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Found 16 results

  1. By modifying Assembly-CSharp.dll one can achieve with ease many frequently requested things that are otherwise not possible or very difficult. I have decided to make this tutorial instead of mods since mods for Assembly-CSharp.dll have some drawbacks (see below). Difficulties with Assembly-CSharp.dll modding - A modified Assembly-CSharp.dll won't be properly recognized by patches. So one has to use the BACKUP and patch the game or reinstall it. After that one has to redo all modifications to the new Assembly-CSharp.dll. It helps if one keeps track of the changes in a text file. - Assembly-CSharp mods are incompatible with any other mod that modifies Assembly-CSharp.dll Getting started - Assembly-CSharp.dll is located in "...\PillarsOfEternityII_Data\Managed". - MAKE A BACKUP of Assembly-CSharp.dll !!!!! - To modify the dll you need a de/compiler like dnspy. - Launch up dnspy and open Assembly-CSharp.dll. The rest should be self explanatory for everyone with little programming skills (else leave your hands out of it!!! and learn programming). What can be done? 1. Helms for godlike 2. Does "waiting" from the rest menu take to long? 3. XP Gain. You dislike PoE2 xp system? The lines you need to edit are under "Partymanager" "AddPartySizeBonusXP" and "AssignXPToInactiveParty" I prefer no party size and no inactive penalty (changes for that below). This lines can also be modified to have a difficult scaling. 4. Difficulty scaling under "DifficultyScaling" "public class ScaleData" right click on the token and chose "edit class" this things can be changed... CreatureAttributeBonus CreatureLevelMult = 1f; DetectableDifficultyMult = 1f; DisarmDifficultyMult = 1f; TrapEffectMult = 1f; TrapDamageMult = 1f; SkillCheckMult = 1f;
  2. How come my companions don't have the same XP, preferably the same XP as me, regardless of wether they're in the party or not? I was "encouraged" to bring along Tekehu for a romp through The Gullet, and he changed places with Aloth. After going through that area and a few more side-quests, I wanted to switch back to Aloth - only to find him a couple of thousands of XP lower than my existing party and missing a level to boot. Why? I'm hard pressed to see any benefit to this, though I see a lot of con's. Con's - It discourages trying out companions you're not instantly loving - It discourages switching out party members to try out new tactics - It discourages switching out party members to get a feel for how different NPC's get along - Being "encouraged" to bring certain characters for certain parts of the game feels like the game is intentionally shoving stones into my shoe to irk me. - It's just plain annoying - I really hate it Pro's? - Making me want to play with a locked in party from start to finish probaby increases the chance I'll play it twice. Wohoo I guess? I simply fail to see any reason why it's like this... at all. It would be much much better if the entire party simply had the same XP and were at the same level at all times.
  3. I can't seem to find any info on xp bonus for having less than 5 people in party. It this still a thing? I recall it being a thing in PoE 1.
  4. EDER : 6223 -> 6493 = 270 [Level 4] XOTI : 6212 -> 6454 = 242 [Level 4] +OTHER1 : 3000 -> 3216 = 216 [Level 3] +OTHER2 : 3000 > 3192 = 192 [Level 3] +OTHER3 : 3000 > 3172 = 172 [Level 3] A test with a simple quest. The test is simple : I'm always on solo. I take 0 companions. All are left behind. I pick them again after have acquired a small amount of XP. There is absolutely no link between them. Because if I don't recruit 2 lasts companions : eder and Xoti have same amount of XP. 270 and 242. So with 6 left behind or 2 = same thing. I have try to check or uncheck in a different order = no differences. Only explaination : FIRST recruited have a flag, second a second flag with a low priority ETC. WITH a definitive diminushing return. But with that, there is a problem : 270 - 192 = 78. 29 % less XP, and I am already with a level 3. (I need ideally MORE XP, than less for my Hired Companion...) If I want to keep Eder but don't want favor it, I can't. Eder will always get more XP. There are few people in others topics with 4 levels of difference with the left behind. This difference come to that^^... So I am pretty SURE^^ that the LIST of service is the problem : When you uncheck Eder for example, Eder will come immediatly first of the list. I think he have a flag of "preference". (= an advantageous amount of XP when left behind because first recruited.) So proposition : I am OK with this system, but why not create an element of gameplay arround of that ? Allow to the player to choose the priority list with XP ? I move Eder, to the last place, I place my hired number one. I gain now 270 XP and eder 172. Or more simple, why all the companion doesn't have same amount of XP ? It is difficult to add a proof of concept with a saved game, but a simple try with the first quest allow to show that.
