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  1. Just thought I'd share some thoughts I've had lurking these forums since game release. I see all these posts about balance whether it's about classes, difficulty or abilities. I was just wondering how we have all got so tied up in balance, especially on single player games. I remember being a young lad and playing baldurs gate. Didn't have Internet then or if I did we had 10 hours use of dial up so these issues never arised. We took games as is and did what we could with them. Baldurs gate gave you the DnD rules and we went with it. We "role played" the classes. Their was always classes that were the power houses but we still made other characters because it is a game after all. Maybe we decided to make a stalker sub class where a assassin or fighter/thief was way better. Maybe we made a bard because no one ever does. We tried sub par parties just to see what we could do. On character creation some decided on ability dice roll maximum amount of rolls instead of rolling 100 times for that 95 or higher. Ever since the mmo era began we the players seem to expect game makers to tell us what to do and try to find that " holy trinity" of the game and exploit it. I still remember getting Diablo 3 because I grew up on the first 2 and seeing endless post about class balance and blizzard patching and nerfing certain classes. This blew my mind especially since it was single player/ PvE. I see here people complaining about PotD especially. Why would we expect game makers to change it. Why can't players decide, "hey, I use this spell a lot, maybe I'll shelf it and try another combo". The game makers gave this game a pretty awesome attribute system in my mind where all combinations are viable. Maybe their not ideal, but their viable. Maybe we all need to just step back and enjoy games for what they are and this is in my mind a masterpiece that I can see kids picking up in 20 years like their doing with the old IE games now.
  2. So I'm playing and all of a sudden the game quits, and i get these prompts. It's saying it detected "PDM:Trojan.Win32.Generic". The location goes to my pillarsofeternity.exe. I can't seem to find it in the quarantine but it also mentioned something about firewall originally. Not sure if this is just a false alarm or should I be concerned? I downloaded the game via steam.
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