Nedmar, he talk about a passphrase and wearing berathinan robes but "everyone was hostile". I unequipped all of my weapons and armours. Not solved. Please Help! It's bugged?
  11. This game is awesome, is more than a game , an experience that was expecting to relive by long long years . That said , I wonder if it is normal that a spear ( xaurip spear ) of my cipher does not light (Soul Whip ability) when attacking enemies ... thx
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