  5. So I've just encountered a weird bug that is causing negative XP rewards when turning in at least two different quests in Stalwart. Completing the final step of Okrun's quest resulted in a loss of 2190 XP (reducing total quest XP to 5292). I also lost 1792 for speaking to Thyrsc at the end of his questline (6588 total XP). Is this something I can fix at my end or am I doomed to exploit console commands until next patch. Also, I first encountered this bug in 2.01, and the update to 2.02 didn't rectify it. Cheers!
  6. The Hall of stars in Twin Elms gives repeated exp for first sight. Steps to reproduce: load save, go out, go in, have more xp Savegame: https://www.sendspace.com/file/uodei5 Player.log2.txt
  7. So there's been much discussion of the difficulty of PoE (or lack thereof), and a good deal of the problem seems to be related to how easy it seems to be to hit the level cap very early in the game. Players (not myself, I'm not that far yet) have reported reaching level 12 literally before even starting Act III. This is a problem for a number of reasons that are hopefully self-evident - no reward for completing more quests, all combat encounters become trivialized, etc. Was this a design decision? I don't think so. I think it was a mistake. My basis for saying this is a quote from Josh Sawyer - earlier on in development, sure - but still a reflection of their design goals, I'm sure. Taken from: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/65074-level-cap-and-pacing/?p=1421141 So if you were never even intended to reach 12th level without being a completionist (and presumably reaching it while still in Act II should be out of the question entirely), why is it happening? Since there's only a finite amount of XP in the game, we can fairly easily reach the conclusion that XP rewards and the leveling curve are out-of-whack. Where, I can't say. But you'll note that the IE games did not have this problem (in general). And the reason is not because their XP rewards were perfectly tuned for where the player should be at any point in the game - that's nearly impossible to do. It's because their leveling curve is exponential. In Baldur's Gate, you need to double your XP every time you level up. Straight-up double it. Different classes had different curves, but this trend was the same. So for a fighter, you'd need 2000 for lvl 2, 4000 for lvl 3, 8000 for lvl 4, 16000 for lvl 5, etc... all the way until lvl 10, where it switched to a flat XP amount per level. PoE, on the other hand, uses a linear growth formula - each level needs 1000 XP more than the previous level needed over it's previous level. So it's more like 1000 for lvl 2, 3000 for lvl 3, 6000 for lvl 4, 10000 for lvl 5, etc... (don't crucify me if I got the starting point wrong, the trend is what's important). The implications of this difference are staggering. In Baldur's Gate, even if the difference between a completionist and non-completionist playthrough led to the completionist having 4x the amount of experience as the non-completionist... that translated to 2 levels. Only. So they didn't have to worry about balancing XP rewards perfectly, because the system was robust enough to handle players having a wide range of XP-gaining tendencies. In the PoE system, on the other hand - if you get even 2x the amount of experience as a non-completionist, that's a lot more levels. Assuming the critical path puts you at level 9, doubling your experience from 45000 to 90000 would put you almost at level 13 (91000)!! That's 4 levels difference.. from just double the experience in PoE. Versus 2 levels difference... from quadruple the experience in Baldur's Gate (or a single level from double the experience). You cannot balance an encounter to be fun for people on both ends of a 4 level spread. Not in a game like PoE. So you can see that conceptually... fundamentally... even if they fix bounties giving craptons of XP... the PoE leveling curve is fundamentally very sensitive to the differences in XP we might expect completionist vs non-completionist players to have. About 4 times as sensitive in the area we care about right now (the high end of PoE's levels). Josh Sawyer and co. are welcome to try and balance the sidequest XP in PoE such that the game stays fun for both completionists and non-completionists. But the only way to do so (literally the only way mathematically), to replicate the BG leveling "feel", while keeping the current PoE level curve is to make sidequests give a pitiful amount of XP compared to the critical path (please no) or to make individual levels much less meaningful (please no). The PoE leveling curve has to go. I don't know why they decided on it in the first place - but it's fundamentally incompatible with a game with the amount of side content (and side quest XP) we would expect in a game like PoE. No matter how well you balance things, you can never get past the limitations imposed on you by the leveling curve. If you want a game in which completionists and non-completionists can be within a few levels of each other at any given points (and where side quests are still meaningful), you have to bring back the exponential leveling curve of BG. I expect they'll do something to fix this issue, and I expect it won't be what I'm suggesting (because that's hard to do). I think what they'll end up doing is just toning down side quests to only give about a fourth of the XP of the critical path. That'd replicate the results of BG's system - at least for this game. But as they move into the expansions and sequels, this problem will rear its ugly head again. The exponential leveling curve would fix it where it's broken. I suspect we'll get a band-aid instead (which would still be better than the current system)... but I hope they'll at least consider adopting a more robust leveling curve. EDIT: As some have pointed out, doubling the requirement each time might be a bit much. Fair enough. The actual coefficient isn't that important - what's important is that the mathematical formula for "next level's XP requirement" changes from XP_n = c*[(n)+(n-1)+(n-2)+ ...] to XP_n = c*a^n. The base, a, was 2 in the BG games. It could be whatever you want it to be in PoE. Just use that formula instead of the current one.
