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  1. Anymore info for me guys tho ? Should the tactician be played with the morningstar ? Tactician/Steel Garrote with a morningstar looks like it could be really good.
  2. Thanks. The tactician might be interesting indeed. The steel garrote looks like it has a nice potential too.
  3. Hello guys ! I'm back for some adventuring in the deadfire archipelago. I stopped before the 2nd dlc so I have a bunch of questions regarding the new contents (i don't fear spoilers) -How are the new classes ? -Are some items supercool to get in the 2 last dlcs & patches ? (for example i saw a chestpiece called crimson panoply that cost a lot but looks like it could be real nice) -Any major bug i could encounter ? -How much Berath Blessing points can we have now ? (is the perk Doggo for Eder worth?) Also I think i'll go for a 10th fighter/something playthrough : -Any new good stuff w
  4. Lol thanks for the intention but... I've been around for a while and i'm speaking of a new playthrough Already did like 3 finished playthrough + around 6 or 7 that are unfinished, i know about the existing warhammers (and all the items actually) and i already have 1 playthrough devoted for them. Still, even tho 2 warhammers are good, as you said the hammers lacks base damages and even tho their enchant are good, they aren't that exciting. I'm pretty sure a weapon type balancing won't ever happen, because speaking of patches, after the next dlc I think we won't have anymore or at t
  5. I dream of having a sick hammer, 1 handed or 2 handed. Something as cool as the 2 new axes or as powerful as most of the estocs. POE2 is on standby for me, but if a sick hammer comes with the next DLC & or additionnal content (like they did with free new items), i'm gonna go for a new playthrough right of the bat.
  6. With 2 damages types So more like a hammer :D The Morningstar modal on a 1 hander could give interesting options. A lot of weapons need more variants, not only axes. But 2 handed axes were completly missing tho'. And there was a lot of very good 1 handers while 2 handers lacked of interesting options, those 2 new axes are very good. Yeah it would be cool, i think a lot of people want a 2h hammer for example, but we're gonna have to rely on mods for this, because there's only 1 dlc left to come and then i'm pretty sure we'll have no more official content after this.
  7. Well it's easy to think we have none when you look at the stat screen. When you look at weapon proficiencies, it's in the one handed category, so if you just start playing the game or haven't found them yet, you would not know that there is a pair of 2 handed axes. Also it comes with the fact they weren't there at the release. Now we need 2 handed hammers & sabres et 1 handed morningstars !
  8. Hey Lampros. If you like the feeling like wow, you should consider making a swashbuckler : Your fighter will feel even more like a WoW warrior : Charge, Hamstring, Bleeds, Execute, Interrupts, you'll have everything
  9. HEW Thanks for the descriiption, it's enough for not wanting to see more of it, looks like i'll stick to devil of caroc armor then. I'd like a viable plate armor for a dps tho i miss the durgan steel from POE1 Also a knightly unique helm would be cool. A boar helm erf :/
  10. Can people post screens of the new items ? Are some of them cool looking ? Like the new armor that gives %recovery or the champion helm. Can't play, i'm having big performance issues on the game since the last patch. The game freeze hard during fights and makes my pc crash lol. Anyway, if someone would be really nice and screen those items i would be very grateful
  11. -Druids : Never liked this type of archetype in fantasy. Nature spells and shifting are the least interesting & uncool stuff ever for me. Like, i still have a hard time understanding how people can be attracted by it. -Monk : The druid of martial art classes for me. Lorewhise, a paladin is a cool knight in shiny armor who use divine spells, a well armed fighter is a master of the battlefield and a barbarian (my least fav of the 3 still) is the bruteforce of the cast. But monks, they're depicted with poor choice of weapons (or no weap at all), of protection (or no protection at all) and th
  12. I've gone a bit hard when i've said it's a bait. I actually wanted to say that when backers don't get what they expect, it starts to look like a bait and i'm kind of unhappy about it. On the other hand, i'm still happy obsidian is still alive, they are still my favorite devs who made most of my favorite games, but i can't deny i'm very irritated about how this backer reward stuff went.
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