  8. Hello there, I'm currently playing your game, finally, and I must say WHAT a game. Thank you. I just have one question about it and can't seem to find the answer nowhere, really… I'd like to know, in a fully completionist playtrough, doing absolutelly everything, when (70% of the game, 85% of the game…) aproximetly can I reach max level, 12, please? Or the cap is not artificial (better) but simply about the total available amount of XP available trough the whole game -- if that's the way, then I think it's much better. BUT, if there's an artificial cap for the level and I reach max level with me NOT being really, really, close the ending the game (at least 90%+ of the WHOLE game contente) I'd really, then, like to remove the artificial cap that, to me, kills a big part of the experience (I hate reaching max level in RPGs and always unlock it, I also simply stop playing an MMO when I reach the max level and compleate all main story and class quests…). How can I, via command code, simply remove any hard level cap imposed into the game, please?? I know the game is balanced for max level 12, but the cap is artificial (and not controled simply by the total amount actually available of XP in the game) then I preffer to raise the dificulty (currently playing in hard, but can raise to the max level if I find things too easy) the having to deal with a character half way trough the game simply not gaining any more levels. Thank you all for the help.
  9. I just registrated to say thank you to the developers for patch 1.04, because in my case PoE runs on a Win XP 32bit machine with 2 GB Ram only. Before the patch the game crashed on leaving the tutorial area, but now I can proceed a little further ) I know that XP is not supported and 2 GB Ram aren't either, but so far it works (because XP doesn't need so much ram space like other win versions). Loading times are very short compaired to eg. Divinity Original Sin (that actually still suffers from the saving bug on 32bit systems) and overall performance is really good. Keep up the good work *thumbs up*
  10. Hello everyone ! I create this topic because I have a problem with my quests. I did the whole Sanatorium Main Quest and spoke with the statue at the end to finish it (after : "SPOIL SPOIL" : Choosing Azo fate "END OF SPOIL"). I received no XP, so I checked my journal to discover that the quest was finished. I reloaded my quick save (I just did one before talking the the statue) to check the XP on my characters and retried it. The XP didn't changed after the quest ended. On the wiki it says it's a quest with a Major Experience Type and an Experience level of 4. My characters are level 8 and 7. Is it normal ? Do they have a too high level ? Should I speak to a NPC again ? Or is it a bug ? "SPOIL SPOIL" : And I think I received no XP with the quest where I saved the little girl who lost her family (they became ghouls) too. "END OF SPOIL". If someone knows that problem and has a solution or an explanation, i'll be grateful to hear it !
  11. Hi, I noticed that when entering to the Hall of Stars in Twin Elms it'll keep you giving xp under "Location Discovered!". I'm guessing this would also prevents users (or Steam users only?) from getting the Explorer (Visit every map) achievement as well. Just did a small screenshot, but I could have keep doing this as long as I wanted. See here.
  12. I know bug fixes (expecially gamebreaking ones) are the priority and i'm fine with that, but now that major bugs are fixed, i wonder if we'll see some heavy balance tweak like xp gain, enemies stats, difficulties rebalance and other stuff like this. There are a lot of propositive criticisms out there (both official and other forums) and i wonder if developers are looking at The game is really good and it has a solid base, so those things are mandatory for having a perfect product
  13. So I planed on making my own personal post about this topic, since i did not see anyone else having this problem on these forums. But google directed me to a fellow on Reddit that has had the same issue, but was unable to post it here. His link is here http://www.reddit.com/r/projecteternity/comments/31ccgp/bug_getting_unlimited_xp_after_completing_the/ Essentially the cause seems unknown since, when mine started and his and everyone that commented all appeared at different times and places without much in common. But after performing some? action and completing a quest afterwards in that save or in some cases picking a lock you get exp but you get it continually without stopping(screenshots in the link), in my case it gives the xp to the first person in your 6 man line up. If you move the portraits it starts giving the unlimited xp whomever is in the first slot and none of the others. With that it sounds similar to that stat boost bug, as in its like a cheat that gives xp only you dont even get to play the game that way because the exp never stops, it prevents you from saving your game and when you try to switch zones the screen goes black and crashes. Any saves that has the bug is unplayable, unfortunately in my case all 3 of my saves have the bug since they are all around the same time frame, but in the Reddit post someone was able to load a old save and could play again without problems, which is good but in my case and anyone in a similar case we aren't able to play the game until it is fixed without making a new character.
  14. Quote from J.E.Sawyer (full post), emphasis added: That part in italics seems misguided, for a very simple reason: Disarming traps and picking locks is a Mechanics skill check. Therefore, reaping all XP rewards will require a Mechanics-focused character in your party. None of the other sources of XP require specific skill focus. Between bestiary, exploration, and quest/objective rewards, together with carefully-designed levels, progression should be plenty frequent without forcing players (or at least "power players") to max Mechanics. That skill's plenty desirable without binding it to an XP pool. What do you guys think? Sign the poll and speak your mind. (I realize there is another thread that touches in this issue, but its survey is broader and its discussion has mostly devolved into yet another combat XP debate. So please, focus discussion on Trap and Lockpick XP, and whether it's good for the game. Thanks!) Edit: To clarify (thank you, wanderon) the problem isn't so much that Trap/XP is bound to Mechanics, it's that the other skills are NOT bound to XP pools. Even Bestiary unlocks are not strictly Lore-gated; low-Lore parties can unlock entries, they just need to fight more of a given beast. Even if each skill had an associated "XP activity", though, we'd have to make the usual-suspects group of rogue, wizard, fighter, etc., or else lose out. You may as well pick a skill for your character on creation and have it auto-level. Why provide multiple skill points per level if you're going to max one?
  15. This is in response to the many threads in disagreement over how XP rewards and quest objectives should be handled. There have been many good arguments from many different perspectives. I will summarize my own personal opinion on the matter, and leave the floor open for you to add constructive criticism. This isn't about right or wrong or an aversion to change. It's about creating a "balanced" system for all play styles that doesn't prevent certain behaviour, but rather reacts to it. Thankyou, and keep smiling. My thoughts on Cause and Effect (in a nutshell): - Cause should be controlled by the Core Mechanics. You can run around and hit things. It's your choice. - Effect should be evaluated by the Reputation System. If you hit things you shouldn't hit, there are consequences. - The Core Mechanics should only deal with numbers. - The Reputation System should adjudicate character behaviour. - If the numbers say your character has been a naughty boy, then your reputation influences the appropriate factions. - If you continue to be a good boy, you remain in good standing with the appropriate factions. Or it may even increase your standing. - If you continue to be a naughty boy, the appropriate factions react to you accordingly, i.e., If you go looking for trouble, you will find it. If a player's actions seem unlawful, or despicable, or grindy, or in bad taste, do not prevent it from happening by excluding it from the core mechanics or blatantly denying them XP. Add incentives or disincentives in the game content that allow the player to make a choice as to whether they continue that play style or change. The same goes for lawful behaviour. We need to treat players like adults and let them accept responsibility for their actions. I would like to play Project Eternity as a good guy, as a bad guy, as a good guy who turns bad, as a bad guy who turns good, and maybe the odd neutral play style too. I don't want to be pre-judged by the core mechanics, only judged by my actions that are then handled by the reputation system. Love, peace, and chicken grease. Some background threads to this post: - Degenerate Gameplay - Balancing Stealth vs Combat - Good vs Evil Roleplaying Rewards
  16. Any RPG has its fair share of quests. Themes include: . Progresing the main story line; . Increasing your status in a guild; . Helping an NPC find something they've lost; . Killing on contract; . etc What sort of quests are you looking for in Project Eternity? Would you like to play soul quests, ones that take place in the ethereal realm with your soul and a projection of your physical self, or a projection of whatever was occupying your PC's mind? Personally I prefer quests that make me think. Ones that put my character in a position where the choice I make changes the evolution of the story. Soul quests also intrigue me because in the ethereal realm physical strength is less relevant. Soul quests may provide an opporunity to engage with the god-like (or gods even) in Project Eternity.
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